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Pest Control Tulsa Call podcasters welcome back to another edition, so glad that you join with us tonight. We have promised you that we would give you a5 podcast this morning, 5 in the afternoon 5 in the evening, and I am here to say that we are over-delivering on that promise. We hook you up with 5 in the morning 5 in the afternoon 5 in the evening and then so far for tonight, this number 44 and on with the with 20 podcasts for the day. So hopefully this podcast, if you listen to goods in case you want to learn something about bugs or about weeds or I or something you just want to better your life. But if your knowledge, better your understanding, so that way, you can live life happy as you deem necessary right. So she can help accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. To my name is Jared I’m your host, this podcast muscle, co-founder platinum pest & lawn people, just call it pest control Tulsa, because we are toast premier pest control, company providing pest, solutions and turf solutions to those in the greater Tulsa area. So you might as well. The answer is everyone, and, if you put in Oklahoma for me. Time, you know that if you don’t Pest Control Tulsa do anything about not proactive I want to tell me pastor, proactive and controlling weeds. You were going to be reactive about the situation because you are going to deal with them. I pass targeting or you’re home you’re going to have them I. Don’t we talk about it? Come up in your yard. That’s just the way it is they’re going to join the german insert popping and, so everyone needs a pest & lawn treatments here in the state of Oklahoma. If not, you can get past me are going to get weed. So if you don’t want the fruit, that is the best pest control. Tulsa has right and we feel when we are confident that if you search for that category, you owe it to yourself that they are the best search for that work off at that circle lead you to us, platinum pest & lawn, and so you can either reach that platinum pest lawn.Com or you have his phone call at 918-376-0857. We do take care of past me before rights of spiders, ants general pest like that Pest Control Tulsa termites bed bugs a scorpion, silverfish moles go first, your mice rats. Please text mosquitoes bed bugs termites roaches. We really handle it all. Also, we control super-duper, mart, application and, broadleaf, weeds, a clover will do Dallas grass crabgrass nutgrass. Nobody likes right. I come up in the yard. We do control for those also. So if that’s what service said that you would like that you like to take control on your life, it’s time that you don’t wait any longer, but that you do contact us and give us a call now best way to get in contact with the black seal of people get in contact with this different ways. I’m number one, as we do have a lot of people work for us. We do have a lot of customers that have trusted us done such a great job with them with their home and their lawns. They’ve trusted us to refer to friends, family neighbors that they’re willing to put their name. The reputational I refer us over to them so that they are comfortable Pest Control Tulsa using some people use yahoo. There they’re more trouble with yahoo than being for more comfortable with google the people that search for section find the song google enjoy. The people are searching using google that’s. All you have to do is google pest control Tulsa at you, google that all of our information will come up and then had that circle did you test the contact us. We have to go out there and give me an assessment and your situation to side and development plan with you what’s going to best serve your needs and your families needs will customize that service for you and so today, what time we talked about, how weather affects both Pest Control Tulsa past and weeds, and that’s only appropriate today, as we had buckets and buckets and buckets of rain for non-us factor might have even been a dog or cat urine they’re falling out of the sky cuz. It was raining. Cats and dogs catch like that. Little one, raining: cats and dogs. What was happening I’m in so and so how does that affect? Pasquale affects all different ways of numbers. One pest likes to stay dry right now. Do you like being outside getting poured on and you like being outside in cold right I answer most likely not, and so did you pass. So what happened this as your lot of rain? You start getting the puddles up in the yard puddles here and there and then the best one stay dry, so they’re going to search for shelter that might be on me, some barbie glitter time between your home and they can enter into the weep holes, your home. It’s a big access area, your walls and I stay dry and warm. Now, if you don’t want that to happen to you, you should have had your home. Give not have to give us a call to search for us. You know the next time you’re driving down the interstate. You see a billboard that says pest control Tulsa, that’s the billboard. You want to pay attention to so pull over on the side of the road update. All traffic laws, don’t be a jerk I, don’t be that person that I cut everybody off use your blinker use your signal. Pullover safely and responsibly and I just put it in the park and not pull out your phone and start typing down that number. You know +918-883-760-8577 number to call that number. You can come in handy for you once you realize that you are dealing with the past and they are out of control and you don’t want to deal with them anymore right to save that number.

Pest Control Tulsa We can help me out and soap also, as far as I know, I mean that in fact available just put this, why I went out to hop in the car right around the shop got a lot of rain lot of puddles everywhere. I go hop, hop in the car and there’s a spider on the vehicle right head climbed up because he wanted to stay dry I, don’t think it wanted to catch a ride. I really, don’t think it wanted to catch that ride, but I think it just really wanted to stay dry through his doings was trying to get out the rain gets out of the way and I, and so what happens is it did it? Is it had done that and so what you want to do if you want to hold on to any flyer that says pest control Tulsa because any of those flyers will have good information sean there until giving you information about your possible weather patterns have expired. Now, thanks to answering everything else, and then I will hook you up a lot of other information to get a lot of calls on hands right after it rains that ain’t really drives through. That rain really drives the ants inside the home as it’s dry inside there. So I wake up be cool as far as it on the front you wake up one day and all of a sudden got a bunch of ants there on the inside, the house. Okay, no Bueno! You don’t want that happening, and so what you want to do? You want to jump on that and do a preventative treatment. Give us a call about it. Just, take care of spiders in the answer. Do termites in bed bugs and mice and rats I mean you name it we can handle it will pop them will also fertilize the yard as well make sure it’s clean and green good nice and thick help took out anyways, and if we can, the future daycare crabgrass in Dallas crass but, we’ll also over seat for best lawn aeration as well. I really want to do it. Are we want to give you a perfect one in your past, but search for us just google, pest control Tulsa back to that? That’s actually good for us. So we can give us a call at 918-376-0857 and also reaches at platinum pest lawn.Com, where your first service is $1 Pest Control Tulsa


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