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Phone back podcasters, thank you for joining with this day. It is a great morning to be alive any day that you have that you’re alive is a great morning. Yeah, we’re going to have trials that come up a little hiccup app throughout the day, or maybe even big hiccups. You know in a day or month or year or lifetime right, those are going to happen, but when it comes down to it, it’s better than being dead right and so i. So our God is giving us his great Danes, giving us his life to live, and-and so it’s my prayer, that we were able to reach her potential that we were able to glorify him I’m all doing it, and so it’s beautiful morning, hopefully, you’re enjoying this morning, I’m a beer out in that god’s creation, maybe on the country right now, I’m, driving, I’m out near Pawhuska, mountain, god’s creation right now driving out towards this said. This area got some work around this area today. So that’s the beauty of podcasting can! You ask to be away from the office today. I wouldn’t have that the ability to get inside the studio I’ll have to do it to do a podcast, but I still want to bring you. Some information still wants to do some podcasting with you today. So that’s what we are doing and so happy that I’m happy that you’re joining with us and allowing us to do all this podcast is happening right now. That way, we can bring you the information that way we can. We can. We can help you help yourself right, and so, if you want to get ahold of us is fairly simple. All you have to do is just google Tulsa Pest Control by googling, Tulsa Pest Control had to get a hold of us and we’re able to help you out and do whatever you need us to do in order to help you stay bug-free and pest free and I can keep the lawn I’m. Looking good there in your house. We want to leave you with that with perfect lawn and your pets gone, Tulsa Pest Control but you got to give us a call to people. Just call us at 918-376057 thing. It also reaches online at platinum pest & lawn. Com, but either way would you want you to get ahold of us when we start up that the company years ago are going to rain, was really become the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, as we feel like we’re well on our way to accomplishing this goal. We haven’t accomplished it already, and I am so I want you to be a part of the revolution want to be a part of the movement. Nor do that you need to become our customer. Will you ask at it wasn’t? How does one become your customer wants fairly simple? All you have to do is is just call us right. Call us referred to as a friend or whether are you going to reset yourself, but you just got to reach out and that and give us a little jingle jingle right. So there are a few different ways to do that they just throw the computer or their internet or tablet or smartphone and. That search leaves of dust, pan. Which, which might have been how you found this right. You might have found this podcast by doing those exact same exact, same steps, I hope, so that way, we’ll actually really doesn’t matter how you found it just really. As long as you have found that switch, it sounds like you have found us so what’s happening right now, this time of year, it’s the cooler time of the year and soap working a lot of calls on roaches and working a lot of calls on mike’s, okay. Those two are very prevalent. Roaches in my right lot of people deal with those on this time of your mice, coming to the end of the house, because it’s nice and warm they want to stay warm back there, and so that’s what they do. They come in and then going to get warm, but I get back behind your walls, get back the insulation where it’s nice and nice and warm and they actually what they dog defecating and doing all that nastiness does not want to have happened. You just don’t want to be affiliated with all that right, that’s what they bring. So don’t let that happen to your house be proactive about it. Next time you see the billboard that says: Tulsa Pest Control pull over and die information cuz. That information will really lead you to us and me. Don’t make you happy will make us happy, will make everybody happy right. So do that number one? Okay! So my insulation, nice and warm-and let me sleep at 9-you might hear some scratching going on right on the sheet rocker on the scratch. Scratching steak and place will guess what that’s not a good sign right with that scratching what they’re doing their chewing their there they’re making their home might drive you, nuts, you might not be able to sleep because of the scratch and is taking place right. Don’t let that scratching pink please, don’t let that take precedence over your life right to not do that call us a professional for that. You have a professional come out, take a look, see what happened to eliminate that issue right, and so it’s important when you look for pest control fact, you probably want to look for the best Tulsa Pest Control has to offer that’s what I would do if I was in your situation. In order to do that, you can just call us and we will provide you with the best pest control that Tulsa does and the best pest control in Tulsa can offer, because we are closest premier pest control company in the greater Tulsa area and so give us a call, and that way we can.

We can do that and we can make it right for you right, but you got to give us a shout and then, and so give us a shout, let it all hang out we reached at 918-376-0857 and also reaches online at platinum pest & lawn. but, of course, Tulsa Pest Control to take care of thank you take care of spiders with brown. Recluse spiders are black widows, spiders wolf spiders. We had all sorts of different types of spiders. Do ants carpenter, ants, there’s no such thing as water ants. Unless they are carpenter, ant odorous, ants, wood, bees, carpenter, bees in your home, we can. We can we take care of those and get those out of your house make sure they all died where you’re super excited, cuz, they’re, all dead, they’re in your house, I’m, not insects from bed bugs are bad. You don’t want the bed bugs to a termite middle termites. Also, Tulsa Pest Control we had all sorts of other different types of things right and so I’m cockroaches, Oregon, cockroaches turn brown cockroaches don’t want to deal with cockroaches I’m sure you don’t want deal with cockroaches centipedes, millipedes, grubs and moles gophers. We handle it. Alright, I’m a search for cyst, google, pest, control Tulsa website will get it all taken care of for you, okay, so feel free to do that feel free to make that happen. Cuz they’ll be brilliant for you make that happen, okay, I’m in it also. What we want to do is want to do we control out there in your yard, so we want to make sure that we do Tulsa Pest Control pre-emergent applications at what your yard doesn’t deal with weed. So they don’t pop up summertime the wintertime and no battery type of the year do lawn fertilization as well. In fescue lawns be overseeding fescue. We all should dusty lawn aeration. So if you want this, give us a call just google search, pest, control Tulsa and give us a call at nine one. Eight 37605 17, also regions online and platinum, pest & lawn the perfect lawn, and your person


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