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If you are not completely satisfied with the results during your regular maintenance service, we will return to treat any problem areas at no additional charge.  We will resolve the issue or we will refund your payment for your last service.  WE ARE CONFIDENT IN OUR SERVICE!  Give us a chance and you will know why!

General Pest Management Services

Pests are invasive and carry many diseases.  We will protect your home and family in the least intrusive way possible so you and your family can live your life without worrying about pests.  Our general pest service covers most pests that live around your house such as spiders, ants, and mice.

Some pests such as termites, roaches, and bedbugs require different, and more aggressive action to eliminate.  We thoroughly treat for these pests and consistently resolve the issue with fewer treatments than other companies resulting in saving you money.

Interior and exterior treatments are typically recommended on our initial treatment to flush pests out and away from your home.  We take pride in only using premium products on your home that are safe and effective to ensure your family’s safety and peace of mind.

Interior Service: We place our products near pest harborage areas to ensure that they stay near pests and away from your family and pets.  We do this by performing a crack and crevice treatment as well as treating along the baseboards of your home.  With Platinum Pest and Lawn, you can rest assured that we will perform the safest, most effective treatments available.

Exterior Service: Exterior access points along the structure of your home provide easy entrance for pests to enter and invade your home.  Our treatment on the exterior of your home will be the defensive layer that will keep your family safe from pest invasions.  This is done by placing a concentrated barrier around your home and by paying particular attention to access points that often get overlooked by other companies.  During the warmer months, we will also extend your pest barrier by treating your yard with granules 10-15 ft from your home to help with fleas, ticks, and other unwanted pests that threaten to invade your home.  

Commercial Services

We service all different types of businesses such as medical facilities, manufacturing plants, banks, restaurants, etc.  You name the business and we will treat it!  Businesses sometimes have unique situations such as servicing times.  We are able to work around these situations to satisfy your pest management needs by creating a customized plan.

At Platinum Pest and Lawn, our slogan is “premium protection without the premium price.”  Value is very important and this is what sets us apart from the rest!  Based on our research, we know what techniques and products the other companies are implementing and we go above and beyond.  We use higher grade products while still charging less than our competition!  Give us a chance to prove it!

Specific Pest Control Services

Termite Services

There are a few termite treatments available to homeowners, but the most effective is going to be a liquid treatment.  Termites live underground and make their way into your home by creating mud tubes that extend above the soil grade.  We treat the soil in one continuous barrier around your home to protect it from termites.  This is a labor intensive process, but will give you decades of protection when done correctly.  We have witnessed other companies cut corners when it comes to termite treatments.  Unfortunately it is the homeowner who suffers as termites create more damage in the process.  At Platinum Pest and Lawn we go the extra mile to make sure it is done right the first time!

Bed Bug Services

Bed bugs require very precise treatments in the infested areas.  Once a plan is in place, our technician will use a combination of treatments to insure eradication.  This may include treatments to mattresses, bed frames, carpets, dressers, and other furniture items.  Laundering all clothes and bedding (with high heat) that have been exposed to bed bugs will help eliminate that infestation at a quicker pace.


Cockroaches are known for the health issues they cause and for their rapid reproduction.  When dealing with roaches, it is important to not delay treatments as the infestation can quickly spread to other areas of the home.  We recommend treating areas infested with roaches every two weeks to get ahead of their life cycle and eliminate multiple generations.  After the infestation is under control, we recommend periodic treatments to ensure they don’t return.


Having fleas inside your home can be a painful and frustrating experience.  We recommend vacuuming multiple times a day and dumping the contaminants outside before we arrive to provide a flea treatment.  We will treat all carpeted areas with a product specifically designed for flea eradication.  In addition, any bedding that has come in contact with household pets will need to be laundered.  


Rats and mice carry many diseases, contaminate food, and cause a lot of damage to property in Oklahoma.  We place bait station in areas that have evidence of rodent activity.  Our bait stations lock and require a unique key to ensure your family and pets stay safe.  The stations are designed with a small opening to allow the rodents in and give them a false sense of security while feast on the bait.  

Lawn Care

If thick grass and vivid color are what you are after, then let one of our lawn specialist customize a plan for improving the overall appearance and health of your turf.  We will customize a plan that will include a variety of slow release fertilizers that will release minerals and nutrients specific to the needs of your lawn.  Careful timing of lawn applications is one step in our comprehensive approach that will leave your lawn more resistant to weeds and disease.  Go play golf or do whatever it is that makes you happy and leave the lawn to us!

Weed Control

Weed control can be daunting for homeowners due to Oklahoma’s unique climate.  We have it down to a science!  We will eliminate the weeds in your turf so that you and your family can enjoy your lawn to the fullest.  We use a variety of treatment options that we will customize to your lawn.

  • Late Winter & Spring – Pre-emergent applications will be applied to your lawn to prevent noxious grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds from growing
  • Late Spring & Summer – We spot treat any weeds that have attempted to make their way to the surface while laying down a variety of fertilizers to thicken and add color to your turf.
  • Fall – Pre-emergent application to prevent winter weeds from plaguing your turf during the cooler months.


Maintaining a healthy, vivid lawn doesn’t happen by accident.  It is often the product of quality fertilizer that will thicken and liven your turf while preventing new weeds from forming.  We will exam your turf and develop a unique plan specific to the needs of your lawn.  This will often include multiple fertilizer applications at just the right timing.

Insect Control

A beautiful, dense, and healthy lawn will be free of lawn destroying insects.  Many different pests can infest a lawn resulting in severe damage which can take months to recover.  It is important to keep your lawn insect free and we can help!

Common lawn insects:

  • Army Worms
  • Grub Worms
  • Mites
  • Fleas
  • Ticks

Seeding & New Lawn Services

Restoring or establishing a new lawn will often include seeding.  After carefully reviewing the condition of your landscape, our technician will develop a customized lawn care plan unique to your lawn that will address your specific property needs.  We will select the premium seed blend that will provide the best growth and health to your lawn.


We use liquid aeration which is the latest in lawn care science.  The soil is opened up at the molecular level to increase drainage, reduce thatch, create growth pockets for new roots, and improve soil structure.  All of this adds up to help strengthen the root system resulting in healthier turf.

Disease Control

Disease can turn a beautiful looking lawn into an eyesore in a matter of days!  There are many contributing factors that can lead to lawn disease such as moisture and high humidity.  We will analyze your growing environment and grass in your landscape and will recommend the right lawn disease treatment to get your lawn healthy again.

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