Call an exterminator like Tulsa pest control company Platinum Pest & Lawn. Where we specialize in pest-control termite inspection home inspection as well as the extermination of such spiders ants Beatles roaches and more. We proudly serve the Tulsa and surrounding areas such as Bixby broken arrow Catoosa Jenks Glenn Poole admin to Okmulgee Wausau Sand Springs upon the sky took in other surrounding areas. Cause or you can go online to feel the get your free quote as well as make sure to get a technician out to your home as soon as possible to take care of all that pest-control in this creepy critters. So if you’re looking for residential services such as bedbugs carpenter ants we control mosquito service stinging insects spiders termite control termite bait and monitoring or indoor in an exterior treatment cost now.

Tulsa pest control is just a simple phone call rapists especially if you have common pests in your area such as bedbugs rodents or roaches. We understand that you never really planned for these things so you and make sure that you’re trusting the best and we are the best here. So you have a horrible influx of ants then Platinum Pest & Lawn can come out quickly and make sure that they can infect your home as well as give you a free quote and then the label to gape their affair very thorough with their services as well as their month-to-month memberships with no contract that you can sign up for. Also at a usually will do more than one spray job to make sure that they’re getting all the lifecycles of the deep craters. So they don’t have to come back relating more eggs.

So every member of our team is highly certified and dealing with our EPA products and going to through the crawlspaces in addicts to make sure that they’re doing a thorough job in spring and getting rid of those unwanted pests. Also in their very cost cost-efficient and they can also offer you a free quote and they will provide you the solutions that are safe for your family and also pet safe as well. So this is comedy that comes highly recommended versus the other big corporate companies. Also the workers are very prompt courteous and knowledgeable and they will set traps for mice and they also do interior treatment that saved for you to be in the home during the treatment.

So calls for more information maybe we are not happy until you are happy. That is why we want to make sure that you as a customer 100% satisfied with everything that we do. Also if you if we need to be able to spray again we will coming spray with no charge for you. So is a 918-376-0857 of the also find us on social media for any other special offers or discounts. But right now our monthly’s are monthly special for all new customers is that you get your first service for only one dollar.

Also make sure that we can provide you I’m a month to month with no contract so that you can call us without having to worry about being stuck in a 12-month contract like the other guys. So for all residential and commercial pest control services or even home inspection call is nowhere at Platinum Pest & Lawn. You can dial the number 918-376-0857 or go to now for additional details and information-free quotes or to schedule your first service call for only one dollar.

Are You Looking Forward To Tulsa Pest Control?

If you’re having a problem in your home right now with ants centipedes cockroaches rodents silverfish termites earwigs or millipedes or anything else we have you covered here at Platinum Pest & Lawn because we are the premier Tulsa pest control company that people are choosing to help protect their homes in the present and in the future. So here at our company, we provide the peace of mind to be able to protect your home for me and kind of infestation. So we with us. Pests in your home are the creepy creepy crawlers do not stand chance. So the matter what season it is whether it’s winter summer fall we can come to your home all year long and keep this under control especially if you want to be able to have customized protection for you and not just be covered by the same umbrella that most customers are.

Here at Tulsa pest control company we deftly know our pests and we have the technology as well as the EPA product certified both for safer family kids as well as patents and we can also take tackle those infestations that you have whether they be termites to answer spiders or centipedes or even rodents. So we would make sure that were able to stop every single stage of the lifecycle as well stop any future invaders from invading your home. So call us at 918-376-0857 if you want to know more about how we target on each termite bedbug cockroach rodent are ants and centipedes.

So with our pest-control, we can do much more than just getting rid of the current nuisance. It’s about protecting the home for the future to make sure that we are using our point of service will have the technology and the methods available to make sure that we can customize your plan without charging you an arm and a leg to do so. That is why your first service call with us only be one dollar. We will do may expect your home from top to bottom inside and out addict crawlspaces and more. We are all about making sure that we can protect your home in the future as well.

Also to make sure that we can keep watch over your home so that means that we have to come back 30 days later to get rid of another lifecycle or prevent another bug’s life cycle from hatching we will do so. If you are currently dealing with air a unique situation of a pest problem we will make sure that we address it out based on your needs and not just the majority’s needs. Also if we had we want to go to identify the root of the problem rather than putting a Band-Aid on the solution on the problem. By making sure that we can provide you a solution and implemented in your home so they don’t have any future infestations.

Tulsa pest control is just what you need to bail the lake make your home safer for winter spring and fall. We have EPA products for the indoor and outdoor treatment and we want to make sure that with each visit that we do we will investigate protect as well as keep watch for any future infestations. So calls a 918-376-0857 ago to There you’ll be able to see our learn more about her monthly memberships that are month-to-month of no contract. Also if you are a first-time customer your first call your first service call with us will only be one dollar. Get it before it is gone.


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