Rise and shine good morning, good morning, good morning, America good morning, world good morning, Oceana good morning, everyone out there is those, listen to this podcast, thank you for joining with us. Today, we doing anything on a Saturday morning is February 3rd. It’s a little chilly around 30 degrees, but I’m heading outside, in fact, what’s so great about technologies I’m doing this podcast in the vehicle and my car on the way to spend some time outdoors outside, take a look at a few things here and so, and so, if I still wanted to bring you some information I wanted to bring a fast and hot and heavy for you, and so that’s what we’re doing still give me all the information you need in your love here in this podcast, and so hopefully you are enjoying your day, enjoy your Saturday and doing what you want to do with what you are. Please do, and maybe you personally have it out on the search for the best pest control Tulsa has ever seen, and maybe that search legend to us. Maybe that search led you to this podcast, but either way, we are happy that you’re listening to podcasts or maybe you’re in the transcribed version of this podcast found on our website either way. Thank you for taking the time. In order to do this, life is good. Hopefully, you have a great life as well, but we want to make sure your life stinks, bug-free, so fast, free and also a week for you as well, and that’s what we’re here to do that. That’s how we are going to help you out and so I’m co-founder platinum pass along my beautiful wife, Jennifer johnson. You can always reach us at 918-376-0857. He also teaches online at platinum pest & lawn. Com I’m in so why, and so what we’re doing today is is we’re going over all sorts of different types of pest and weed we’re going to be in this podcast as hard and heavy there for you. Maybe you can throw it in a few trivia questions for you as well, but I, but we are. We are Tulsa Exterminator premier pest control, company servicing the greater Tulsa area termite pest, solutions and turf solutions to those I’m in the area. So you might ask yourself well who needs pest control, who needs weed control? The answer is everyone, and so, if you were looking to become a customer of ours, if you like pest control weed control on what are different ways that you can get in contact with us or pest control Tulsa, billboard on the side of the road, if you didn’t, you give us call fantastic I’m at things that we do. Are we provide pest control for a different type of bugs, like moles and gophers? Also ants spiders, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish scorpions of flying insects like mosquitoes carpenter, bees i? Would bees fly eyes, yellow, jacket, wasp, hornet every week we really handle it all? Would you a lot of termite treatments? A lot of bed bug treatments while those mosquito treatments, we also make sure the lawns look good, and so we do herbicide application right now. We’re doing pre-emerge applications for broadleaf weeds in your yard, also lawn aeration and overseeding fescue lawns, or do both Bermuda and fescue, and so, if you would want any of those services, the best thing to do is to save her number in your phone and give us a call or you just looks up, or maybe you saw a pest control, Tulsa flyer. Those are around town right. There’s a lot of signs around town, baby, so low on those either way. Is that find it I’m at the time when you do need our services, which is all the time that we know it’s much better, be proactive and reactive. That’s true in life with just about everything to be proactive than to be reactive, okay, for instance, if you’re getting a hard freeze, it’s better to be a proactive picture of your pipes freezing! Maybe it’s letting them, maybe letting the water run or drip throughout the night, and so it cuz it’s better to be proactive about that than be reactive and have your pipes, freezing your pipes, bus other than having to go from there right. That is no fun. That is no good. You do not want that to happen, so you better be proactive than reactive, same thing when it comes to pest control much better to be proactive about it, so get a jump on it and protect your home before the bug started. Trying to move inside your home or I should be proactive about in the way that you’re going to do. That is if you’re going to give us a call in the way it’s going to find us, as you got, to go online to get on the internet, whether it’s on a tablet or smartphone or your computer, and maybe a desktop or laptop i. Just got everything to compute these days and goes go online, go to the internet and when you get there. I want you to google Tulsa Exterminator. That search will lead you straight to us, though they’ll leave just, where we are able to help you out with that. I can answer any question that you do have relating to the past and also relating to weeds, but this time of year, but anyway it’s better to be proactive. So get those applications done on your home, built those barriers around your home. Does that that the pests are too tempting to come inside they’re going to reset barrier and that barrier is going to his going to take care of them will kill him. We will get them all taken care of and all situated right as I said that that is what is going to happen and I’m. Tulsa Exterminator is always here for you.

So that’s what we do. That’s what we do I’m. So what we want to do for you today is. We want to go over other different types of pets that are happening right now. My sore big one. You want to be proactive about my since every active, meister, prolific breeders in so it’s best to have bein everything outside your property. Before you start moving on with that right, it’s better to be that thing, reactive, reactive! Are you wait till you have my try to eradicate? You got a call yesterday for someone trying to be reactivated. They had a lot of my sweet retreat made so many mice, I put the bait out there formed by the time I left I made a room out and they’re already much and on his writ really good stuff. They really liked it. So don’t let that happen to you be proactive about it. So any of the Tulsa Exterminator billboards rules have a lot of all of her information. We don’t just take care of mice and rats. I would do fleas and ticks, and we do gophers and moles I’m taking care of spiders brown, recluse spiders black widow, spiders, the venomous, spiders wolf spiders eat, ants, carpenter, ants, carpenter, bees, wood bees in all sorts of another different type of bugs. Also, we do silverfish yeah. We take care of scorpions and centipedes and millipedes I love. You don’t realize that those bugs are really bad all different times of the year, but bed bugs especially Tulsa Exterminator with people, and so we do bed bug applications. Bed bug treatments. What do termite treatments as well, however, subterranean termites will do I bait stations, bait station people? That I’m also dan space station to do liquid treatments, Tulsa Exterminator treatment on their own, your home, will take care of wealth. Do cockroaches the roaches. You want to make sure we take care of mosquitoes and fly’s eyes. Roll different services that we handled I’m wanna, make sure yard looks good too. So we’ll do pre-emergent applications. I’m will fertilize, your yard will oversee for fescue. Tulsa Exterminator lawn aeration I pretty much won’t leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone. Give us a call just search for us as a keyboard, genie and type in or Tulsa Exterminator after you that are formation, will come up I’m going to have to come out there and get you taken care of, but just do that and we’ll come out. There will get you all squared away. Remember when she’s planning to pass along your first service only $1. Tulsa Exterminator We want to leave you the perfect lawn and your past got Tulsa Exterminator which is amazing!


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