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Bookbag podcasters welcome back to another addition. We are so excited that you’re with us today join with us on this podcast I’m hosting the podcast. My name is Jared owner of platinum pass along co-founder, platinum pest & lawn. My wife was the other founder, although I’m kind of confused about why it’s called a founder because I lost, and so if it was never lost, to be found, I, don’t know, I, don’t know the rules. I just follow the following that the lyrics the lyrical songs that are that they have in there with that. So anyway, that’s who we are I’m. Some people just call as Tulsa Pest Control on the reason being is because we provide Tulsa Pest Control in and we services in the greater Tulsa area so feel free to call us at if you’d, like, hopefully, you’re enjoying this weather, it is a brisk morning, 33 degrees. Today, on this beautiful morning we are. We are driving, that’s the beauty about technology these days if you don’t actually have to make it into the studio to perform podcast you just don’t have to do that. You don’t have to make that happen, right are we do over driving right now and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now got a busy day ahead today, but I didn’t want to leave you guys out, or they still make sure that we were able to be able to do that. So that’s what we’re doing for you today as we’re still getting the podcast Done: I’m walking or driving the vehicle. While we are in the car riding, we are making you some more time, and so we are happy that you’re doing with this today, now it’s possible that you were listening, this podcast at your desk, no just with the with internet access or wi-fi access responsible to download this podcast to listen to it out on a lake or maybe on the top of the mountain or on the ocean or whatever you are bigger. You know what is crab fisherman. You know what I mean and maybe you’re fishing for crabs there on the Bering sea and it listens to the podcast. You know that is exciting. If you are, if you are, please email us, the info, a platinum pest & lawn. Com. We want to hear from you if that is what you’re doing. Let us know about your experience, Tulsa Pest Control but I am Jared as I meant before. We are solutions to those as well, and that way you can rake us and let us know how we did we’re always looking to improve our services. So if you want to get ahold of us would make it fairly simple, just grab any of the flyers. It’s a Tulsa Pest Control I’m, just I just grab those flyers as far as you can be associated with us, but have all of our information rights and so take those flyers and then and then hanging on your fridge, say the number your phone does. What you want to do with that I’m good! It’s going to be important to do so, handle that and let wisely make that happen. Okay, I’m in so what we’re doing today is. We are I, have this podcast? Usually, when we do podcast, we had. We talked a lot about bugs talk about pest talk about weed and how to prevent them and really how to make your life better. When, when dealing with that categories-and so hopefully you’re able to and then hopefully able to remember everything that we say today, but that’s the case, just not able to call really all the words that I say right now, I can’t recall the podcast that has done over the last 6 months. It’s been a lot of them. A large number of hot and I told her. Just I can remember of all it’s a woman want to do. Are we want you to remember how to get in contact with us I’m how to get ahold of us? If you do nothing else, just remember how it how to get a hold of his rights and that’s going to be fairly simple. All you have to do is go to google and type in Tulsa Pest Control, okay, those three words that I type in those keywords and that search will lead you right to us. We teach our website and that way, you’ll lie. You know how to how to get in contact with us write up an order that you got to be smart when I say smart and intelligent I mean you have to know how to work the computer or any other smart device like a tablet that has a wi-fi connection, internet and what you have to do is go to the google go to the search engine yahoo. What you need do you need to type in any type of those work there and that’s what’s going to what you going, then you type in those words what words you talk about you ask: sports are Tulsa Pest Control once you do, that, that’s search will take you directly to us and that way we can help you with that with any of your needs. So what are your needs that you have? What are you looking to get resolved? What is happening with you right now? Are you dealing with pests right now? Mice are coming into homes. People get a lot of mice, mice, I will tell you or prolific breeders. They breed out of control right. They were extremely fast extremely rapidly in today. They just keep breathing to bring the bring before you know it. You have no more, you have no more life because my son, just taking over your life there are a few things, help prevent mice in your home when you can help get rid of their habitat. So if you have a lot of clutter, you want to remove that clutter if you’re, not sure if you have mouse habitat or give us a call, I mean even received a text message that said: pest control Tulsa you receive that text message makes sure you respond to it right.

Cuz I want to help help you see if you do have that are conducive conditions that are conducive to have the mice come inside your house. Would you not want that to happen? We want to self any entry entrances, but they do have your house. You want to see that we just don’t deal with those rights. He wants to deal with those i. Don’t want to deal with those. Do you want to deal with those nobody wants to eat with mice inside their house is not fun? So I went in a little while ago that had mice, and they had him that right they were all through the garage door, droppings everywhere the kitchen I’m, the mice were absolutely everywhere, but it wasn’t really wasn’t too surprising because you were not there to the garage door was clutter everywhere, but that wasn’t the big thing clutter is a big pay. Yes, putters big part of it, but in their situation, they were putting all their bags of trash right out there in the garage right as they had lots and lots and lots of trash right there by the garage. Until what happened. It says mice with chew into the bags and they would eat the garbage right. They would tear open the trash. There tear open the garbage and there would be garbage everywhere, there’s a mouse, droppings everywhere and just really wasn’t a good situation right, and so that was very intense. So one thing that would really help things if they help with cleaning up their environment right. So if you don’t know, if you’re not sure, if you need environmental health on that with with the mice, I feel free, just reach out to us just grab any of the Tulsa Pest Control flyers and that will have all of her information right. But, yes, we do handle mines, we handle wrath, we handle mosquitoes and fleas and ticks and and and we handle a lot of fleas and texting and roaches Jim brown cockroaches oriental cockroaches termites spiders are brown recluse spiders black widow spiders. We handle all sorts of different types of spiders. We take care of them. We also do flies in the house. Why don’t you take care of it? We also take care of bed bugs are bad. Nobody wants bed bugs girls 2 weed control on the yard. It’s right now we’re doing pre-emergent applications we’re doing a blanket treatment on the yards to make sure that we don’t have weeds a pop-up Rocephin treat for nutgrass in any other type of weeds as well I’m. So if you like or service, which we know you do and we know you need It-i just goes to google Tulsa Pest Control after you, google that give us a call, we’re having to come out there and get you taken care of and reaches a 918-376-0857. He also just online at platinum pest & lawn. Calm. Your first service is only $1 we’re going to leave the perfect lawn and your pesky


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