If you’re in need of a top Tulsa pest control service, and you’re worried the cost, the give us a call at Platinum Pest & Lawn. When you call his company, wall it depends on the particulars of the situation, can always very. Our give an estimate of services until we’re able to assess the situation. However, we do offer some amazing incentives for first-time customers, and we also value affordable pricing. We stack up against the competition in every way price. We have become the greater Tulsa area’s top and highest and most reviewed pest-control company. You can see them that we have five-star have helped satisfied customers in our nine years of operation.

If you are thinking about hiring top Tulsa pest control service Platinum Pest & Lawn then fear not, especially if it’s your first time. We offer you most treatments for one dollar because they fall under what we consider general service for most pests which include spiders, ants, crickets, wasps, beetles, roly-poly, scorpions, and mice. In addition to the general service pest, you can also provide you a free mole baiting if you have an infestation in your lawn for the first month. Additionally if your problem is a rat problem we can also provide the first month of service with unlimited refills on rat bait. These are all enormous values, and one reason I we can help each you concern of current costs of a quality pest control service such as Platinum Pest & Lawn.

In addition to these incentives, we have become the top Tulsa pest control company because we don’t mess with contracts. We don’t lock our customers and our clients into long contracts that force them to pay for services that that they don’t want they don’t need. But we do offer are affordable, flexible plans that are available monthly, bimonthly and quarterly. This falls in line with our principle of affordable prices and customize treatment. Many people are often surprised on that we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products and services. We trust and stand by what we do and we have no problems offering this kind of guarantee.

The three main principles that we stand by and how we operate phone the three categories which is affordable prices: we believe that pest-control should be affordable by everyone because it can happen to anyone and an invitation can result in a dangerous and unsanitary environment. Two of the fact that we only hire professional technicians because in addition to being good at this service, we also make sure that they are clean, courteous and good customer service.The last is the customize treatment that we spoke of which ensures that you only get you need and everything that you don’t.

So when you decide that you want the top control service in the greater Tulsa area give the company a call at 918-376-0857. We can get you set up a services soon as possible and that one dollar first treatment. You can also go to our website at platinum-pestcontrol.com and find more information about our company in an extensive FAQ that are going to help answer some your more common questions. You can also reach out to us through our website if it’s after hours, to request more information or that one dollar first service treatment. Get touch with us today and see if we can help you get your pest problem under control.

Top Tulsa Pest Control | What Is The Advantage Of Using A Locally Owned Pest-control Business Over The Larger, Nationally Recognized Services?

If you’re looking for top Tulsa pest control talent, you’re trying to figure out which, you should go with for your pest-control needs, to consider hiring a small local business. When you go the big guys, not only are you not supporting your local economy, but you’re also paying higher rates for that brand name was go towards advertising and fancy paint jobs and so on and so forth. When you hire a local company like the highest and most rated company in the greater Tulsa area, Platinum Pest & Lawn, you get better service, greater attention to your needs, more rapid response time, and better prices.

So if you need pest-control then hire the top Tulsa pest control company, Platinum Pest & Lawn. They’re going to provide you with superior technical service as well as customer service. The big guys are generally going to cover themselves by making sure they hit a large to do list of several things that you don’t need and you don’t want. They’re going to go there entire they just have to deal with when you call somebody like Platinum Pest & Lawn. The only can Platinum Pest & Lawn give you better service, they can also be better incentives.

When you call Platinum Pest & Lawn, the top Tulsa pest control company and you receive service from us for the first time, see that treatment for just one dollar. If the treatment walls and what we consider general service include spiders, wasps, visuals, fines the one dollar first treatment. Also other circumstances but these are the most common. We can also offer you a one month unlimited refills on rat bait should that also be rat problem additionally you have a mole problem in your life, then we can offer you one month free of mole baiting. You’ll find these kinds of incidents with big guys.

Additionally you’ll see that we are able to operate off of small company values that guide our hand in everything. We value affordable prices, because we believe but it should be to afford pest-control because pest-control is essential to a safe and sanitary environment. The only professional technicians who values cleanliness, courteous is coming customer service just as much as being good at the services they provide. Because often just hire anybody to make sure they fill the vast number of jobs and they have to fill. And thirdly make sure that we offer customize treatment. Whereas as the company large checklist that we mentioned to make sure they cover number of things for the office, and with us the nature the only get what you need, and everything you don’t get the most affordable efficient and effective treatment.

You realize that a company like Platinum Pest & Lawn would be better for you than a nationally recognized brand, the give us a call at 918-376-0857, or reach out to us to our website as well at platinum-pestcontrol.com. While you’re on our website you can also find a cute needs are many of your most common questions about what we do in our service, and find out more details about our services and about the history of our company. Call us so that we can schedule that first one dollar treatment and we can help you achieve your goal of living in a pest free comfortable and sanitary environment.


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