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Hey, my name’s Robert Redmond, I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I want to tell you guys about the incredible experience I was able to have with Platinum Pest & Lawn when it comes to Tulsa Pest Control. This past year, as the weather started to get warmer, I started to see a huge increase like I never seen before and just bugs and unfortunately mice. And I tried to go out and fix the problem on my own, I spent a bunch of money on materials and the problem was never fixed, I tried it on my own for about three weeks. So I decided to give Platinum Pest & Lawn a call.

The process was so easy and like one 10 minute phone call was able to explain the problem, they had me scheduled as able to pay over the phone just that first time. And then I was not able to be here when the technician came but the technician notified me ahead of time when he was coming, he was able to come in and out left the place great when I got back. And more importantly, I haven’t seen a mice or a single bug ever since I came here and it’s been about two weeks. So extremely affordable pricing, they do incredible work and I’m so glad that I called Platinum Pest for my Tulsa pest control needs and I hope that you guys do too. Thanks.

My name is Paige Carroll and I’m a customer of Platinum Pest and Lawn, and I have been for about three years now. I got married in March, 2015 and moved into my husband’s bachelor pad that was also shared with some spiders that I had to kick out, and the best way of doing that was calling a professional Tulsa pest control company that would come and service my home on a month to month basis and take care of all my pest needs, and they’re just really great people. They have a great product and I’m happy that they come each month so that they can take care of that for me, cause I also do not like ants and I’ve seen a few ants and so when they came and did the monthly visit I was like, “Can you do an extra little thing to get rid of the ants?” So they put this gel out to really target those ants, but one thing that I really liked about the company is that they are very family friendly, because I have a little boy who, if he saw a little thing of gel on the ground, he would put it in his mouth and eat poison.

So they’re very competent people that came and serviced my Tulsa pest control needs. So they put it in a place he couldn’t reach and they were fully aware of that. They’re like, “Now don’t let your son eat it and we want to put it out of his reach,” so I think that says a lot about them, that they are family friendly and that they do care about the client and their needs, and I know it’s a little silly thing, but, but it was important to me and it made me feel good and made me feel like I wasn’t just a number for them, and I fully recommend them to anyone who doesn’t like bugs and wants them out of their house, and I’m very much looking forward to using their mosquito treatment because again, I don’t like bugs. So Platinum Pests and Lawn is a great company. They’re great people. It’s a great service. It’s a great product. You can’t go wrong. You won’t go wrong if you give them a call. Thanks.

Hi, I’m Lori from Collinsville. We are a platinum Pest and Lawn customer. We began using them about four and a half years ago when we moved to Collinsville. A friend recommended them to us so we signed up with them for all of our Tulsa pest control needs. To treat our house for bugs, spiders, ants, et cetera. And they call ahead, tell us when they’re coming and they always show up promptly. If we have any trouble between services, they come out and take care of it at no extra charge. They are always very friendly and honest.

A couple of years ago when they started doing lawns as well, treating for weeds, we were excited because we’d been having trouble with a couple other companies that we tried and we weren’t getting good results from them as far as quality and honesty. So we signed up with them and it’s been a great experience ever since then. We do not have to worry about them not showing up or only doing part of the lawn. They’re always very friendly. It’s usually the same man that comes every time. So we get to know them. I highly recommend them. I have recommended them to friends and family and neighbors and I would not hesitate to use them. Great pest control service.

Hi everyone. My name is Kelly Teaser and I am from Okarche, Oklahoma and I just wanted to quickly share with you a positive testimonial about Platinum Pest Control.

We’ve been a pest control client of theirs for about eight months now and their service has been wonderful, zero complaints. We first heard about them when I did a frantic Google search because of all of the creepy critters that were hanging around our house and they had amazing reviews and so I decided to check them out and I’m so glad that I did.

They come out and sweep the eaves and take down the spiderwebs and really do a thorough job inside and out. They have amazing customer service and really flexible scheduling, which I really appreciate.

I am a working mom. I can’t really go home in the middle of the day to deal with pest control companies in Tulsa and so they are really awesome about providing convenient times that don’t interfere with my work schedule and they’re always very happy to do that. Very courteous and amazing customer service as well. You should check them out. Thanks.

My name is Carrie Fryer Price and I have been a customer of Platinum Pest Control for over three years. I’m very happy with their service and I’m very happy with their technicians, both of whom have gone above and beyond anything I needed. When I call the office, I get quick service, I get friendly service and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Please give them a try.

Hey guys, it’s Jessica Cook with Keller Williams Premier. I’m coming to you today to give a huge shout-out to my favorite pest control companies in Tulsa. I refer all of my clients to Platinum Pest and Lawn because of their friendly, prompt response, quality service, and amazing prices. I used them last year when my lab brought in gross fleas into our home and they came out quickly and fixed the problem completely without draining my bank account. So if you’re looking for value, service, and integrity and more, these are your pest control people. Call them today and you won’t be disappointed.

My name is Lindsey and I live in Owasso, and we’ve been customers of Platinum Pest and Lawn for maybe two years. And they do our lawn care. When we first moved into our house, we had a lot of weeds. Our house had been a rental before we moved in and it was out of control. And at first we tried doing some things ourselves. We went to Home Depot and bought some of their products, and we tried to do it ourselves. And it helped a little bit, but it just kind of became overwhelming. So we hired Platinum Pest and Lawn to come in, and it was really helpful to have a professional pest and lawn company come in and do it for us. They knew what they were doing, they had the correct products that worked for the problems that we had, and we were able to eliminate the weeds that we had. And anytime that more weeds come up, if we have any problems, they come out right away, and they take care of our problems so that we can have a nice, clean, green lawn.

I’m Steve Bird with Wood Guys Hardwood Floors, out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’ve known Jared for years, the owner of Platinum pest and lawn. When I started my business, I needed good pest control, so I called him first. We use them for our commercial building, taking care of the pests inside and outside. They got a good uniformed crew. Their trucks look nice. They look like a great professional pest control company. They show up on time. The thing I really like about them is, they call ahead the day before with reminders, just to let us know if we need to schedule appointments around the time there’re going to be in there. That’s really convenient for us.

What I think is unique about them is that they have the best communication. Besides that, I never have any bugs. I would never try to do anything like this myself, because I depend on having a clean show room. I can’t have bugs coming around, and I just don’t want the mess and the hassle of figuring out what chemicals are the best. I know that they know what I need, so I trust them. I think the monthly service is great for us, just because again, it’s dependability on not having any pest in our building, and I know that I don’t ever have to worry about any embarrassing bugs running around our showroom when we have clients come in. I highly recommend Platinum Pest Control. 

My name’s Kyle Christensen, and I live in Owasso, Oklahoma. So about five years ago, we decided we weren’t really happy with our current Tulsa pest control provider, and we just noticed a lot of bugs in the house and things weren’t really taken care of, and if we called they didn’t come out right away and fix the problem.

So we decided we wanted to try our good friend Jared and his business. We knew he did pest control, and so we called Jared up. He came over, and it’s been great. We hardly ever see a bug in the house, and usually if we do it’s dead.
Originally, it was just the pest control. In fact, Platinum at that time only offered pest control services. Then they later added the lawn care services. We were really excited to not have to do anymore lawn treatment ourselves and hire the professionals to do it for us. I mean, immediately they were … Probably the biggest thing for me is that they are more quick to respond. So that’s a big thing for me. When I call and I need help with something, I like a quick response. They never delay more than a day to respond back, and usually it’s within the same day or within a few hours that we have someone over to take care of whatever need is discovered.

I just think it’s personal for them. They live in this area so I think a lot of the other pest control companies are not based in this area, and so maybe their reputation isn’t on the line. It’s clear that with Platinum Pest Control and Lawn that their reputation’s on the line. They live in the area. They associate with the people around them and the people that they do service for. I think that reputation means a lot to them, and they want to make sure that it stays good. It’s helpful to have Pest Control professionals come and help you with lawn care needs or pest control issues because my profession is financial planning. I don’t know all of the bugs and all of the different types of things that can happen in your lawn, and each one of those sometimes requires a different type of treatment. So it’s nice to have someone that already knows that, and I don’t have to research that on my own or go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and try and ask people who probably aren’t professionals either for the answer to solve my problem.

The monthly service is valuable to me because it seems like it’s proactive versus reactive. It seems like they’re usually ahead of the game when weeds are going to be growing or things like that. They kind of know in advance what types of things are going to be coming up. And so they pretreat for a lot of those things, and so we don’t ever seem to have the issues that a lot of our neighbors have because it’s already taken care of before they grow or before they come about.
They have done nothing but impress me. They are constantly responsive when we need anything. They come in, they do a good job, they’ve never left a mess. They’ve always let us know ahead of time. They do a great job of giving us reminders when they’re coming so we can make sure our pets are in the house when they do the lawn care stuff. When they’re putting down dangerous chemicals for pets in the lawn, they tell us, “Keep your dog in the house maybe for a little while, the next couple days,” or if they put something down on the lawn, they’ll let us know that we need to water it so that we don’t burn our lawn with the chemical.
I think it’s just really valuable, especially the combination of pest control and lawn care in the same company, dealing with one person or one company for both of those needs is awesome. I think our lives are so complex anyway that to simplify that area of our life is pretty nice. I’d absolutely recommend them.

I called Platinum Pest for my ants. They did a wonderful job, so I decided I needed a termite treatment and I called Platinum Pest to do that. They were on time, they were jolly, they did a good job and they cleaned up. I’m pleased. I’m pleased.

I live here in Owasso, and I’ve been using Platinum Pest and Lawn for probably maybe five years now, and the service is great. I’ve had numerous other people to come out and do our house and our yard, and we’ve always seen a lots of spiders. But since we’ve been using Platinum, our spiders is mostly disappeared and we don’t see much of them, and if we do, Platinum will come out and redo the house, redo the yard no charge, and I’d recommend Platinum to anybody in Owasso or anywhere in Oklahoma. So, appreciate talking to you.

My name is Kailey and I would highly recommend Platinum Pest and Lawn. It’s a great local pest control company. The technicians are very friendly and very efficient with their job. It’s also very customer oriented and it’s just a great place.

Travis Hulse  – Quick and efficient! Great people dedicated to serve the customer. Highly recommended.

Amber B – We have used their service several times and their customer service and work are always great! Their prices are affordable and they are honest people, which is hard to find!. Thank you!

Cory Kunz – Great Company! Very friendly and very dependable! We have been customers of Platinum for going on two years. My wife saw a black widow climbing up the outside of a window when I was at work today. She called and Jared arrived within 15 …More

Erik Wolf – I’ve used several pest control companies over the years and I can say without a doubt Platinum Pest Control is by far the best experience I’ve encountered

Jessica Prince – There are not a lot of companies that have the outstanding customer services that these guys do. Truly impressed with their service. We are new expecting parents who are super “bug paranoid”, and they have done everything they can to ease us

Jan Gaylord – Previous to Platinum Pest Control, I sprayed for spiders myself. Its a lot of work to spray for yourself & I still had problems with other pests. I use Platinum and i LOVE not stepping on crunchy crickets or having ants in the house and …More

Lindsay Bippus – We love Platinum. Jared is such a great person and is always so sweet to my kids. They keep they pests away and if we have any problems, they come out in less than 24 hours. Highly recommend!

Sara Campbell – We love Platinum Pest Control…they are so easy to work with and get the job done! They are very professional and have done a great job keeping the pests away. I highly recommend them!

Jeremy Phillips – Jared and Josh are great to work with. A family business that is professional and will work hard to do the job right.

Jared Hood – They are always available and very courteous. Great company to work with!


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