If you find yourself recently infested by unwanted guests and you’re looking for a Tulsa bed bug exterminator that’s going to work with you to ensure that your house is completely rid of any unwanted pests then you should definitely check out Platinum Pest & Lawn. At Platinum Pest & Lawn we guarantee that we will be our competitors prices and delivered higher-quality standard of service. At Platinum Pest & Lawn our goal is to make you so happy as a customer that you leave a glowing review on our website at Platinum-PestControl.com just like many others have in the past. Our first treatment is only one dollar and we guarantee that you’ll be so satisfied with the professional attitude of our exterminators that you want us to come back and ensure that those past don’t return.

Platinum Pest & Lawn is one of the highest rated test services in town because we value the customer above all else. Other companies will sign you up for an expensive one-time treatment that will not prove to be effective in the long. At Platinum Pest & Lawn we created a method for you to be able to afford our services at a low price while at the same time maintain a standard that is unmatched in this industry. You will be blown away by how effective are treatments really are. All the chemicals we use for our treatments are completely safe for you and your family so you have nothing to worry about.

It’s a common myth that bedbugs are impossible to get rid of. People often resort to spending a ton of money on heating their house in hopes that it will get rid of the bedbugs and their eggs. However, oftentimes this treatment is an effective. So if you’re looking for a Tulsa bed bug exterminator that will work hard to ensure that every bug is located and exterminated then you need to reach out to Platinum Pest & Lawn. At Platinum Pest & Lawn we go the extra mile to ensure that each bug is properly exterminated as well as their eggs. Bedbugs are great at hiding in the fold your mattress or even in the cracks in your floorboards but our exterminators are more than capable of seeking out and destroying each bedbug. This means that you no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if something’s crawling on.

Platinum Pest & Lawn can also offer you more than just pest control as we also take care of your lawn. While many lawn companies only take care of the upper half we can also see to it that your lawn is free of any unwanted yard rodents. This includes rats, mice, gophers and moles. Act now and take advantage of 80% off your first we control treatment. Were also offering one month free baiting with trapping services for catching moles and gophers. With us you can free your yard of those unwanted humps and valleys once and for all.

So if you’re looking for a Tulsa bed bug exterminator is going to go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied with any services rendered then you need to go with Platinum Pest & Lawn. Visit us at Platinum-PestControl.com and check out the special offers we have going on right now as well as read a list of happy reviews left by her satisfied customers call us at 918-376-0857 and set up your treatment with us today. Remember, the first treatment is only one dollar!

Tulsa Bed Bug Exterminator | Bedbug Extermination Made Simple

Many believe that it’s impossible to find an inexpensive Tulsa bed bug exterminator, however Platinum Pest & Lawn is the exception. We guarantee that you’ll be absolutely satisfied with our services and our quality exterminators that are as professional as they are effective. All of our exterminators are trained to seek out the root cause for your pest infestation so that we can effectively get rid of any unwanted guests once and for all. Platinum Pest & Lawn is one of Tulsa’s highest rated pest control services and for good reason. Our quality simply can’t be matched.

If you’re having problems stinging insects whether inside or outside your home then Platinum Pest & Lawn can absolutely help you read your living space of possible threats. Spiders, scorpions, and wasps which can be painful things in life that can be irritating for days. If you want to protect your children from actively being stung or bitten by any pest give us a call at 918-376-0857 so we can alleviate those worries.

At Platinum Pest & Lawn were also more than just a Tulsa bed bug exterminator, they can help you take care of your lawn as well. And what will do differently than other companies is that will take care of your lawn above and below the ground. If you go to website at Platinum-PestControl.com you’ll find a list of special offers that might apply to your lawn needs. For instance right now you can take advantage of our one month free baiting and trapping service that will read your yard of all moles and gophers. This means you’ll no longer have the humps and valleys that are unpleasant to look at. We are also adding 80% off your first weed control treatment so you can be on your way to the healthiest lawn you’ve ever owned. Your neighbors will envy how green and lush your lawn will be year-round if you sign up for yearly treatments that will occur every six weeks ensure that your lawn remains healthy year-round.

Sometimes you should view our services as an investment. For instance, if you have a termite infestation the longer you go without correcting the issue, the more the repairs will cost home. Right now are often $200 off your first termite treatment. Fun fact, termites can cause more damage in US homes than tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires combined. So invest into the future of your home today and set up your first treatment with us for only one dollar. We guarantee that all of our exterminators will be able to locate the colony so that we can effectively read your home termites forever.

If you’re ready to find a Tulsa bed bug exterminator is going to work for you and ensure that your satisfied with our services then you need to go with Platinum Pest & Lawn. Is our website at Platinum-PestControl.com today to learn more about our specials as well as check out some of the glowing reviews left are happy customers. We aim to impress you so much that you are inclined to leave a such a positive review. Call today at 918-376-0857 to set up your first treatment for only one dollar.


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