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I told her to thank you for joining. Welcome back, hopefully, had a nice little vacation. Hopefully, you enjoyed your holidays are over. It is now January 31st. Tomorrow will be February 1st time for things to start rolling. How are you doing on your new year’s resolutions? I was doing okay I’m on ours. We are excited we’re looking forward to it to him them all in all of our goals and really at taking off this year. Instead of weight goal, I haven’t said a weight goal upset. Other goals. Is there? Is health are concerned, and not one that has to do with weight, but other that’s like won the most sought-after won the most prevalent goals. I’m done every year right, but up by my name, is joe johnson, the hostess podcast series. Today, Tulsa Pest Control some people just call me Mr. Pest control Tulsa, because we handle the pest control in the Tulsa area. When I passed your name, they would ever leather boots they quake in the boots and starts shaking and shivering and who, in the hall in because they had, they know that sound. They know what happens and we can make that happen for you, so we can kill those bugs and get them all taken care of for you until we are, we are at platinum pest & lawn on the co-founder. My wife is the other co-founder Jennifer johnson, also known as superwoman aka superwoman, making to happen works in the business also is a full-time mom and does an excellent job at being a mom and also excellent job in the business I’m in so that is who she is. That is who we are a mother of three children right now we have 3 kids, I’m sure we will have more in the future right now we have 3 and they will be joining us with the business when the time comes by that. That is what we do. We provide pest solutions intern solutions me by in the greater Tulsa area where is everybody in the Tulsa area, cuz bugs are prevalent in your house they’re going to be all over the place. Not only are bugs prevalent but also weeds are prevalent. Also, can you control your home or in your yard? Then you are going to be having a week. That’s just the bottom line. That’s just the way it is there weed everywhere. If you don’t, if you are proactive about it, so we want to be proactive about it. Now. What we do is we a striper best, buy, the pest, the best pest service, the best lawn service due to our customers. Now common, so people have given us google reviews and giving us lots of feedback on that i. We want you to be to customers that way. You can give us more feedback as well I’m. So if you could just do us a favor, do yourself a favor Tulsa Pest Control I’m just going to a tablet or smartphone or computer that has internet access where you go to google or another short to search engine, maybe he’s being or yahoo or whatever it is I’m just to go to one of those and then just type in a pest control Tulsa in that in that search engine, and then that what that’s going to do is, after you type in in in in those keywords on that search will leave chit chat, really the best pest control. Tulsa Pest Control has in the area that we’re coughing that searches going to leave due to us because that is who we are and I am so today we’re going to talk and type of bug, but we have talked about pest control in and I. We treat for a whole array of different types of past, there are lots of them out there, but, for instance, mosquitoes are going to come up in April. We handle mosquitoes, we handle nap, handle flies, I love you both of you and take care of house flies. But the answer is yes, you can you can’t take care of house flies, we can do and we can handle it. We can get it all taken care of you and that’s what we do for you. We handle is houseflies. We hammer at we could all squared away and I’ll take care of you, I’m. Also, brown, recluse spiders are really bad. I just got done from an inspection of brown, recluse spiders and black widows or another bad one, bad spider. Over here, wolf spiders, jumping spiders, you name it. We had only take care of those spiders for you, but it, but if you want those services next time, you drive down the road and you see any of the billboards that say: Tulsa Pest Control just pull over and I’ll give you all are all of our information in there, but I believe we handle more than that. I will do pretty much application soak in the past long. We want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. You can always call us. Our contact information is 918-376-0857 also reaches online at platinum pest & lawn. Com I want to make it simple and a streamline is possible for you. That’s one way to get it to get in contact., so, I’m, saying: Tulsa Pest Control let’s talk about weeds out there in the yard, what happens when sure, that the Olsen steps are taken ordered by the best treatment for you most adequate treatment for you how to make sure things are looking good and everything is beautiful and then in your lawn is beautified. It’s the way that we’re going to do that is at the first service we come out. You want to start right now and that’s going to be the pre-emergent application. Let us be the first application. That’s a late winter early spring pre-emergent application, ii pre-emergent applications going to be late spring right, so we’re going to go and apply pre-emergent application on your yard to help prevent weeds from coming up.

Summertime, we’re going to hit it for fertilizing spot treat, make sure your make sure yard stays healthy. That’s what we want to do, Tulsa Pest Control for you will make sure your yard sees helping stays good and in that everything goes extremely well and I’d only that. But we are also going to start that make sure that you don’t get any pets, make sure you’re home, safe pest-free anytime. You see any of the flyers and say pest control Tulsa just grab them that has all of our information on there I’m in so that’s kind of what we do so again. The free application, post-emergent I’m, will take your Dallas grass and crabgrass and any of the grassy weed leaf clovers in bed by Denny line. So early. If you’re having any weed in the yard we can, we can take care of that. For you, we can also do some type of weeds by your lawn. How many termite treatments in bed bug treatments as well as far as to complete treatment, cooper, roaches and spiders, and ants and fleas and ticks in mice and rats flying insects like mosquitoes yellow jackets, you name it. Tulsa Pest Control We can make it happen there for you. I would call us best way to the finest is just a search: pest, control Tulsa, your favorite search bar in all of our information i. Will we can get it all taken care of for you and all that new with the purple on in your past gone give us a call at 918-376-0857 or you can reach song line at platinum pest & lawn. Com


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