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Pest Control Tulsa Hello, podcasters we are, or whoever you are I might be john jared, like me, I might be jennifer, like my wife or my being, and that just doesn’t start with the j myself with a k like karen or kyle, or anything along those lines. Your name is her with a k or c or d or z, doesn’t matter into this podcast today and that you are listening to this podcast, because what we’re doing today is it shows that you are wanting to better your education, better, your understanding when dealing with past with the old wheat, because you know and I know that those are weeds and pest or something everybody can deal with the oklahoma area. So it’s best to educate yourself and give you as much knowledge cancer. We are here to provide you with that information, and that is so. Some people even just call us pest control tulsathat, the amount that we have when dealing with wheat I’m out here in the tulsa area, but here in dallas or weather, is in the weather in alaska, with the only because bed bugs are the same here in oklahoma as they are in in australia as they are in contra as they are in the last cuz. They are quiet right, then they’re here and I know they’re going to be the same, but what you want is you just want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the right unless you want to do is deal with bed bugs kill, termites spiders do with bugs in your yardit’s a bunch of this to make that happen for you, but you got to give us a call right. You just search s if you just google pest, control tulsa. That search will lead you Pest Control Tulsa to our website and our website has all of our information on it. So do y’all all the knowledge, all the information that you need to know I’m in order to make your brain grow all the information we like it. We just podcast. Now we are going to go over some fun facts that may not be fun as well, we’re just going to go over it out there. Hopefully, some of the stick but I understand that you’re just knocking, remember everything that we talked about today, just like I’m, not going to member I’m everything that I mentioned today. That’s just the way it is right, i, don’t think our brains, arearmada program, to remember every little thing that pops in them right, some of us use more brains than others too much just might have bigger brains than others of the bottom line is that we can use our brains for good, but they say the shortest pencil is better Pest Control Tulsa han the longest memory. Your dad can go back and remember it’s okay to take notes to write it down and hurt you to get in contact with us. So earlier you might have got her mail her and we send out a flyer or mailer that said:pest control tulsa if he had that just put that on your wall around your fridge or whatever it is or better. Yet in your phone that way, you know how to get in contact with us, because, although you may not remember all the answers to all the questions, we ask her all the information we give out of work. Just one button on your phone. We can give you all that information. We have that information. We have that knowledge. We are happy to share that information. We are happy to share that knowledge with you i. Would you gotta know how to reach her that you’re going to do so? I’m with that? So if your list is like it is, and I mean really how it all has effect on your life when i, when dealing with the buzz when dealing with the past, because he does have a significant impact on your life with the past and so I didn’t have time to stay back to the office to do the podcast we took podcast over on the road, but if you do pass a vehicle that says pest, control tulsa asking me rv. Let me see you that that you’re listening to a podcast series in and that will make us the real will be excited and lated and everything will be going well if it, if that happens right so pissed. So let’s talk about weeds right now, so weather in brain is going to affect weed control, because when you get a lot of a lot of rain germinate and also we get some sunshine-the recipe for disaster when dealing with weed. So what, if you have not done the pre-emergent advocation, we strongly in highly encourage you to do a pre emerge application that really simple. All you do is give us a call. So any billboards that say pest control tulsa that will have all of our information on it and you just call the call the number that they’re on the billboard that’s an easy way to get in contact with us. We can help you with the pre-emergent applications, because what happens? If you don’t have these cream work? Application has a lot of sunshine. This next week, with all this rain makes in their weeds are going to be going like crazy. When I say crazy, I mean crazy. Look like all dormant bermuda grass start seeing green weeds popping through there, like nothing else, they’re going to be coming they’re going to come. Would you post more job? Applications will treat for broadleaf weed like in bed, dallisgrass, clover grass and weeds like like johnson grass, dallisgrass crabgrass sunglasses, big nutsedge, black widow, spiders I will do a ants carpenter, ants, carpenter, bees, odorous ants like wood bees as well. I will do bed bugs bed, there’s bed bug epidemic wall, smiley, do bed, bugs I will do roaches and silverfish centipedes and millipedes, and moles and gophers in mice and rats have fleas and ticks and mosquitoes will handle all.

Pest Control Tulsa But you need to reach out to us and you do that by searches online. If you just search for a pest control tulsa, that search will be gone, but yeah you must call first service. Only $1 at phone number is 918-814-1302. Once again is 918-814-1302. This is jared with platinum pest & lawn Pest Control Tulsa


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