When it comes to your family’s health and structural soundness of your home platinum past and lawn is prepared to offer the first pest maintenance service for just one dollar you can get rid of all of the pests in and out of your home. With custom treatments specific to each project with experienced technicians on the job every time when it comes to Tulsa pest control no one competes with the affordable prices of platinum pest and lawn.

Established in 2011 and a proud number of the Oklahoma pest control Association, national pest management Association, and being an accredited BBB company helps show that platinum pest and lawn is dedicated to being the best pest control company around. With no contract, they’ll contact you instead of you requesting them for service with family-owned and locally operated values. Such as only hiring the best of the best that have above average standards compared to the industry and can prove high-quality customer service and work. That is a company dedicated to making your home better.

From the interior to the exterior of your home cover platinum pest and lawn is the number one Tulsa pest control company to be on the. job their attention to detail and highly trained technicians will ensure the best, safest treatment is effectively used on your job. Beginning at every crack and crevice and going above and beyond to ensure that the perimeter of your home and is running 10 to 15 feet is pest free. Want to continue seeing what platinum pest and lawn can accomplish, and use them for your lawn and weed care as well. With fertilization and insect control as well as aeration, seating and new lawn treatments to keep your lawn looking beautiful and picture-perfect all summer long.

Protect the structure of your home and keep your family safe from any disease-carrying bugs this summer like bedbugs, termites, and roaches. Platinum pest and lawn you’re guaranteed to have the job done the first time in its entirety or if they can come back and fix it you get a refund. That’s how confident platinum pest and lawn is in providing the best Tulsa pest control. Don’t get caught up fighting the bugs yourself all summer long, make it as easy as one and done and give platinum pest and lawn a call and let the pro’s handle the pests while you enjoy your summer, your family and the things you love.

Don’t procrastinate this summer and wish you would’ve called someone to get rid of that pest sooner, for just one dollar your first service from platinum pest and lawn is guaranteed to prove to you why they are the best person lawn care company around. So give them a call at 918.376.0857 or go to the website www.platinum-pestcontrol.com to get more information on the best pest and lawn care services in Tulsa for no contract and affordable prices. There’s no other custom treatment and highly trained professional technicians that will give you the customer service and results you would get from platinum pest and lawn.

With platinum pests and lawn you can get rid of all those irritating pests, such as ants, termites, rodents, or even roaches for just one dollar for your first service. No contracts necessary unlike other you sign up for a whole year’s worth of service. Platinum pest and lawn strive to make keeping your home pest free affordable and easy with custom treatments for every home with a professional technician to bring guaranteed work or they will try to fix it to 100% or you will get your money back. That’s how confident platinum pest and lawn is at being the Tulsa pest control go-to company.

At platinum pest and lawn you can get all of your custom lawn care needs to be done by the same company. Whether it be insect control, fertilization, lawn, and weed care, or aeration and seeding platinum pest and lawn get the job done with the highest quality work at the most affordable prices. To protect the structure of your home from any structure damaging insects like termites or even wood roaches, and protect your family from bedbugs, roaches and any other disease-carrying bugs that can harm you or your loved ones this summer by getting a hold of the number one Tulsa pest control company. Trust the number one Tulsa pest control company platinum for some lawn care for taking care of all of your insect and lawn needs.

Don’t hesitate to get rid of all those bugs call platinum pest and lawn and have them treat every inch of your property to an effective and safe insect pest treatment. Every crack and crevice will be treated and even an extended pest barrier will be added to for 10 to 15 feet of your property. This ensures pest stay away longer and you can enjoy your home more with fewer bugs to bother your summer days. A company is so dedicated to honesty and integrity that they have created the platinum rule which is to uphold honesty and integrity and believe in treating people with the utmost respect and treating people the way they want to be treated. There are no exceptions to platinum pest and lawn’s standards, even the hiring process of their employees is held above average. Only hiring the exceptional applicants that go above and beyond, while meeting industry requirements and agreeing to uphold the plot.

When it comes to pest control no one wants to get rid of those pests more than platinum pests and lawn. Your home should be enjoyable without any gross insects or lawn problems. So when it comes to bringing in the best in the industry you’re guaranteed to get the best work done from platinum pest and lawn and if not they will fix it or your money back and that’s a guarantee that no other company can hold themselves to. For you walk around like a madman trying to kill everybody in sight make it easy on yourself, contemplating pest control company platinum pest and lawn and get rid of those pesky bugs for just one dollar for your first service. Don’t forget to ask your experienced technician for a free quote today.

So when wondering who to call to help get rid of those bugs or when wondering who can help maintain your lawn this summer with no further than platinum pest and lawn care. For more information on your first service being one dollar check out www.platinum-pestcontrol.com or call a professional a 918.376.0857 and get started letting stress and bug-free.


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