What podcast is a good morning to you good morning to me good morning to everyone? You can we listen to this podcast in Oklahoma city, you listen, this podcast in Tulsa, you listen to a podcast and texas or Kansas City, Missouri or even Alaska, maybe even Canada. Do they do have bugs in Canada some people don’t believe cuz, it’s so cold there. Those are some of the worst places come springtime with bugs Alaska’s one of them. You can get carried away by the mosquitoes there and so I can’t and especially people don’t realize that actually the areas that have a lot of snow that doesn’t really kill all bugs very well, because that’s no actually insulate to get down beneath that snow-covered and they say insulated, come springtime I ever every bug from sell some pretty darn, crazy and I’m so placing up north have bugs also as well as place down south as well, but really, if you or the Tulsa area, and if you have bugs really you put yourself to search for the best pest control Tulsa has now that search. We are confident he will lead you to platinum. Pest & lawn, that’s the name of our company, on the co-founder of a platinum pass along with my wife, Jennifer Johnson, mother of our children. Now you can always reach us at 918-376-0857. He also teaches online at platinum pest & lawn. Tulsa Exterminator but remember the old one. Just won’t leave you with the perfect lawn and your pest gone, and so we take care of all sorts different type of pass from spiders to ann’s, to wood bees, carpenter, bees, mosquitoes fleas, ticks moles, mice and rats gophers, but all sorts of other different flying insects like flies and wasps and yellowjackets and another type of box. Also, we can handle and get those taken care of for you and get those squared away. But you got to give us a call, and so you might ask yourself how do I get your information? I? Don’t have your information well, you might have seen her information before just passed. My any of the pest control, Tulsa billboards will have our information on there. So next time you do that. Just contact us right, cuz you’ll, have all that information to just contact us and it will come out there will get you squared away and get you to get you taken care of I’m. Well, so we control the yard as well. So what do pre-emergent applications and make sure we prevent weeds from coming up from germinating I will also do other types of an application as well. We’ll do broadleaf weed applications also treat for grassy, weeds and crabgrass in Dallas grass and towing in it. I’m. Looking for all sorts of different types of grass is there for you, bermudagrass, fescue grass overseed, as well as the fescue and in the Bermuda fertilizer as well, but really want to leave you at the perfect one in your past go. So that’s your goal. That’s our goal! Also, so I think we’re good fit, and so this podcast, what will help you when it comes to that, will help you get the information, will help you get that knowledge on the best way to do that best way to make that happen, but at the same time, you’re not going. Remember everything that we say you’re not going over everything that we go over today, I, just don’t think that’s right I’m! So we want you to do it. Is he wants you to contact us? You can reach us at 918-376-0857. You can also reach that platinum pest & lawn., comp or another way you can get ahold of our way that most of our customers find if they actually find us online. Tulsa Exterminator there’s this new thing called the internet, and-and so that’s what we do, you can just go and google pest control Tulsa. If you google that information, then what’s going to happen, is we’re going to come out there and we’re going to get everything taken care of for you. You won’t have to worry about any past. You won’t have to worry about bugs or anything along those lines. I meant to say we are talking about past this time of year here in February cut, a lot of calls are roaches and mice. Both of these issues. You are proactive instead of reactive. In the reason, why is because both of them-and they breed often okay? So if you don’t want that happening to you, if you don’t want a lot of mouse breeding a lot of spring happening on your property, you should do something about it. It should be proactive about it and the proctor way to do about it is, you know, get some information for a from a company. For instance, pest control, Tulsa flyers are good, are a good start, that’s a good start to be able to get our information to give us a call. We’re happy to deal with those who have to take care of this for you. So yesterday, I was on two mice jobs, one of them the place had a lot of clutter in it. Okay, please hit a lot of clutter. You know that their trash in the garage, the mice just 22 and we’re eating in the mice are making a hay day on I’m. They were just going everywhere right, then fire meant was bad there, and so the environment was conducive to having mice breed I’m in to hide that’s what was happening, that’s what they were doing. The mice were hiding and they were breathing and they were doing their thing that mice do and there are a lot of them, but we were able to go out there and lay down bates as we lay down bates before I even left.

You can hear the mice eating the bates and now I’m on the base and I am making it happen there on the base right, and so it’s what we have is a good treatment. It handles it and gets some things taken care of, but the same time you got to be proactive about you can let it get bad, but you gotta jump on it right away, so i. So do that jump on it right away? You know what you can. Tulsa Exterminator You can also add with us. You really want to find it’s up to you, but if it was me, I’d want to find the best Tulsa Exterminator has seen and-and we believe that we are that company. So that’s what will the john over to us? We don’t just take care of mice. We do take care. My sister, they’re bad, especially this time of year as cockroaches Jerome brown cockroaches, looks like mosquitoes carpenter. Ant is I’m, sorry, carpenter, bees, wood, bees fly house flies. We do all sorts of different types of bugs centipedes, silverfish, millipede, scorpions, moles and gophers fleas and ticks or bad. What do bed bugs? We also do termites. We make it all happen. Therefore, you don’t just stop there and platinum pass along. Tulsa Exterminator We want to leave you with the perfect lawn in your past khan, and so what we do is is we’re also going to go and we are going to take care of your lawn rights. Were new pre-emergent applications on your lawn I’m rocking treat for any weed that pops up I was supposed to do in the summertime this spring and summer. So that might be, it might be some typos in mib dallisgrass in by bee crabgrass. It might be a dandelions broadleaf weeds in bed before you feel so important to have your your your your lawn overseeding for fescue rights. We want to overseed your lawn for fescue. We also want to I want to make sure that we fertilize it as well. I want to leave you the perfect one in your past gone, but you got to search for us to make that happen to just google Tulsa Exterminator We are confident search. Will lead you to us real to provide the solutions there for you I’m, so do that I’m working out there we will get it taken care of for you. Do you reach the 918-376-0857 and also Wichita online at the platinum pass and loan.Com i. Remember your first service is just $1


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