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  • Platinum Pest Landing Weed ControlWeed
  • Platinum Pest Landing Lawn Fertilization Lawn
  • Platinum Pest Landing General Pest TreatmentGeneral Pest Treatment
  • Platinum Pest Landing Mole Gopher ExterminationMole & Gopher Extermination
  • Platinum Pest Landing Roach Bed Bug TreatmentsRoach & Bed Bug Treatments
  • Platinum Pest Landing Termite ExterminationTermite Extermination
  • Platinum Pest Landing Mosquit Control TreatmentsMosquito Control Treatments

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It is a 7 step treatment program that includes multiple pre & post emergent weed applications to prevent weeds from germinating, lawn fertilization to make your lawn more lush, and spot weed treatments for any weeds that may pop through. Running about every 6 weeks from mid January-November, you’ll have a great looking lawn throughout the year.

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