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Hello, podcasters. Thank you for joining again with us. Hopefully your join this groundhog day, yes, I did say. Groundhog day today is February 2nd and it is the day of the hog that lives in the ground. So apparently this groundhogs name is Phil, like Phil from modern family, so feel that’s his name right and I answer the. Why he wakes up is i. Guess there’s this, so we watched it this morning with my kids and so what happened? Is it going to have this big presentation got the guys out there, the top ass, looking pretty spiffy and then what happens if they say? Okay, now we got to wake up feeling comes out. Bike by your fans giving the chant got a chance to fill out of his lair of his a hairy that he was hiding or they re where you were sleeping or hibernating. So it came out just poor guy to find out winners in the last 6 weeks. Longer crazy, crazy, crazy so. Let’s, let’s hope things warm up soon. You’re going to survive, they sing that song we will survive at its finest. You got to give us a call, just go to your computer and search pest control Tulsa. We try to make it as simple as can be, and you just search and find us. That’s. How you can get a hold of us can get ahold of us. If you can just call us you reached at 918-376-0857, you also reach online at platinum pest & lawn. Com. Now it’s important to know that I’m. Our aim is to give you a perfect lawn in your past on your first service is only $1. Yes, that’s right. Your first, it was only $1 in hand, fountain drink from quick trip, if you’re that type of person and we might accept that we’ve been known to do if you trade these here and there I’m at my name-is Jared johnson of the hostess podcast-founder platinum pest & lawn, Tulsa Pest Control and so was really quite the best pest control service here in the Tulsa area, and so are really had the best service available. Pest control Tulsa has to see, and then we accomplish that base are google reviews have it. Now we have about a hundred fifteen google reviews on people are loving, it people are liking. What we have to offer and like 12 or week, we have for them, and so that’s what we are doing is we are providing this review or we’re not going to provide the service customers are, are providing those reviews. We’d love to have you join us on this review process is well, but if that happens, you’ve got to become a customer order to become a customer. You need to give us a call, so we can come out there and take care of your funniest one thing at the gate. Of course, we find it on the internet catch on or not, but it just might rumor has it just might look it up online or there’s a lot of fires that are going around town in the Tulsa area. These fire safe pest control, Tulsa on them, those the flyers. You want to keep you throw away all of their flyers. Tulsa Pest Control You come in contact with him whatsoever, so disregard any other flyers, except for that. The ones that had that you know will lead you to us, provide you with the best lawn that the perfect lawn in your past gone all right drivers are not drivers, hello, podcasters, alright, podcasters, hopefully, you’re enjoying life. You know life can that right now, during the wintertime, dormant y’all out of dormancy happened with the bermudagrass, the best you still kind of greenish out right now, but hopefully you are you’re making most of life just about everything and that that that’s great look no leaves on the trees everything’s bear on. We got brown everywhere, but you know me I really like this time of year, I think it’s beautiful and it’s prepped for springtime I hope that you’ve had your home’s treated I’m during the cooler months because what happened is those pistols go inside your home they’ll get back behind that insulation, though the hang out there until I think to start warming up, and so what you don’t think they have a lot of bugs in the wintertime. I, don’t think us controls needed, but on the flip side, I had actually been the most important during the coupwhat’s right is because, if not you’re going to deal with lot more issues, come springtime is important to have your home treated so next time you see the billboard. Is your proposal just pull over and all that information again does not hit somebody does not get an ax and be safe safety. First remember: safety 1st, always obey the traffic laws. Don’t want to be that guy out there on the road right. You know the one that I’m talking about the one that nobody likes. I was just pulled over in a jot down. Tulsa Pest Control billboard and you should be good to go. Then just keep going right and it’s so the bugs. Is there the past? Is there springtime? That’s what people see him? That’s because they’re hiding spots, they’re hungry they want to take care of the beast. If you don’t want bed bugs in the spring, what you got to do is you got to continue to have your home treated during the wintertime during the cooler? It doesn’t type of person, you are proactive about it, that’s fantastic! You are the right person, I’m just grabbing you, the pest control Tulsa flyers, and we can make that happen. Therefore, you don’t just take care of the piss like a german brown cockroach is an oriental cockroaches spiders and brown recluse spiders black widow, spiders orders hands covering wood bees, carpenter, bees, wood-boring insects, take care of all sorts of other bugs like scorpions and silverfish centipedes and millipedes.

Mosquitoes are a big one else. Worth of flying. Insects are swarming, termites, with wings ants with wings, flies house flies drain flies wasp, yellow, jacket bed bugs are huge bed bugs or bad. We take care of those to make. It happens there for yourasta weed control. The fertilization yard makes sure that they are popping up. We handle that we take care of that. We make that happen there, for you I’m. Not only that, but we all are well street, broadleaf, weeds in bed and Dallas grass and crabgrass in able to take care of it will do overseeding. Fescue lawns would be lawn aeration as well. It gives a shout I’m. All of our information, Tulsa Pest Control the 918-376-0571 and your Tulsa Pest Control


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