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Pest Control Tulsa Flo Tulsa welcome back to another podcast. Thank you for joining us. Today. It is February 13th here in Oklahoma and Tulsa Oklahoma might be a different day depending on what part of the world you are listening from. So you want to welcome you, whether you’re in Australia or new, Zealand or Canada, or if you’re China, I, don’t know you have to English real estate us over there in china or me, or if your texts or no matter where you’re at we want to welcome you to the podcast we wanted. We are so thankful and grateful that you were joining us. Spend your time with us. We promise not to disappoint until I am Jared I’m your host, this podcast I’m also pest control Tulsa. Some people just call me that I’m in also I, am co-founder platinum pest & lawn, with my wife, Jennifer Johnson, mother of our kids of our three children, and then so there are three. There will probably be more. We have two boys and one girl, they sure, are fun and air Jordan be with valentine’s Day is tomorrow and to just go shout out the case. You have not got your spouse, something or girlfriend your significant other in case you have not got them anything time to jump on that right. You got 24 hours to make it happen, make it happen, make it happen right. So why? And so, what we’re doing today is a few years back are the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, and we feel that we have accomplished his goals to accomplish this task, and we want to continue on that. We want to continue on accomplish this task and composition. His goal now be summer google reviews now, whenever customers never got to treat their home, what we do is we ask him to leave an objective review and about all about our company is about the service that they received and dad, so you can find those on googles. That’s how we know what we need to do as far as an improvement is or what we need to do in order to prepare river service right and so feel free to check this out there on google and take a look sound. So if you’d like to be a part of this revolution, if you want to be a part of that our customers, we would love it. If you were a customer really would if you are a customer right number one next time you pass by a billboard in Tulsa on the billboards that say climb up the billboard in jump on the billboard that that would be. That would be wise to don’t literally do that, but we want you to jump on it, meaning that you pull over safely, that you use your blinkers, that your card installs drivers around you don’t be that guy does not courteous and be the courteous one right all around you do that. Do that! Do that and then what you going to do is going to pull over and you’re going to get that information and jot it down in your telephone, which would actually be very wise to do. We recommend saving an in your telephone right in your mechanism. I mean your smartphone smart those days or saving it inside your smartphone is highly Pest Control Tulsa recommended, and so what we want to do today, as you want to talk about all sorts, different type of all sorts of different passed right now, my sister come inside the home from getting a lot of calls on. My eyes are really red want to come inside, and so perhaps you, I don’t know. If you have it I, don’t know you, but I hope you have not seen mice inside your home I’m, going to see how to make a phone call it’s time to get it done either that or just let me text you just email me, your phone number or email it to em though platinum, pest & lawn. Com know what I will do is I will actually I, send a text you and that text will say: pest, control Tulsa and once we do that, then you’ll have all our information. That way you can get. Ahold of us will be super simple, a crazy civil process, okay, just a crazy, simple process to do highly recommend that you do that, okay to go ahead and do that for us, do it for yourself and that way, I know you can. We protect against those mice. I had some rest with the other day because they had, and they had mice in their attic question was how do the mice in the attic they said, I, don’t know how the decline, one, who don’t realize with my sore excellent climbers, so they are excellent climbers to do a very good job climbing on effect you can watch and I mean. Obviously we can’t climb up that we are able to do. We just aren’t that we aren’t built to do that. However mice and climb up a brick wall like you’re walking on the pavement on flat pavement, it’s incredible to watch him. Do that, so what they do, is the climb up that brick wall and they find access points in your home, whether it’s on the roof, underneath your siding or whatever the heck it is, they don’t come and go get in there right. So don’t let that happen to you, don’t be that guy to let that happen to them, okay, and so what you need to do. If you need to give us a call, you need to contact us and soak it. Just look at that far now, hopefully, by now you put that flyer I’m on your freezer. You know which layer I’m talking on the flyer that says pest, control Tulsa after you put that flyer on your freezer. Pest Control Tulsa

Pest Control Tulsa Now it’s time to look at that flyer and it’s time to get the telephone number that’s on the flyer and make it happen. Okay, we’ve got to get things taken care of, get it all done. We are happy to do that and we will do that, but that, but you got to give us a call, so we can make it happen, and so let’s say you or you come home from work. One day you realize: hey I got weeds all through my yard. It’s time to do something about it, or even if you come home, you say dang, my lawn looks good well, it’s still trying to have a professional come out there and get that taken care of, for you guys will come out there and we’ll do pre-emergent application extremely smart to do that. The pre-emergent application got to get those done I’m. Otherwise, you can get weeds out there in your yard. Do not want weeds out through your yard. I can tell you that much it’s! It’s not a good situation. Once you eat those weeds happened there they’re in the yard, so we also not only do free merch applications. We do broadleaf weeds like dandelions and henbit grassy weeds like not grass would take care of nutsedge and Dallas grass and crabgrass bowie. We fertilize the yardstick out anyway. We can do that, for you we’re also going to fertilize and we will do lawn aeration and overseeding fescue lawns as well, but you got to give us a call in order to make that happen. Every type of past right. You know whether their spiders are ants or bed bugs or termite or scorpions are silverfish and roaches wherever they are, we will get them done for you and we can handle that. Look us up just going to google pest control Tulsa, you have all are all of her information they’re wanting a pest control, Tulsa google that and then what you going to do it. You can give us a shout, we’ll, come right on out and help you out, I’ll be reached at 918-376-0857 and also reaches online at fighting and pest & lawn.,. Your first service is only $1 Pest Control Tulsa


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