Tulsa pest control | how do I get rid of pests in my house?

Summer is here and the bugs are out, surely noticed the flies and mosquitoes and probably the bees, but what if you noticed around your house defense roaches may be mice. Well it’s summertime in Oklahoma and the pests are out so how to get rid of pests in our house this summer, by calling platinum pest and lawn and having one of their expert technicians come out and show your home for all pests this summer and treat your house for just $1 for your first service. Don’t feel obligated to sign up for the contract because they don’t have a contract for you to sign up a hasslefree way to keep your home clean and clear of all unwanted pests from a family is family owned and locally operated since 2011 focused on providing the best Tulsa pest control around.

Platinum pest and lawn is hasslefree with customized treatments and affordable prices there should be no hesitation when calling their team of professional technicians. They focus on something bigger than being the best pest and lawn company, they focus on having honesty and integrity at the forefront of their company and believing in treating others the way others want to be treated, And that’s what they call the platinum rule. With above average standards redefining what it’s like to be a part of the past and lawn care community, platinum pest and lawn hires only those who are overly qualified and have exceptional values ensuring the best quality and best customer service for the best in Tulsa pest control.

Platinum pest and lawn has actual guarantees their work or they will come out and fix it and correct has been wronged or they will refund your money, that’s how confident they are quality of the work you receive from the best Tulsa pest control company around. You should protect your home and family for many pests such as bedbugs, termites, and roaches. Do so with platinum pest controls safest and most effective treatment which makes them a pest control expert. With the crack and crevice treatment and an extended pest barrier at Vegas 10 to 15 feet around your house your home and yard will be pest free so you can enjoy your family and the outdoors.

From interior to exterior and even big commercial jobs, to specific pest such as termite, roach, or even flea services. Platinum pest and lawn is going to put their best for forward and fighting off all of the obnoxious pests in your home. But don’t stop there, not only can you get your pests taking care of but your lawn and weed care can be done by platinum pest and lawn as well as any fertilization and insect control care that you need. Working on for the summer give platinum pest them on a call and talk to them about their aeration, seating and new lawn services.

So this summer when you’re scratching and itching because you’re being pestered by all those annoying bugs don’t hesitate to call platinum pest and lawn care at 918.376.0857 or check out www.platinum-pestcontrol.com to get your first service for only $1. And get a free quote on how much it would cost to continuously maintain your lawn and keep it free. There’s nothing worse than trying to hang out with your family in the yard and fleeing to go inside because you are chased off by all of those annoying tests.

Tulsa pest control | how do I get rid of mice?

At platinum pest and lawn has been family owned and locally operated for eight years, with a focus on bringing amazing service to all your past and lawn care needs as well as having a company based on honesty and integrity while believing in treating others the way they would want to be treated, and that’s what we call the platinum rule. With maintaining high standards for not just our work and customer service but the same standards for the hiring process are pest and lawn technicians. We will only hire those who show skills and qualities that are above and beyond just meeting the industry standard. With platinum pest and lawn they strive on being more than just Tulsa pest control, they want to be the best customer service, with best services and the most kind and respectful technicians in the pest and lawn care industry.

Platinum pest and lawn is so confident in their work that the first service is only $1, no other Tulsa pest control company is that confident in their services. With no contract keeping you obligated to paying for monthly services if you don’t want them anymore and a hasslefree team that only cares bringing you the best pest and lawn care and customer service you could ever imagine. Platinum pest and lawn goes above and beyond to get the job done and if they don’t they guarantee they will come back and fix it or refund you your money. Protect the structure of your home from termites another pass and even protect your family from bedbugs roaches and other disease carrying bugs start enjoying the summer in your home pest free.

Whether you need general interior and exterior pest services or you have a specific you need it gone like termites fleas or rodents; or maybe you have a big commercial property or need some lawn care and landscaping completed, then platinum pest and lawn is your one-stop shop to having a beautiful lawn and a pest free home no time no commitment you can get back to enjoying things you love most. Don’t believe us check out some of the customer testimonial videos online or try out one dollar first service and put our money where our mouth is and let us prove how we are the number one is a pest control company around.

Platinum pest and lawn is prepared to let you drive the best quality pest and lawn treatment for only one dollar for the first service, even get a free quote see what it would cost to keep maintenance of your lawn and pests at your house. Certified by the Oklahoma pest control Association the national pest management Association and the BBB platinum pest and lawn is able to take on any pests inside or outside of your. They’ll even have the most safe and most effective treatments for all pests big or small, with the crack and crevice treatment to get even the smallest areas where bugs can be found on top of giving an extra pest barrier around 10 to 15 feet of the property and that’s what makes platinum pest and lawn the best Tulsa pest control.

For just one dollar there should be nothing holding you back on the best pest and lawn care, platinum pest and lawn. Don’t wait any longer go online www.platinum-pestcontrol.com to find out more about the one dollar first service and all the other services they offer. Or call 918.376.0857 to speak to one of their professionals about the custom treatments and affordable prices of platinum pest and longer.


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