Welcome back podcasters welcome back Tulsa walking back everybody Welcome Back Oklahomans to another podcast dishes with me. I am your host Jared Johnson. I am a co-founder Platinum pest along with my beautiful wife, Jennifer Johnson mother of our three lovely children. I’m sure there will be more in the future and Dad and India pounder, I’m of the company, with myself she’s been involved with business ever since that the day that we started there’s no way, I could have done it without her. We are equal partners in this endeavor, but who are we? Well? We are Platinum, pest & Lawn. We are a pest control Tulsa. We are the company that is going to take care of your pest & Lawn needs and we’re going to do it at a good price at affordable price on one that will not break the break break break the bank, Pest Control Tulsa but one that will solve all your pest & Lawn needs affordable price is that’s who we are, we are family-owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area. Our phone number is 918-376-0857. You can also reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn okay. So that’s who we are we’re taking care of all sorts of pest & Lawncare of the greater Tulsa area. Today I was going to talk about ants now, if you are a regular podcast, you know that we speak a lot about different bugs. We give different tips to kind of help, prevent you from getting bugs, I’m also what to do. If you do have bugs you do have some unwanted past, I’m there in your home or around your property. He knows we are no stranger to trivia.
We ask all sorts of trivia questions, I’m vast
how long can a roach live without ahead? How long can an ant hold its breath? How long can a rat swim before it drowns answer? Was a three-day show high? Can a flea jump and so forth and then there are so many different trivia questions? Okay, but one of the trivia questions that we’re going to ask day is how much weight can an ant lift right. So, let’s just say for Simplicity purposes, let’s say an ant weighed 100 lb. So let’s say your let’s said your third grader is Aunt right and it weighs 100 pounds how much weight it. Could I ain’t left? Well, the answer is 20 times its own body weight, so it if, if an ant, was a hundred pounds, that means I am able to lift 2000 pounds that they have been created.
But here’s the thing is, you don’t have to worry about these massive and sees and pumped up on steroids reading a little tiny ant. The thing is: if you do see any little ants best thing for you to do is to Google Pest Control Tulsa there. You will see our website just click on the link, you’ll have Olivier information there that you can call and contact us when you come out there and get the Illuminator Aunt needs and eliminate any past needs it that you might have. So I should hear all sorts of information a lot of fun. Facts, maybe sometimes scary. Facts are some facts. You don’t know what you don’t want to know, but the point is, are the purposes or what we want to have stuck with you after this podcast is just to know, I’m how to find us on the web and because, if you give us a call, Then we’ll be able to answer any a pest control means that you have any questions that you might have a little just make life a whole lot easier for you, okay, so today again we’re talking to her aunt’s right in and how they can lift about 20 times their own body weight. So what that means is that, if, if an ant were second-grader, let’s say a second-grader was an aunt or let’s say a second grader was as strong as an aunt. That means they be able to pick up a car, and if that was the case it sure would make parking a whole lot easier. All you have to do is just drive near up. A pair of these be parallel. Parked have second grader get to get out pick up. The car-like forklift drop in the spot. That needs to be right to answer magnificent insects and they can.
They can really lift some sense, some heavyweight, but you know if you are dealing with aunt’s right. You might see him carrying off some bread crumbs or some ice mother food source, but if you do see that happening next time, you’re driving down the interstate – and you see that billboard – you know you know which one I’m talking about the one that says: Pest Control, Tulsa, just pull over John down all the information you give us a call. because that’s going to be our billboard. I will come out and let me do a tissue for you that way. You don’t have to deal with him. That way, you don’t have to mess with them at all right leave that up to the professionals and that’s what we do and that’s what we do well. Okay, Pest Control Tulsa now I know when it comes to ants, oftentimes people. You know we get calls on sand and people are wondering why they dance on the house is clean. It’S Immaculate no signs of any food leftover more. She left over anything like that. However. They’Re there still semen ants are on the inside. What did the truth? Is Anthony little finicky right if you get too much rain on the outside or Push Hands on the inside I’m trying to get away from the water.
The moisture on the outside, however, is to drive-thru and conditions. Also, I’m often times that they’ll come inside, searching for moisture and said, there’s a lot of different reasons. Why ants will come on the inside but yeah if you’re dealing with ants or if you just do not want to deal with ants and dine? You want to figure out how to prevent them from coming into your home or if you found them inside the home. Just go ahead and Google Pest Control, Tulsa click on our link will come out and what will be the detectives will come out there in search will come out and figure out where they’re coming inside drywall will figure that out for you that way, you don’t have to all that, you’re worried about is that you don’t see any ants that are. Why we’re going to be working with the detectives that come in and make that happen for you to make sure that you do not do what those answers you just do not have to see him that you just do not have to mess with them right to Leave that at the set, that’s our job will come in there and in Panda and find out that the situation right or let’s say you have a friend that’s dealing with ants that could be odorous ants. It could be carpenter ants, it could be any other type of ant just going to give them. Our number tells them to look up Pest Control, Tulsa and then, and then now I have all of our information on there. I’m they can contact us will come right out and get it taken. Pest Control Tulsa Care will solve. The issue will solve the problem that way they don’t have to mess with it. That way, you don’t have to mess with it as well. So that’s what we’re here for work we’re here to eliminate any of those issues in your chances are that when they Google Pest Control, Tulsa CCR websites in the first time, they’ve heard of us, I mean all they had to do look at our near billboard. Is the drive down the road and just contact us that way? But you know that billboard is going to say Pest Control Tulsa, but I just have them, give us a call, but we don’t just take care of ants. We take care of the spiders’ brown recluse spiders will spider and take care of ants odorous ants carpenter, carpenter ants. What do you drain flies? Does Housefly? We do moths, fleas, ticks termites black widow, spiders brown, recluse, spiders, scorpions silverfish. We take care of mosquitoes termites, subterranean termites flying termites, swarming termites. We do weed control Wheaton fertilization on the yard as well. I’m in so we do pretty much applications. Would you bring leave applications, I’m with you Fescue overseeding? I would do the Bermuda lawn, so there’s a whole host of services that we do provide so going to give us a call. You can reach us at 900-8800. For I’m sorry, 918-376-0857 visit us online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn. Comp for your first service is just $ 1


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