All right welcome back podcasters Welcome back to another edition. I am a Jerry Johnson founder of platinum fest along with my wife Jennifer Johnson mother of our three beautiful amazing kids.
And so that’s who we are. We are the premier pest control Tulsa. We take care of all sorts of different past and 3yr Tulsa’s premier pest control company here in the Tulsa area and we’ll leave you with the perfect line in your past gone. And so that’s what we do. That’s what we’re doing. You know we take care of a variety of different paths. Pest Control Tulsa
Currently, we’re talking about bedbugs we’ve been talking about bedbugs for a while because I don’t think there’s any other bug that that really messes with people’s minds as bedbugs do.
There’s nothing like thinking when you go to sleep when you’re most vulnerable that there’s something lurking in your bed that’s just simply going to eat you alive. Right. And second your blood like a little vampire. So there’s nothing like believing that you’re sleeping on a bunch of little vampires and they’re just waiting to come commands like your blood. Right. And so it really messes with people’s minds. So we are talking about bedbugs.
We obviously take care of bedbugs right. We also take care of fleas and ticks. You know we take care of scorpions. You take your silverfish we take care of all sorts of different types of bugs. Got to take care of mice and rats. We’re going to take care of roaches going to hear German Brown cockroaches going to cure American roaches. Pest Control Tulsa
So Oriental cockroaches we’re going to take care of termites and so several training will termites flying termites swarming termites you name it we’re going to take care of the winter when he deals with the termite’s termites situation so. So that’s what’s happening.
And so that’s what we’re going to do. So again we are platinum pest lawn we are a family-owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area. You can always reach us that platinum pest in London com or you can reach us and you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 8.
Welcome back. Today we’re talking about bedbugs. We did some fun little trivia about bedbugs and about some other bugs recently. Some of that trivia included how. I’m sorry. How many eggs can a female bedbug play in her lifetime? Well, the answer is 500.
So a female bedbug can have 500 babies.
And of course, those 500 babies can have babies and those 500 babies can have babies and so forth and so you see you know a bedbug infestation get serious and get out of hand in a matter of no time. Right. And so you do not want to have that happen to you speaking from experience of going into homes where that has been a crazy scenario or a crazy situation. You don’t want that to happen so if even suspected the first sign that you might have them. Go ahead and look up pest control Tulsa. You’re going to find us there. We’re going to come out. We will take care of the situation we’ll look see what you’re dealing with the right.
We’re also playing detectors. Want to find out where that came from where you’ve been or where. If anybody else has come over different ways that they might have been transported into your home. So we’re going to do that as well.
And so we will get that taken care of and just for the wait when it comes to that. OK. And so that’s what we are going to do now. Now we’ve talked about bedbugs how they actually have to have a blood mail. So they actually had to feed before they can mate.
Isn’t that weird that the feed before they can make. But that’s just the way it is. And so so if you’re sleeping in a bed.
You get bedbugs you’re feeding on you. Well, guess what they can go, mate. And and and get a little action going and it’s going to be more bedbugs.
That’s just the way it is. And so you do not want that to happen to you. So if you know a friend that is dealing with this or maybe if you’re dealing with them as well.
Just don’t mess with any more professionals. Next time you drive by that billboard that says pest control so just down the number give us a call we’ll come out there. All right Kate the situation for you. Make sure you do not have to deal with those bedbugs anymore. OK. So we’ve talked about ways that bedbugs are spread into the home you know that you can pick up furniture pick up stuffed animals pick up clothing used furniture people give people stuff that don’t have bed bugs they give all sorts of things and that’s how bedbugs can spread throughout your home. Going on airplanes airport theaters doctors offices hospitals they all can bring bedbugs in fact I have a buddy who actually gave me a call last week he said there that they got a note from the school that there was a bed bug found on one of the kid’s backpacks. Well, guess what. You can get bedbugs by going to school your kids can go there.  Pest Control Tulsa. They can not know to pick up bed bugs and bring them back home to you. So if you just want to make sure you stay bedbug free lookup pest control Tulsa.
Let us know we’ll come out and we’ll give you helpful tips to help keep you from dealing with bedbugs So anyways if one person has to go to a public place a school or a hospital or a movie theater they climb off them and let’s say in the movie theater see the movie theaters see.
Well, guess what Inconel the next person so they’ve spread the spread. Lots of different ways but that is one way that they are spread. Now that blogs are hearty OK I’m an ever seen we’re trying to kill them but they are hardy they’re harvested to kill. They can be. And so if you are trying to do that yourself if you have bedbugs you’re trying to take care of the bedbug situation yourself. There’s going to be extremely difficult to Reggie in hard to get rid of. And so we recommend using a professional company. So Or if you know someone that has them give them a gifted man and then get freebie information that gets to tell them to use how to tell them to teach them how to use google on the computer and into Google. You want to type pest control tools and press enters and there. Yes.
We will come up on the screen one please click on us we’ll come out and we will eradicate the situation so you don’t worry about spreading in your life in your sleep.
OK. And so and so like we said they are hardy. They can linger. Furniture bags suitcases they can be all sorts of areas and then be there for a long time. OK. Until another human house again. So what that means is that a bedbug is on a movie or the see that he doesn’t get sent on for months.
Well, guess what. The papers can still live without even feeding for months.
And so they don’t party hardy creatures they are hardy buds. Pest Control Tulsa
And so it’s the best thing to do is if you think you have only seen a suitcase COLASANTI go on Google pest control wholesale concept will come out there and take care of it for you. We’ve had that happen before people called and said look I need to check my suitcase.
I want to make sure I bring me back. We’re happy to do it right. And so they’re so hardy they can survive temperatures just above freezing. Right.
And also all the way to 120 degrees. So you hear people doing heat treatments on homes to kill bed bugs. That has some pros and cons to it.
You can if you can get that which you can you can get the temperature up above 120 degrees. But what happens once you do that daybook start moving into insulated areas so deeper into cracks and mattresses and that type of thing where they can be where they can that they can withstand the heat.
All right. And so because they’re so hardy they’re not typically a pest to be treated by yourself right you need a professional to get that taken care of the most effective way in order to eliminate them and most effective way to take care of them that way.
You’re just constantly not dealing with the problem.
OK. And so the best thing to do is next time you’re driving down the road and you see that billboard that says pest control Tulsa just jot down the number. Call us right. We’ll come out take care of the bedbugs for you.
We don’t just take care of bedbugs but it is just one of the services that we render we do fleas we do ticks. We do mice with your rats. We do brown recluse spiders there’s a lot of Brown who’s infestations in the Tulsa area. We do black widows. You know we take care of mice and rats moths. All right. Take care of Mosse we take care of flies we take care houseflies we take care of Natsu take care of drain flies. We take care of scorpions.
We take care of spiders ants.
We take care of termites.
We take care of roaches we take care of moles take care of grubs you name it and it’s something that we treat and we take care of it. Remember a platinum pest along we’re going to leave you with a perfect lawn and your past gone.
And we do pre-emergent applications we do broadly control we do grass we control like Dallas grass crabgrass. We do every action. All right we do Liquidnet racial fescue Monsoor do Bermuda lawn we fertilize as well.
So we have a whole array of different services that we do provide. Right. But I remember platinum long will leave you at the perfect one and you’ve passed on. And your first service is just one dollar. Yes, that is correct. First service just one dollar you reach platinum Peston London comprehend give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5


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