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Layer 207

Spiders, Crickets, and Ants Oh My!

Bugs are creepy and most people want to keep the creepy out. Let us do that for you by providing a triple-layer defense around your entire home, specifically targeting the access points into your home.

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Weed Control

Platinum Pest Landing Weed Control

Ready to win “Lawn of the Year?”
– Make your lawn stand out!

We provide a 7 step treatment program that includes pre & post emergent applications to prevent weeds from germinating, lawn fertilization to make your lawn more lush, and spot treatments for the occasional rogue weed. Running about every 6 weeks from mid January-November, you’ll have a great looking lawn throughout the year.

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Send the ants marching one by one…

Using the top ant products on the market, we treat the problem areas with a non-repellant product. This allows the ants to unknowingly carry the product back to their colony, thus eliminating the colony – not just the ants you see. The ants you’ve seen marching one by one will no longer be marching at all!

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Platinum Pest Landing Mosquit Control Treatments

Ready to enjoy being in your yard again?

With our specialized equipment, we apply a mist to the foliage in your yard where mosquitos rest, waiting for their next meal to walk outside. As they rest in the misted foliage, these miniature vampires won’t be bothering you anymore!

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Platinum Rat Icon

Got mice?

Controlling mice through the fall and winter is a common challenge that homeowners face. Mice begin to search for warmer temperatures and food indoors when the weather turns cold. Our aggressive treatments ensure that the unwelcome guests do not come back.

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Platinum Pest Landing Termite Extermination

Are termites eating you out of house and home?

Termites have been called the silent natural disaster, causing more damage in the US than tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires combined! Let us protect your home today with our Platinum Termite Protection Plan!

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Platinum Pest Landing Termite Extermination

Are your flies not dropping like they should?

Flies are annoying, but they’re also bad for your health. They land in germ infested areas, then on your food and food surfaces, carrying those germs with them. Our amazing fly-targeted product will get your flies dropping like, well… flies!!

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