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The very best Tulsa Pest Control is found at one local company, Platinum Pest & Lawn. I guarantee you’ll love working with this company as they are local, family-owned and never have to sign a contract. If you’d like to get started today I encourage you to give them a call at your earliest convenience. You can reach them at 1 (918) 376-0857. You may also get a free quote online and entering your name, number and we had a brief message. They will reach out to you quickly and you can schedule a time that works great for you and your family. Platinum Pest & Lawn first began back in 2000 and they decided to put their customers first and foremost. They were founded on the principles of integrity and honesty and mast up to code cents. This has proven to be quite lucrative as they are now one of the most reviewed and rated pest control company in Oklahoma today.

If you are needing Tulsa Pest Control today, don’t hesitate to reach out to the tried-and-true, Platinum Pest & Lawn. I know you’ll love working with Jared and Jennifer, owners of the company. They are extremely down-to-earth and they are always extremely grateful to have the opportunity to reach your home of pests and insects. They offer a few different services including general pest management, interior service, exterior service, commercial, termite service, bedbug service, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, lawn care, we control, fertilization, insect control, new lawns, seating, aeration, and even disease control. Is there anything these guys can’t do? Yes, they do not paint homes. But besides that know this is the all-inclusive company you have been waiting for. To reach out today and get your free quote.

You are dealing with the top Tulsa Pest Control company whenever you sign up with POD Sox. They’re constantly exceeding expectations of one customer at a time. I guarantee you’ll love working with them as they are very friendly and 100% dedicated to you and your family. Safety is the number one goal so they please ask you to keep all dogs and children off on for 24 hours after being sprayed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Platinum Pest & Lawn as they are here to meet you and your family. This is the only pest control company that you will ever want to deal with moving forward. We operate is unlike any other two. They provide some of the highest quality services for the most reasonable price in the market today. So this is a win-win for you. Not only do they give you top-notch service and customer care, but they also charge you a fair and honest price.

So now the time to get signed up today with Platinum Pest & Lawn. They are always going to go above and beyond to make sure that you and your family are well cared for during your test and lawn care maintenance. So let’s get rid of cockroaches, mice, and mosquitoes today by calling Platinum Pest & Lawn. Their telephone number is 1 (918) 376-0857. You may also visit their website at your earliest convenience at www.platinum-pestcontrol.com.

Tulsa Pest Control | Say Goodbye To Pests

Tulsa Pest Control can be either a sure or a breeze, depending on which company you sign up with. Luckily for you made the prudent decision signed up with Platinum Pest & Lawn. They are truly the highest-rated and reviewed pest management company here in Oklahoma. In ordained good reason too. They treat each and every client like they are family. They understand the importance of treating people right and they have cemented this philosophy into their business at the core. So all of their technicians are trained by Jerry and Jennifer, owner and operators, and know what high standards to deliver. They are always striving to deliver the highest quality services on this side of the Mississippi River. You will be hard-pressed to find another company that operates smoothly and efficiently as Platinum Pest & Lawn.

If you are looking for affordable will Tulsa Pest Control services look no further than Platinum Pest & Lawn. This is a family-owned and operated business and they are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve Tulsa, Oklahoma. And I’m not just saying that you can truly tell every time you reach out to them. They are energetic and extremely kind. Not only that but they are amazing at what they do. Safety is your main prerogative and will do everything in their power to you and your family safe when hundreds of the time. So they both asked to keep pets and animals off the line after fertilization, plus. You can call companies and schedule your very first service for only one dollar. You will be able to find this type of deal at any other company in town.

Now your search is over for quality Tulsa Pest Control services. The next step is to schedule your very first service call with Platinum Pest & Lawn. I would encourage you to give them a call today at 1 (918) 376-0857. Ask them about their one dollar first service deal and they will be more than happy to apply that promotion to your pest or lawn maintenance. Their top priorities make sure that your family members, children, and animals enjoy each other pest-free.

Best no mistake whenever you sign up today with Platinum Pest & Lawn you are dealing with an amazing, down-to-earth, hard-working family-owned company. They take every single job seriously that is because they understand that treating the customer’s the way they deserve to be treated is good for everyone involved. Platinum Pest & Lawn was founded on the principles of integrity and honesty. To this day those builders have not crumbled or filtered. They know their many pest control companies here in Oklahoma, that is why they must remain dedicated to the clients in order to remain at the forefront of people’s minds.

I encourage you to reach out to Platinum Pest & Lawn today in order to get started. Take advantage of the one-dollar deal today and never sign a contract. In order to request your one dollar service please give them a call at 1 (918) 376-0857.


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