Low podcasters welcome back to another podcast. Thank you for joining on this beautiful February 3rd morning i. Currently, it is the temperatures having around 30 degrees a bit nippy, but that is Oklahoma. That’s typical! This time of year happening over here in the great state of Oklahoma. Now you might be listening in Oklahoma or Kansas, or maybe even Alaska or Canada. You might even be listening to Australia. If you are. Hopefully, you are enjoying this podcast there’s a lot of bugs. Tulsa Exterminator Are there in Australia and a lot of deadly bugs crazy, but definitely I definitely good play snakes man, it’s some freaky stuff over there, I’ve never been to Australia I’ve always wanted to go to Australia I, don’t know if I want to live in, Australia died, I, just don’t know what. Is it at first but I’m Jared I’m posted podcast series today, I’m also co-founder platinum pest & lawn pest control? That’s such a big part of our lives right. We treat for passing the greater Tulsa area. Also maybe moving Oklahoma city to some time, maybe open a branch out there, but we are. We are doing that. We’re making that happen where we’re getting all done all taken care of there for you as well, so so that, but we control also, but I found the company with my wife she’s been such a big part of the operation. You are coming to not be worth at today without her right without her brains that her kids, also in in in playing both roles as a business owner, working and also the role of mother 3 I’m young children. Tulsa Exterminator is just fantastic. Some people refer to her head superwoman I too, also refer to her as a superwoman back. They made a movie about her and they called it a superwoman, but I have not yet seen that movie. I should because it is all about my wife and I will eventually see it I’m on I’m, pretty sure I will, but, but that is who we r us online. Some people refer people over to us, but some people, actually they see, are billboards. There’s a lot of billboards around town as a Tulsa Exterminator on them. So people just pull over and jot down all that information and what they do is when they pull over their job was done that information, then they have all of our information to give it to give us a call and contact us. So we can. We handle things such as brown, recluse, spiders and black widow, spiders wolf, spiders I would do fleas and ticks in mice and rats. I’m just was on a mouse job. Yesterday is pretty nasty and in this, we handle those. Would you handle scorpions and silverfish bed bugs we take care of those termites subterranean termite we handle subterranean termites, want to make sure that those are taken care of and that your home is still standing? I will take care of mice and rats to take care of roaches cockroaches everywhere. Do it all we all still we control on the yards as well. We handle those for you and so it. So if you want any of those services I mean to listen, is the podcast for can give you a lot of tips on the thing is you’re. Just I can’t remember everything that we go over today and that’s okay, I, don’t think I think it is darn near impossible to remember everything that we go over and I’m. So what you need to do if you need to jot down how to get in contact with us and again any of those billboards any of the pest control Tulsa billboards will have all of our information on it. That’s a great way to get in contact with us to save those okay. So let’s talk about mice and rats, temperatures changing it’s, cold outside. They want to come in when it’s nice and warm. Let’s see you live next to feel right and that field gets cut, gets brush hog. Well, guess what that field was full of mice and guess where the mice go right after that, Phil gets cut right into your home. I’m very common happens all the time. What if you are in new development and they’re still building houses, and they start tearing up the lot right next to you, guess what do mice go? Yes, that’s right! They go right inside your home to go into your living quarters in your living space. We cannot have that happen right I’m. So if that’s happening to you it’s time to time to take action, just grab, you know any of the pest control flyers or any of the pest control. Tulsa flyers would actually be better I’m just grabbing. That and then tried an arms race. Call us what will work with you will get it all taken care of at that point so that the jobs I was on yesterday. So there are mice that will definitely come to your home. Even if your home is squeaky, clean imma get some shelter, especially in the wintertime, and they can. We find some food and some moisture there inside your home that that’s what happens right, that’s just nature. I knew were building our homes in their backyard and they say, men. It looks like nice, home, I, think I’d, say nice and warm inside that home and so from there they just move in and they kind of do their thing. But if you want an eviction on the light, that’s smart, and so you can start. Let’s say your home is: does have a liberal clutter. You start by cleaning up the clutter you can start by if you have pet food to dog food cat food, whatever it is mice love to eat that, and so what you got to do is you got to put those in storage, bins and storage containers and handle that right? So we can handle that we can do that there, for you, I, actually can’t put them in storage.

Tulsa Exterminator Containers, storage, bins, 40, but we can give you tips, but if you want those tips time to take action right, just google, Tulsa Exterminator and that will lead you to us tour company jar search and then and then just give us a shout soon as an email sent us a message will help you out. But of course, we take care of mice. We are talking about mice we handle those will take care of all sorts of other different types of bugs right. Spiders ants, those are common flies house flies, a drain flies wasp, yellow, jackets mosquitoes we wanted to get rid of those mosquitoes we can handle that we can get that taken care of for you on those mosquitoes I’m. Also, we take care of yellow jackets in the yard. He said that bed bugs are huge. You don’t want bed bugs in your yard or in your home or whatever we will handle bed bugs for you and get that all taken care of. Why do Tulsa Exterminator take care of the bed bugs when you termites subterranean termites with wings flying termites flying ants, carpenter, ants, odorous, ants, silverfish, centipedes millipedes, you name it. We can mandala armyworms bagworms, moles gophers. We handle it all, but you got to give us a call at fertilization. Services before long as you’re, both Bermuda and fescue I will do overseeding as well. Give us a reach. It was called, give a shout just google pest control Tulsa. You can also look us up at 918-814-1302 or platinum. Pest & lawn. Com will leave you at the perfect lawn and your passion first service. Only $1


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