Founded upon the principles of honesty and integrity, we are a family owned and operated business that believes in treating others the way that they would like to be treated.  This is the Platinum Rule!  

Jared & Jennifer – Owners

Jared and Jennifer Johnson created Platinum Pest and Lawn in 2011.  Jared serviced our customers while Jennifer took care of the office work.  As the business has grown, they have been able to hire great people that have helped make the company better.  

These days Jared spends most of his time in the office taking care of our customer’s needs.  Jennifer has delegated most of her responsibilities to our administrative assistant so she can maximize her time with their three kids.

Jared and Jennifer have created a trustworthy reputation and enjoy interacting with customers while keeping their lawns green and their homes pest free!

Platinum Pest and Lawn is a local, family owned and operated business in Owasso, OK, founded on principles of integrity, honesty, hard work, and customer service. We believe in quality customer service, quality products, and we refuse to cut corners!

Platinum Pest and Lawn was created on the principles that the owners, Jennifer and Jared Johnson, found to be crucial in any business valuing outstanding customer service.  Jared and Jennifer also value family and community in a business.  Because of this, they run the company in such a way as to be family oriented and active in the community.  Platinum Pest and Lawn gives back to the community through donations to local school programs and by strongly encouraging their employees to volunteer in community service projects.

Jared and Jennifer have always strived to employ those with high standards whose values align with Platinum Pest and Lawn’s core values.  It is important at Platinum Pest and Lawn to only employ the right people that you will feel comfortable having inside your home.  We do this by implementing a rigorous hiring program. We start by running background checks on all potential employees to make sure that they have a clean criminal record.  We check and verify all references to make sure that the candidates share the same core values as Platinum Pest and Lawn.  Just because someone is qualified to work in the industry, doesn’t mean that they are qualified to work at Platinum Pest and Lawn.  We hold our employees to a higher standard because you deserve it!
Before founding Platinum Pest and Lawn, Jared worked for many different pest and lawn management companies.  He worked for large, internationally recognized companies, small family owned companies, and everything in between.  Every company was a unique learning experience as Jared analyzed what they did well and learned what could be improved upon. Jared’s goal was to combine all of the good that he learned in the different pest and lawn companies into one company.  He succeeded in this goal when he and his wife founded Platinum Pest and Lawn.

Jared & Jennifer Johnson are the owners of Platinum Pest and Lawn.  They both come from entrepreneurial families valuing customer service.  Jennifer is a third generation entrepreneur with her parents owning Classic Electric based out of Owasso.  In fact, Platinum Pest and Lawn was founded in the same home that Jennifer’s parents founded Classic Electric in 25 years earlier!  Before creating Platinum Pest and Lawn, Jared had many years’ experience working for pest and lawn management companies across the country, from Louisiana to Hawaii and many places in between.  Jared earned a degree in International Culture Studies with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution. Jennifer worked as an administrative assistant while attending college and earned her degree in Accounting.  While attending college at Brigham Young University Hawaii, they met, dated, and were married.  After moving back to Oklahoma, they combined their set of skills to create Platinum Pest and Lawn.

In the spring of 2011, Platinum Pest and Lawn began as Platinum Pest Control in the spare bedroom of Jared and Jennifer’s house.  At the time, they offered general pest control services and gained business as Jared and his brother Josh acquired new customers.  Jared serviced the homes during the day and Jennifer took care of the office work in the evenings, as she worked full time as an accountant during the day.  In 2012, they welcomed their first son into the family.  Jennifer was able to resign from her full time accountant position.  She started working as a full time mom, as well as working solely in Platinum Pest Control with Jared.  Working together full time presented its challenges, but Jennifer and Jared have really loved the chance to work together on a regular basis.

In the summer of 2013, Platinum Pest Control continued to grow not just by adding general pest control customers, but by adding termite services to the scope of services they offered.  This included termite inspections for home sales and termite treatments (both preventative and remedial).  The majority of the company that summer consisted of Jared and Jennifer’s family: Jared’s brother, Jennifer’s sister, and Jared and Jennifer’s future brother in law.  With their own family and close family employees, the home-based business made for a busy house!

With the added number of customers that came from customer referrals, Platinum Pest Control outgrew the Johnson’s home and they began leasing an office in Owasso in February 2014.  With that move, there was a need for additional help in the office so the first office assistant was hired.  Business wasn’t the only thing to grow in 2014.  During that summer, Jared and Jennifer grew their family when their daughter was born.

2015 brought a few major changes to the company in the form of lawn care.  By adding weed control and fertilization services, Platinum Pest Control needed a new name.  That spring, the name was changed to Platinum Pest and Lawn and the logo, uniforms, and overall look of the company was updated to reflect the larger scope of services.  Having been in business 4 years at this point, Platinum Pest and Lawn had built a solid reputation of premium services without the premium price.  Adding weed and fertilization service didn’t change that.  One customer relayed his neighbor’s comment to him that his yard looked like a golf course.

Always trying to grow and change to best meet customers’ needs, in early 2016 Platinum Pest and Lawn updated its software system to be more convenient for customers.  The added features included ones such as the option to make online payments through the use of a customer portal.  Later that year, Jared and Jennifer purchased a property with a large shop on it and started plans to renovate a portion to make office space.  The office renovations were finished in early summer 2017 and operations moved to the new location from which Platinum Pest and Lawn will operate for many years to come.  Once again, the Johnson family grew when Jared & Jennifer’s 2nd son was born.

Platinum Pest and Lawn looks forward to servicing the greater Tulsa area for many years to come!  When it comes to pest management or weed control, we have you covered!

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