Hello, Tulsa, hello, Antarctica, hello, I’m, Australia, Australia, hello, Alaska, anyone that listens, this podcast we are so glad and thrilled excited and elated that you are joining with his podcast. It is almost Christmas time, let’s sing some Christmas carols jingle bells jingle all the way. Oh okay, you probably don’t want to sing or listen to me sing Christmas carols. When you can see him yourself think it sounds so much better, but either way we’re thankful that you are joining with us during this holiday season. Hopefully, you’re spreading good cheer and hopefully, you’re being kind of Christ. Like I’m the day, everybody around you remembers. Pest Control Tulsa Christ is the reason for the season, and so I so again we are happy you’re joining with us. I’m Jared Johnson, your Hostess podcast series, muscle co-founder Platinum, pest & Lawn with my beautiful wife, Jennifer Johnson mother, of our five children, just joking mother, of our three children as of now. But that’s who we are. Sometimes, people just call us Pest Control Tulsa, because when we started a business, pest controls are Bend, bread, and butter. That’S what we did. That’S who originated doing, I mean that’s. What we continue to do is we continue to take care of the pest control? In fact, we are family-owned and operated company, the greater Tulsa area over by Pest Solutions in and turf solutions to those who need them, I’m so if you’d, like or services or if you want or Services, you can give us a call 857 or can we Just online at Platinum, pest & Lawn.: that’s one way to get ahold of us. Another is anytime, you see our trucks around town, your grandson trucks, Toronto, downtown on the side of the truck, is just possible that the side of the truck might say Pest Control. It just may or may not I, but if you do, that is most definitely us.

So you what you need to do is you need to give us a call, I’m driving number to call us. We can come out there when you get your service, get you taken care of the different types of bugs like spiders ants wood bees do mosquitoes bed bugs termite, subterranean, termites carpenter, ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks mice, rats, You Name It. We can handle the Austin Turf services to a Google fertilize. Pest Control Tulsa Soil do pre-emerge applications or cheaper broadleaf weeds entry for Grassy weeds will just make it happen there for you and said that you’re not going to everything we say tonight and that that’s okay, why say tonight? You know right now at 7:40, but you might be listening to this at 7:40. In the a.m. that’s the awesome thing about technology is that you can listen to this whenever you want to as long as you don’t have internet connection or as long as you’ve downloaded it. But at but as long or as often as you want to you can listen to this at this podcast which is a super-duper awesome lot better and things used to be back in the day. So we are happy that we are in 2017, almost home, so we just went on a tangent, but we’re saying is he wants you to remember how to get in contact with us. I’m so there’s lots of signage around town, I’m around the Tulsa area and then the suburbs. So if you see any of those signs in the yard that says, Pest Control, Tulsa, I’m just to pull over, possibly just grab that sign from your neighbor. Just hang on your prayers.

That way, you have all of our information, get ahold of us sooner or later you’re going to run to somebody sooner or later the past is going to come out and they are going to make you not happy or they might scare you or they might Terrorizer Terrorizer you, but that is going to happen right. That is going to happen, but it’s important that you do know that and you do realize that that will eventually happen to you too. Pest Control Tulsa I’m so so so far is a spider’s go as far as general. Pasco, there are a lot of bugs right now, if you don’t realize it and you let things get cold. The bus goes on the inside, but I’ll try there are on the inside and the reason. Why is it because what happens? Tesco back behind the walls and getting insulation Works nice and warm when it’s nice and warm there in the insulation, they don’t want to leave. So they don’t have an issue that you don’t have a problem doing. That is Keen crucial’s that you never want to. Let that the barrier laps right, never let your protected barrier around your home lamps, because if you do that, if you left that Wide Open Door to come in there and I do their thing there at your house – which is not what you want to do so if you want to get that protective barrier around your home, just go to Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa, your confidence will lead you to us to our company and I give us a call we’re having to go out there and take a look at things, give you some pointers as well also another test that people get right now or going to be mice.

As it starts, cooling off the mice, don’t want to be outside, I mean: do you want to be outside most likely not, and neither does Mike’s right towards the end of the home. We’Re safe and warm of archetypes is someone near sumo’s or they brush hog a field a few times I’ll push. My Sure way also pushes him into your home. You want to do that as well, and so you can actually do preventive treatment to keep the mice from coming into your house, and that is a-okay to make sure that my stew not making it inside your home and so anytime, that you see any Billboards there are lots of billboards in the Tulsa area, there’s tons and tons and tons of them. In fact, I’m kind of wish. I was in the billboard business tons of billboards out there, and so why it? What happened at is anytime? You see any billboard that says: Pest Control, Tulsa pull over and shut down. All of that information. But true, like black widows, brown, recluse, spiders, wolf, spiders, jumping spiders, we do take care of those. We do ants, odorous, Pest Control Tulsa ants, carpenter, ants, a house and it’s black ants. Piss in some people calling by that most likely, they are odorous ants and we do take care of them. We also take care of fleas and ticks and mice and rats, as well as cockroaches German brown cockroach. We also that was a big John. I apologize if I was rude of me, that was rude. I already couldn’t see it. I will also take care of subterranean termites Termites Termites with wings. We take care of bed bugs are bad, please and take scorpion silverfish centipedes millipedes. We had a little, but if you want to do the perfect bun in your press con will fertilize. Pest Control Tulsa Your yard will also true for the Bermuda and Fescue lawn overseeding as well, and so will make it happen, for you will make sure everything is done right and in order and will be the perfect lawn and pest guy can just call 918-376-0857 or 3 online at Find the Fest la.com


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