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Welcome back podcast is welcome back to another podcast edition I’m. You can be doing anything that you’d want to be doing in the world right now. You can be walking the dog you be playing with a cat. I mean to be golfing. You could be skiing fishing to be on a boat. You be doing anything that you want to be doing, but right now you’re choosing to listen. This podcast, which tells us a lot about. You, tells us that you are always looking to educate yourself, always looking into a better yourself to better your knowledge when it comes to pest and when it comes to wood lawn treatments and landscaping in so you are at taking the next step and you are doing what is right to help help. Tulsa Exterminator Give you a perfect lawn in your past gone I am jared johnson I’m, your host of this podcast series, I’m, also co-founder platinum pest & lawn, with my beautiful amazing, superwoman, wife, Jennifer johnson, mother of our three children, I’m sure there will be more someday. As of now, we have 3 and they will be helping out with the business as well watch out child labor laws and we are pest control Tulsa. Some people just call it that, because we service the greater Tulsa area, we provide pest, solutions and turf solutions to those that that need them in the greater Tulsa area. And so you might ask yourself who needs pest control, who needs weed control in their yard? Will the answer is really everybody, because eventually, here in Oklahoma, everybody can get past. Tulsa Exterminator That is going to happen. That’s what’s going to come up into their yard, and so, unless their yard is treated unless they’re home street for pets, then they are going to deal with that they’re going to deal with weeds, and so really everybody needs our services and i. And so what we do is we not only service for weed such as a dandelion, weeds and crabgrass and and a pollyanna and all sorts of the different type of grasses? We fertilize the yard to make sure it looks really green I’m will treat for bed bugs retreat for mosquitoes who treat for termites, I’m roaches mice, rats, a spiders ants, you name it. We can make it happen for you, but we wouldi love to come out here and didn’t and get you taken care of, but but you need to give us a call in order to make that happen. I’m our goal is really to become the best pest control tulsa has to offer, and we feel that we are well on our way that the doing this, based on our google reviews, I’m in so if you go, if you go to google and then you look at the reviews, you’ll see that we have an average five star rating on google now, on the way that we’re going to google reviews is how we figure out and that’s how we get feedback as far as as far as how we’re doing that did to know how. Well, we, where we are on our way to accomplishing our goal on becoming that that type of company and so I googled how we, how we figure this out and do this google reviews is how we figure it out as well I’m in so. If you’d love to be your customer, we would love to have you as a customer I’m. Tulsa Exterminator Not most people actually find us if there’s a few different ways. People are found. This in fact, there’s a lot of different ways. People find us and they become our customer. Some people see her signage around towna lot of people referred by customers, which is really kind of biggest compliment that we can receive. If someone refers you over to us and that says, hey, you know what we are willing to put our reputation on the line and refer you out to friends and family and loved one, and only girls are big one eye, but really the way that most people find. This is actually go on the internet, but now you got to have skills in order to find it this way right and when I say skills, I’m not talking about none checking, skills and I talked about bo staff skills are sword, skills and computer skills and computer skills. You have to be able to turn on a tablet, a smartphone or computer, whatever it is and go to your favorite search engine weather, that’s bing or yahoo or google. That’s when the jordan people use is a use google and you got to go there and you got to find that search engine and what you have to do is you have to type in three words. Those three key words are pest control, tulsa typing those words and youall of her information. Tulsa Exterminator Come up and we’re confident search will lead you to us right and that’s the way the most people actually find us it is at is through google and by doing that, search I’m. A give me want to thank you for joining us on this podcast, and we understand that you are just an issue me. A lot of information thrown at you stayed with this podcast on the fax lot of fun fact:some facts that you may not think her fun. Some facts that you might think are disgusting. So we’re talking about bugs and that’s okay, but we do understand that you’re not going to remember everything that is that is said to you today and that’s okay. Also, i, don’t think the human brain is made. Remember everything I mean think about it. Can you call right now? Can you think about a lecture that you’re that your elementary school teacher taught in high school i? Can you look back and remember all the fun facts on those dancers probably know right, but that’s normal that that that’s normal.

So we can remember everything in contact withanything from this podcast. You want that to stick. Is our contact information so next time you’re driving down the road and in your driving on the highway? When you see that big billboard, the one that says, pest control tulsa, you want you to pull over and she’ll, be all the traffic laws, don’t be a jerk, don’t cut people off, make sure use your signal, be polite, be courteous but pull over make sure you have the car I’m parked plot your phone, your smartphone or tablet, whatever you have on you and then type in our information:okay, that’s some platinum pest & lawn and and that phone number is 918-376-0857, but type that in and save that I’m that way, cuz. Eventually, the time is going to come when you’re going to see a bug that you want. Right. Are you going to walk down to your see all the weeds in your yard? And you say you know what now is the time that I’m going to do something about it and by having her contact information right there in your phone? It makes it very simple:i had to give his contacts, that’s what we want to do. We want you to remember how to get in contact with usokay, and so today we are talking about bugs right. What bugs are we talking about, say we’re going to be talking about? There’s lots of different types of ants here in oklahoma area, but we only get calls on two different types of ants are the top answer. We get calls on him, the odor of science and going to be carpenter. Ants right. You don’t want either one of these ants carpenter ants. They see it now, a little bit, termite actually eat wood, carpenter, ants, hollow, dad and uses their structure, so both termites and carpenter ants are wood, destroying insects. However, you just don’t want any of them right, but we can help you out with that at hear some fun facts, and we talked about there’s a lot of different type of ants here now, there’s actually about 12,000, different ants, worldwide. Okay, think about that 12000 different species. That is so many ant I’m going again here, we probably get calls on two different type of answer: Tulsa Exterminator the most prevalent argument, carpenter, ants and order his hands either way you do not want any of those. So if you think that you had those answer do not want, the answer to take action is fairly simple, that information saved in your phone make sure you have all that contact information with you and available to you and get that taken care of, but we don’t just take care of carpenter, ants and termites termites termites with wings flying termites, carpenter, bees, wood bees, all different type of ants are yellow jackets. Hornets dirt-dobber I would take care of roaches german brown cockroach is oriental cockroaches I would take care of bed bugs. Yes, those nasty bed bugs we do hammer and we do take care of mice and rats fleas and ticks scorpion silverfish. We take care of my beetles ladybugs. What we want to do you want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone, but in order to make that happen got to give his calls the way that you going to call us the way that you can reach out to us, it’s just by googling, pest, control, tulsa. Okay, just do that you could all of her information, but we don’t just take care of pest. We do laundry as well, so I will dupree marsh application. Application will treat for crabgrass and dallisgrass in point of grass. Nutgrass I’m will handle it all, for you are ghosts. Leave you the perfect one and your pass,. Tulsa Exterminator Would you both bermuda and fescue lawn new lawn aeration, also lawn overseeding and and fertilization your yard as well? We do all sorts of turf services, give us a call, you can reach the 918-376-0857 or you can reach that platinum pest & lawn. Com. Remember when you give us call. Your first service is only $1


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