Good afternoon podcasters, this is Jacqueline Bollinger at Platinum, pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma. It is a wonderful afternoon here in Collinsville on this nice November day. I am called Jackie as well here in the office. That is the name that all of my friends and family usually know me, as is Jackie. I am the marketing assistant here at platinum, and I also work with the founders and owners of platinum, pest & Lawn and they are Jennifer and Jared Johnson. I would like to thank you for calling her for coming and listening to me today to just talk more about who we are, what we do and how we do it here at platinum. And the way, I wanted to explain that we are Pest Control, Tulsa, that’s what we do. We make sure that we serve our customers for pest care and lawn care in the greater Tulsa area and we make sure that it is. You know exactly the way you wanted and that you are satisfied with your home and satisfied with your lawn care as soon as we’re done. We want to give you a nice sense of security whenever we service your home and whenever you leave that we are family, owned and family-run, and that is why we keep everyone’s family in mind.

Whenever we are coming out in service in your home. We want to treat it like it’s our own now today if you hear a little bit of Adele on the background, that’s because I am a playing Adele she’s, Pest Control Tulsa one of my favorite artists and I like to have a little music. Whenever I am, I just giving out my thoughts trying to do some concentrating and things of that nature and today, while I’m talking to you, we are going to discuss American cockroaches, not very common in Oklahoma, but they still are a pest that is known to be Around North America, now the American cockroach is the largest cockroach that you can actually find in the house and it’s about 2 in it’s an oval shape and it’s kind of like a brownish-orange color. It has very long and 10. I and you would definitely notice it if it were in your home.

It’S like one of those really creepy ones that you would see from the movies or Fear Factor if you’ve ever watched her Factor before, but that is the one, the one cockroach of nightmares and there are many different kinds, but today we’re going to discuss this one. Now, if you have ever thought what would happen if you walked into your home one day and saw one of these guys crawling over your counter or on your floor or over your food, just know that we can take care of that and whatever roach needs. You have they eat anything really they do they eat just about anything, including plants and other insects.

That’S part of the reason why they capture so much of the imagination, Pest Control Tulsa because you just kind of wonder where what else could it be eating? Aside from my garbage, they prefer living in warm and dark wet areas like sewers and basements. They often and her structures through drain pipes and pipes in general. So any area where you really have roaches. That’S always a huge problem, typical infestations for the German brown cockroaches found here. It always starts with an area for plumbing, like they always start off in the kitchen. Pest Control Tulsa The kitchen is where all of your food is it’s, where your sink is it’s where most of the plumbing is in your home and then they’ll move their way out or find a way to move out in that infestation to other areas of your home.

Pest Control Tulsa Like the bathroom or the mudroom or any other area with high Plumbing, because they’ve got around through plumbing and that’s a bit disturbing to think about, but also it should be noted that when you do have a highway in your house for those pests, it should be taking care of her needs to be taken care of now. The American cockroach does scatter around through Plumbing as well, and when you do have an infestation, that’s one of the first things you should be aware of. They can be found in homes they’re a lot more common in commercial buildings like restaurants, are grocery stores in hospitals, but because they are in grocery stores and restaurants. It is easy to accidentally take one of them with you or take one of their eggs with you and just track it through your house and accidentally bring them home with you and whatever their tracking through your home, and they do carry a lot of bacteria.

A lot of germs and they walk through contaminants all the time every day. So what you’re really looking at is a walking contaminant that can get into your food that can get into just general things that you touch every day and when, when you’re getting your home treated for roaches, it is important to know where they have been and just Going to clean out whatever you got, and maybe even do some more grocery shopping, go out and get some new cereals, some new fruits and vegetables, maybe more meat, and it doesn’t hurt to clear out your refrigerator as well.

If you are one of those people, I know if I had a roach infestation of any kind, Pest Control Tulsa I have had one once whenever I was younger and I did live in a house back. I would basically get rid of everything that was in the kitchen before and then just start off with something new after I had the problem was taken care of and when it comes to Pest Control in Tulsa. We want you to know that, if you’re having a problem with these types of creatures, then you can just look us up online, I’m with whatever tools you haven’t nearby and just Google or Bing.

Pest Control Tulsa You know Pest Control, Tulsa and our website, www. Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com should pop right up and you can give us a call at our number and that’s 918-376-0857 because the impact of these roaches can be pretty severe. They do shed their skin often and that they leave behind waste by-products, and we all know what that is, which can cause allergens and Trigger allergic reactions and even asthma. If you or a loved one to have asthma, then you know roaches can leave behind nasty nasty stuff that can cause those reactions and that you do not want that. Believe me. So again, you know hit us up Pest Control, Tulsa and we can take care of those American cockroaches German brown cockroaches Oriental roaches forever roach you have, we can take care of for you. We also take care of other nuisance pests such as termites or mosquitos. We can take care of rats or you know, crickets earwigs.

We can do flies and we have a whole day of a whole array of services available to you not just for new. Since past nuisance pass are incredibly difficult to get rid of such as bed bugs or fleas and ticks as well, but Dad for those particular tests, the roaches they are difficult to get rid of, but we will make it happen for you now, I’m again if you’re driving around and you think that you might have an issue – and you see one of our Flyers around town of our logo, Platinum, pest & Lawn, feel free to take a screenshot or write down a memo and give us a call at 918-376-0857 or again just take Down that information, Pest Control in Tulsa or just feel free to give us a call and schedule that first appointment and for your information when you do schedule with us that the first service is going to be $ 1 for you!

That can seem pretty insane to Some people, but no we are doing a $ 1 service special for our new customers and for that first service you want your first service with us three memorable. We wanted to stand out to you want to make that customer service. Wonderful, Pest Control Tulsa and if you have any questions, you know you’re free to give us a call, and thank you so much again for listening. I hope that these interesting tidbits on American roaches what was helpful. I hope that I was knowledgeable and have a wonderful, wonderful evening enjoy the nice cool weather that we’re finally getting in this afternoon, and I yeah happy holidays. Everybody. Thank you.


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