Welcome back Tulsa welcome back podcasters. We are just thrilled that you’re joining us again for another podcast to listen to a few of these podcasts before you know that we are no stranger to trivia. You know we love to have our listeners ask questions and that that that your listing in today that’s important. It shows that you do want to better your Pest Control situation. I’m you want to educate yourself with the different pass it around in the Tulsa area and how to prevent them from coming into your home and how to prevent them from being on your property, and so you’ve turned into the right podcast X.
That’S what we’re talking about on my name is Jared Johnson. I am the host of this podcast series, I’m also co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my beautiful lovely, amazing, wife and mother of our three children, Jennifer Johnson, and so we are Platinum, pest & Lawn and we are Pest Control Tulsa which is Tulsa’s Premier pest control company. In the Tulsa area, we service the greater Tulsa area, we don’t just take care of past or your name is the word lawn, and so we take care of turf right. So we will leave your lawn. Looking good weed, free and green rights will leave you with the Perfect Lawn and your past gone, but you have to choose us in the way that you can have to choose that says: you’re going to have to contact us. The way that you can contact us is by giving this phone call, you were just at 918-376-0857 or you can find us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn.com, alright, Tulsa, we’re glad that you were joining us today, alright, podcasters, happy that you are turning In as we mentioned before, we are no stranger to add to trivia and, so I’m we’re going to have some trivia questions. We can go over a lot of information today, but I’m just so you know not all of it is going to stick right when you get a lot of facts and some of it’s going to go in one ear and out the other. Some of that, you might think, is interesting, but you might forget the next day, so there’s anything that we can get to stick in your brain.
It would be best to be how to get it in contact with us and it’s really simple. All you have to do is know how to work, Google, and that Google search toolbar. What you want to type in is Pest Control Tulsa right. That’S all you had to type that in Pest Control Tulsa and Diane, and then press enter of course in there you’ll get all of her information, so you can just click on click. On a link, you can give us a call. You can ask any questions. That is past related or also weed control, Sony Lawns and the turf anything along those lines were happy, come out and resolve any issues that you might be having and also just had to get. You know making sure that your lawn is looking good. Make sure that your pastor went and in and out, and that you have a perfect lawn right. This can be our goal. That’S going to be our aim. We have an aim to please, and so today, we’re talking about ants, protect my aunt’s again. We’ve had a few podcasts on hands, but that’s okay because we are, you are learning a lot about ants today right, so we can give you all the information that we can so you’ve got some trivia. I’m such as how much weight can an ant lift will the answers 20 times its own body weight. So if you see an ant, let’s say a big size answer the size of a human being can walk around picking up ginormous objects. You probably don’t need to call us. You probably need to call some First Responders, but if you do want to call us just so, we can come and take a look at that. We’Re happy to do that. But the way that you’re going to do is next time you’re driving down the interstate. He sees that big, billboard, the one that says, Pest Control Tulsa just pull over this time, actually pull a pen and paper and just write it down or on your phone or iPad your electronic device, whatever it is just jotted down shut down. Our information give us a call, and let us know where it’s happening will come out we’ll take some pictures, maybe take some selfies with you and I will document it together right. We had talked about how ants don’t actually have ears, but they actually can feel vibrations through their feet, which is actually pretty remarkable, but yeah you’ll see ants walking around in a straight line write in a trail.
If that’s happening inside, your house – and you do not want that to happen inside your home – go ahead and Google Pest Control Tulsa. That will give you all of our information to call us. So we can come out and take a look. We will play the detectives right will do all the detective work that way you don’t have to do it that way, you don’t have to mess with it and so will come out and that’s what that and handle that. So that way you stay past free. In that way, you don’t have to deal with any chance. You don’t have to deal with mess with those Creepy Crawlers right, because you were going to take care of it for you, okayI’m sucks, that’s what you need and I need to know now off times will get calls from people who have answered me and said: They’Re home or they might seem to crawl along the outside their house. Sometimes your kids will spilled drinks right, I oftentimes kid’s drinks or sugary. You know there’s a lot of sugary drinks, a lot of sugar inside drinks, and so what will happen is what that, once that happens to answer will come out to send some Scout ant out. They’Ll come and find that sugary mess and I’ll start eating away. At it right now and before you know, it might start off of one-tenth hundred 200-amp subs. For you know what is definitely out of control.
So if that happens, you have a problem right that needs to be resolved, so just go and search Pest Control Tulsa there you’ll find our information call us up will come out and will eliminate the ants. We can go to a few different ways when doing it through Bates when doing it through sprays, but either way, all you need to know that will leave you with the Perfect Lawn in your past gone, but you got to give us a call in order for that. To happen now, we don’t just take care of ants right. We do odorous ants carpenter, ants Carpenter Bee Gees, spiders, black widow, spiders brown, recluse spiders, on wolf, spiders cellar, spider’s flies, gnats drain flies, scorpions, bedbugs, silverfish, termite, subterranean termites, swarming, Termites Termites, with wings ants with wings; fleas ticks mosquitoes. Does a bed bug cuz when you take care of bed bugs we do weed control switch pre-emergent applications in your yard? I would take care of broadleaf weeds to take your grassy weeds, like crabgrass Dallisgrass. We also fertilize your yard to get nice and thick to help took at the weeds. I mean we really make it happen, so I Platinum pest long, we’re going you were the Perfect Lawn and your pets go, but in order for that to happen for you and your situation, you’ve got to give us a call so where that you’re going to find her In our information is by going to Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa, just search that you have all of our information, will come out we’ll make it right for right, but just know that when you choose Platinum passed along, we are going to leave you with A Perfect Lawn and your past is gone and when you call us your first service is just $ 1. Yes, you heard that correctly. Your first service is just $ 1.


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