Good morning podcasters this is Jacqueline Bollinger at Platinum, pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma. I am also called Jackie here in the office of platinum pest & Lawn I’m going to administer. I am the marketing assistant here and I work under the founders and owners of platinum, pest & Lawn Jared and Jennifer Johnson and we are Pest Control Tulsa. We service the greater Tulsa area and provide pest control and lawn care for our customers, and we want to be the best that Tulsa has to offer and. You know I want to say thank you this morning for tuning in and listening to me give more information on who we are, what we do and what we’re about here at Platte, if you feel so inclined at our office, the number is 918-376-0857 and our website is Www. Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com, if you seem to be having any trouble with any pests, please please feel free to give us a call or just Google us at Pest Control Tulsa if. You do hear Christmas music in the background. That is it because I am listening to it. I am a huge fan of Christmas music and I’m probably everyone’s least favorite person, Pest Control Tulsa because I will start listening to it as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I’m at one of those people that just enjoy all of the holiday stuff. Like the Macy’s day parade which I watch every year with my family – and I am currently listening to the elf soundtrack – I don’t know if anyone has ever taken the time to actually listen to the soundtrack from the film. But it is magical and it should be played it every Christmas party that you have, but I’m getting into the spirit and I’m getting into the holiday mood, and I hope that everyone else is too and. I one thing that you might be seeing this holiday season are crickets inside your home and it today I’m going to be talking about house crickets or about crickets in general and just give more information on them and, if you’re, having any problems with them or what We do as far as service goes to get rid of those for you now. Why doesn’t my dog likes to play with them whenever they come in and they’re just popping around and things like that, but down house crickets are known for by their name for trying to enter human homes to try to survive indefinitely.

They want to live as long as possible, so they will try and get into people’s houses. Some are yellowish-brown with three dark crossbands on the head, other crickets are black and I’m used to seeing the black ones around my apartment or my neighborhood, and I find it very interesting that they try to come inside and all of their food is outside. But whatever works for them, I guess now: crickets are usually Nocturnal on their very active at night and they usually hide in Darker warmer places during the day and they do feed on plants and dead or alive insects, including other crickets. So that is pretty insane to me indoors. Crickets can actually eat Fabric, and that is unsettling because you would think that a mop was in your home. Crickets are also very important for being sued for other creatures out there, and just so, everyone is aware they do you feed others. Are there creatures, such as Birds and other insects and other pests, but as far as house Cricket goes on being nocturnal, and things like that, Pest Control Tulsa is very important when they’re leaving holes in your clothing that you notice it right away. Some people mistake it for moths being in their home, but that is not the case at all. Sometimes they do tend to stay at ground level, I’m. So if you’re leaving clothing on the floor lot than that can be a problem, would you say, moisture in your home mowing your lawn and weed eating and doing lots of work around the yard by removing woodpiles can also prevent crickets from getting in your home and provide adequate ventilation and crawl space crawl spaces and for your basement and things like that, you know and if you do have outdoor lighting make it less attractive to bugs like crickets and Moss, and things like that. Usually, gerbils are less attractive, sodium vapor lamps. They can come in through tiny points of entry in your home, including a window and door frames. I know that a lot of them squeeze their way around, that I see tons of them around my door frame or at the bottom of it.

I’m at my apartment and where do warm weather typically Outdoors, they are really they really like garbage dumps during the summer and they’re usually found around those areas. Play is more attracted to electric lights and ditto babe. They tend to be around those types of light poles or whenever you have the really bright LED bulbs. That’S a huge problem on the outside. They do only feed typically on the surface, leaving areas Ruffin., You know when you pull the fibers loose on some of your blankets or your Fabrics or your clothes. That can be a bit of a problem. I wouldn’t want my clothes, looking shabby on a regular basis. I mean I try and get rid of a lot of stuff, but I like keeping a lot of stuff as well, and I have something in dated my closet. Pest Control Tulsa It would definitely put a damper on my week and they’re especially attracted to moist food and soiled clothing or sweaty clothing or damp clothing, which is very odd. I mean I would think that they would be more attracted to plants, but if you don’t have plans available, I suppose clothing is the next best thing. Now when it comes to crickets, they are classified as a general pest and not a nuisance pest. But if you have enough of them, then that can become a nuisance. Pest Control Tulsa So if you are having trouble with crickets and you need more information on them, I’m just typing in Pest Control Tulsa and we should pop right up and you can go on our website. Www. Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com and find our contact information give us a call, get more information on those crickets. We do remove a house crickets grasshoppers as well, if you’re having trouble with Grasshoppers and no it’s not a big deal to do some prep work beforehand, I’m doing some vacuuming. We do get rid of Carolina locusts. We do get rid of camel crickets as well and field crickets, if you’re having trouble with those and we also get rid of Lofts or Hornets or roaches, if you’re having trouble with roaches and we also get rid of the stink, bugs, and beetles.

If you are having trouble with those, so anything that is coming into your home through small cracks or is very much low-to-the-ground like crickets are, we can definitely take care of that for you and we want to be. You know the first thing that pops up when you’re searching for Pest Control in Tulsa, you know again feel free to contact us and then when you do contact us, Pest Control Tulsa we can give you more information that you booked for that appointment and when you do book with Us your first service for that general pest service is going to be $ 1 and that can be surprising for some people, but we really are doing that for $ 1 here in our office. We want to make sure that when you are calling in – and you have a concern that your first service is not only a memorable service but that we have solved the issue for you immediately and that you feel secure your home feels cleaner feels like there are a Less little things in it and we want to make sure that you are you’re enjoying your time with your family and not worrying about these tests. So please that’s a no-brainer for the first dollar for service for $ 1. Please feel free to give us a call. I’m or just give us a quick search on whatever search engine you prefer and again listeners. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast with me today. I do appreciate it very much and have a wonderful evening and happy holidays.


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