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When it comes to price comparisons, we have the best services that are available. Comparing us to our competitors like Terminix, Orkin, and mother nature Pest and Lawn, we are the only one that offers a $1 service for your first time. With no contracts that can limit our customers’ flexibility, but you will see that you have to have a 12-month contract with the other three companies that we have mentioned. Even the way our protocol is to contact the customer on our way to our service is different than other companies. they offer it as a request from the customer.

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Tulsa Pest Control | Do No Share Space with Pests

Only work with a Tulsa pest control company that has the standards that Platinum Pest and Lawns do. Not only are we offering a Perfect Lawn as well as pests are gone, but we will be sure to take care of your home like it is our own home. The five-star ratings that we have received on our Google reviews will go to show you from another source that we are going to be the number one Pest and Lawn control company that is going to do you wonders in the area. Ask our amazingly experienced staff members about our big monthly membership and the savings you can receive.

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Compared to other Tulsa Pest Control companies, Platinum Pest and Lawn Has advantages that cannot be touched by another company, whether in this area or not. Terminix, Orkin, and mother nature Pest and Lawn charge more than $100 for your first service however our company is only going to charge you $1. Do not worry about whether our company is going to force you into a 12-month contract like the rest, we offer no-contract services. We are also going to contact you on the way to your job site whereas other companies give no courtesy calls unless asked.

It is easy to see why we are the number one Pest and Lawn control business in the state. Is also really easy to support a business that is locally operated as well as family-owned such as who we are. With affordable prices, professional technicians, and customized treatments for each and every one of our clients we hope that you will trust our company over anyone else for your pest control problems. Whether you are needing an interior treatment, exterior treatment, or other pest treatments, you should only go with Platinum Pest and Lawn. When you are looking for some good bug control, we are doing good things.

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