Good afternoon podcasters this is Jacqueline B winter, also known as Jackie, Buell and you’re here at the Platinum pest & Lawn Care office in Collinsville Oklahoma. I am so happy to be here with you today, making this podcast and just giving you more information about our business, about what we do here and how we do it. I am the marketing assistant here and I am working underneath. The founders and owners of platinum, pest & Lawn Jared and Jennifer Johnson and we are, Pest Control Tulsa you know we are Pest Control Tulsa, that’s that’s what we do. We provide turf & Pest Solutions to a homes around the greater Tulsa area and when we serve, we want to make sure that you are taken care of and that you are secure in your feelings about your home after we service it, and we want to make sure that whatever concern you have, we can take care of for you.

We have a website that you can look up anytime and you can pull that up by searching Pest Control, Tulsa or giving us a call at 918-376-0857 or looking at our website. Www. Platinum, pest & Lawn. Command. I thank you for tuning in today. Again, Pest Control Tulsa I am so pleased that you are listening to this late in the afternoon. It’S about 4:30, where I am now, and I just wanted to say that I hope that everyone’s holiday season is going well. I hope that you’re enjoying the near end of November. You know it’s the 28th today and just want to make sure that that you’re doing good.

Now, today we are going to be talking about the moth, the one test that seems to hold on as long as they can until the weather is just so cold that nothing can survive. I am watching a moth right now outside of a window while it is quite chilly outside, and it’s just coming in trying to get to the light, not sure why they like light so much, but they do now. A female moth can lay 62 300 eggs. Can you imagine a human woman giving birth to 60 or 300 babies? I don’t think so. I don’t think that that would be wonderful, but they do 60 to 300 eggs per delivery per batch, and there are 13 thousand species of moth in North America and about 165000 species in the world that we know of right now, and they Are pretty amazing creatures and pretty valuable because they make cell and silk come from Moss or worms is made more from their cocoons rather than them, but you can make a single pound of silk thread from 25,000 cocoons that are unraveled. That’S an interesting fact.

Now. I’m up so it’s one of my favorite things in the world and when I was younger, I used to like Silk robes and silk sheets and silk. You know shoes and my grandmother had all different kinds of silk from all over the world when she traveled with my grandfather and things of that nature. But when I found out what it was made out of, I kind of took a step back and reevaluate. Why? It is, you know so liked by people who use it, but you know I can’t imagine living without it, so I do still use silk and I do still like it very much. I just want to make sure that that it was made properly and I guess most can stay active in freezing weather because their body contains a natural antifreeze and that keeps sharp ice crystals from breaking their cells were or freezing them. I mean that is pretty incredible. I wish that I had that capability, I shrivel up whenever it gets cold outside I mean I am completely useless so whenever it comes to that, Pest Control Tulsa and I have seen the Oklahoma and some of the worst ice storms, the one I believe it was 2009 when we had one of our worst ones, it was 14 inch of snow and 3 inches of ice everywhere.

Wasn’t for I don’t really remember, but oh my goodness, it was terrible and I can’t imagine going through that again. But if I had antifreeze, I’m sure that I would love to go through that again. But they are nocturnal and they do come out at night and they actually use the moon as navigation and as a point of reference, which is pretty incredible. And it’s also kind of why they are attracted to lights, which is pretty interesting, and now I’m going to talk about a common type of moth in Oklahoma that people tend to have a problem with, and it is the Indian meal moth.

The Indian meal. The moth is Carmen Oklahoma and they are named, for you know the fact that when they were found by a scientist, they were feeding on cornmeal, also known as Indian meal. So that’s where the name came from, which I find fascinating. I’m a bum, a big history buff. I like learning about things like that, so it really catches my eye. Whenever I see details like that other about 5/8 of an inch which is not very big, but they are elongated and oval with copper reddish Hue to their wings, they feed on just everything. I mean dried fruit, the love grains, absolutely love grains. I think those are their favorite like rice and oatmeal, and things like that are they do seeds, nuts chocolate I can get behind that and I love chocolate to Candy’s. Pest Control Tulsa No powdered milk is also one, but I don’t think many people keep that in there and their cupboards anymore now, they’re attracted to light, and they can be found in bright places where food is stored, such as restaurants or grocery stores. But when a cop in fast food and contaminates food products it leaves its skin and waste behind, so any food that you have in your home.

That is infested with them. It needs to be bagged up immediately, separated from the rest of your food and thrown away and your cabinets. Should you know they need to be cleared out and we can definitely come out and service a home with a moth spray or a moth treatment, and that shouldn’t be much of a problem at all? Now the challenging thing is finding out where they lay their eggs, or you know, where they’re breeding and how they’re breeding, if they have bread in your home, that’s always the hardest part, because you can always see those eggs. But that is why we would have our technician come out and just look for those and then you know to see what is going on with that. That moth problem you are having now I have. I don’t know. Pest Control Tulsa has had a few months in my house, but never an infestation, so I would think that the way to bring them in is through other Foods. I mean you would bring them in with you with your cornmeal or your rice, or your grains, or things like that because they tend to. They tend to be brought in by a third party rather than actually just coming in and taking over your whole home, and they do like dog food as well.

So if you do have dog food got to make sure your dog doesn’t eat those. The food that is contaminated as well. You can clean out your cupboards with soap and water and you can vacuum them out to you. Can you can do all sorts of things to make sure your home is well clean after or before the technicians get there, preferably before and again, if you are having trouble with any flying insect or any flying past, whether it’s a month, whether it’s in the Ski to, whether it’s you know flying ants carpenter ants because they do fly, you know if adsorb flies drain flies, horseflies, Hornets, Yellow Jackets.

You know red wasp stings, like that anything that you are seeing in your home or outside of your home. That is flying or is bothering you we can definitely take care of for you and I’m all you have to do is just look us up. You know Tulsa pest control or Pest Control Tulsa and we will come out and I remedy that situation. For you and again, you can also give our website a quick, a quick Google search. If you are into that, w w w dot Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com, Pest Control Tulsa our number for our office is +376-918-376-0857 and again you can also you know, look for Billboards around town. Look for our Flyers around town, if you’re a bit busy at the moment – and you can just snap a snapshot of that and you know we can come out and service for Pest Control around the Tulsa area. And if you are in the Tulsa area, we would greatly appreciate you know a referral. I mean, we do get referrals all the time and not area, and if you do have a referral from someone it is great. If you could give us their name, you know, and that way it would benefit them as well. Now, thank you so much for all of your time and have a wonderful wonderful day and really I mean, have a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for taking the time to listen today. Thank you.


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