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Controlling mice through the fall and winter is one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face. Mice begin to search for warmer temperatures and food indoors when the weather turns cold. One of the most important steps of the treatments we provide is fixing the problem at your homes access points for mice, as well as treating the home so that any of the unwelcome guests do not come back. We’ve included 6 months of FREE bait refills for your treatment so that you know that you will continue to be protected after the initial problem is solved.

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While there are many options for getting rid of mice, utilizing the service of professionals gives you the confidence that the job was done correctly. When we work with clients, many of them have tried getting rid of the mice themselves and what they’ve found is that the products that are used over the counter and sold at big box retailers are ineffective for what they need. Give us a call today to learn why Platinum Pest and Lawn is fully prepared to help you with your mice and rodent problems.

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