Life is better with us here at Tulsa pest control company by the name of Platinum Pest & Lawn. We were actually offering you your first service for one dollar versus the other competition where they charge you upwards of $125 and up for your first service. Also here at Platinum Pest & Lawn we offer you know contract where’re the other guys you get stuck in a 12-month contract that you have to wait to be over until the 12-month result. Also we will contact you on when we’re on our way for every service whereas the other guys yes they have to request that they call you. Also were locally owned and family-owned and operated where the other guys are national call centers is also’s big big franchise.

So life is better when you choose a family-owned and operated company that offers you know contract must be subscriptions. Also we provide you affordable prices for professional technicians as well as customized treatments here at Tulsa pest control. One make sure that you know what our customers are saying and how we can actually how do you schedule your first treatment for only one dollar. All that matters is that we get a quick and efficient job done for you and for your family so that we can serve you and as best we know-how. Also get calls are going to get a free quote now.

Is all about what you are wanting in your home and what you want to accomplish with our exterminating what they are looking to get rid of ants spiders roaches termites or mice cost to get a free quote is by leaving your name email phone number and click submit and that someone on a team will get a hold of you soonest possible get that taken care of and get a technician out to him as soon as possible for time of morning afternoon that works best for you for your family. And it is okay free to actually be inside your home when were doing their indoor treatment because our products are EPA safe.

We want to make sure that we do not approach you like all the other companies were retreat to the one likable with a one-size-fits-all kind of approach. We want to make sure that we notice every little thing in your home when what makes it different as well as giving you a thorough cleaning as well as a thorough treatment to get rid of all those creepy crawlies in your home and also to the pesky or depressing critters in your home and make sure they were doing a thorough job in killing every lifecycle of the bug.

So reach out to us today for more information about Tulsa pest control. You can also reach us at Platinum Pest & Lawn’s website or actually go to our phone number and just dial the night the number pest phone and you can also learn about your first service for one dollar if you are a new customer with us. So that Stephanie had getting your home bug free and making sure you gain the best business as possible. You can also find us online at go online to or go to 918-376-0857 to get a hold of the speech of her service call for one dollar.

How Can You Learn About Our Tulsa Pest Control?

If you are looking for general Tulsa pest control services that can take care of lost beetles spiders crickets and send more than you can ask the finest online and understand more about how you can also get rid of scorpion centipedes and mice. We struggle recommend that you ask us about our monthly memberships as well as were able to offer you know contract involved and make sure that we’re providing you the best interior and exterior treatments and for all new customers were currently offering right now your first service for only one dollar. And we would make sure that we able to flush those pests out of your home and get rid of every lifestage of the past.

For Tulsa pest control you to simply have to look us up online and would be happy to be able to give you perfect peace of mind to be able to get the kind of life in your home so that you have to worry about termite damage are constantly having to walk around scared that a spider might pop out in your home. So calls for more information go to 918-376-0857 and go to now to learn more about us and the interior treatment that we can provide you.

So anyway for? If you want more if you want to be able to know some of our EPA premium products as well as how they are completely safe as well as highly effective not for your family. Then calls now. For more about her interior treatments or what kind of critters that we can take care for you call us at 918-376-0857. We also want to address the question of what are the services being offered by Platinum Pest & Lawn? And that simple straightforward lead to interior treatments and exterior treatments get rid of crickets and writers wasps roly-poly’s scorpion centipedes mice at every stage of life.

Also there are some ways that we might have to have to come back to the home to spray again because we want to make sure they were taking care of all the lifecycles of the bugs to make sure that they do not reproduce or grab a lay more eggs. Also her interior treatment is actually EPA safe sound it’s a liquid treatment that goes inside your home and usually takes about 15 minutes to really like dry and catch pasts and stop them in their tracks. Also it is safe for pets and family members to actually be in the home during that service as well. Say don’t have to worry about on interestingly from your home during the treatment. Because with your home it’s usually at we spray the entryways the doorframes window frames and also your baseboards.

So call us with any additional questions or concerns that you might have about Tulsa pest control and how to get a hold of us. The best ways to do so to be able to schedule your first service call for only one dollar if you are a first-time customer is by calling 918-376-0857 or go to in there you’ll be able to get a free quote if you just leave us your name email and phone number and then one of our team members will get a hold of you that same day to schedule morning afternoon to go over what you’re currently experiencing and then get a technician out your home at the most convenient time for you.


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