Write also. All right. Podcasters Welcome back to another podcast another edition. I’m your host Jerry Jhansi. I am the co-founder of platinum Pesta along with my wonderful wife Jennifer Johnson mother of three children. I’m sure we will have more when the time comes. We are a platinum person long. We are pest control Tulsa Tulsa’s premier pest control company in the toll area. Take care of all sorts of pests and from termites to bed bugs to dust mites webworms you name it we take care of it but we’re a family-owned and operated company. You can always find us online at Platinum Pass in line. Or give us a call or you can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 5 podcasts. If you’re just now joining in we are talking about bedbugs. They are very common. They’re getting even more common than they used to be and they’re becoming more of an epidemic more of an issue in the Tulsa area and really all over the country. So what we’re doing is we’re talking about those who want to educate you I’ll bet you wish that you don’t bring the bedbugs backing to your home. I want to make sure that does not happen. And so that’s what we’re doing today we’re talking about bedbugs. We’re focusing on bedbugs.
But overall what I want you to take home with you today is that if you have bedbugs or if you think you know someone with bugs or if you do know someone’s bed bugs the best thing to do is to google pest control tools. There you will click on our link. We have an average of five-star rating on Google. Click on us we’ll come out and we’ll get your take care we’ll take care of those bedbugs for you that way. You don’t have to take care of that. You don’t have to mess with them right. And on top of that the bed bugs if you try and do it yourself. I hate to be a pessimist but you’re going to fail. OK. If you try to take care of bedbugs yourself you’re going to feel you’re not going to be a good one. There have been countless people that have to do it themselves that they just aren’t able to. Number one they are any good the great chronics. Number two they don’t have the professional know-how in equipment. Understood. Sure T.J. actually hit the areas. Bedbugs like to hide and take care of the problem. But that is something that we do. And so if you like a professional treatment.
Go and look us up. I mean just go and look for the best. Pest Control Tulsa Yes we are the best pest control over here in the Tulsa area. Pest Control Tulsa
We will take care of any pest control needs that you have. And we’ll get that squared away for you. All right so back to bed bugs if you’ve. Listened to our podcast you know we are. And we are no stranger to trivia. Right. We’d like to get fun facts.
We want people to learn what did happen and the more knowledge they have happier people to be. So let’s talk about the bedbug issue now. We’ve got a lot of information such as how they come into the home and how they get on your bed. Those are going be transported in or carried in.
I usually hitch a ride on someone or something or whatever it is. So that’s how they usually come on inside the home or have people come in contact with bedbugs. We do know that a bedbug female can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime.
That is a ridiculous amount.
Five her eggs in a lifetime because those eggs are going to hatch and then those bedbugs as bedbugs are going to be able to reproduce and then those new bedbugs are going to be replaced. So it’s a vicious cycle that just goes on and on and on. It doesn’t go away. Right. It doesn’t go away unless something is done unless the bedbugs are actually taken. So if you do not know what to do that’s OK. Just stay tuned if you don’t know what to do. I’m going to make it simple for you the next time you drive down the highway has our billboard all into one that says pest control Tulsa. Just pull over jot down that number. Call
us to look at it. Take good care of yourself. Pest Control Tulsa
But we do not have to worry about bedbugs. You know bedbugs in your home bed bugs are in your family bed bugs you know your kids.
OK. And so let’s talk about some facts already. There’s been a lot of surveys done about bedbugs. Now when I saw this on the National Association Web site it says one out of five Americans. Has had a bedbug infestation in their home or know someone who has encountered bedbugs at home or in a hotel. OK. There is a lot of people 20 percent. So take a look around it right now you might be at the office right or the next time you go to work or next thing you at the grocery store and take a look around and count how many people you see right at one time and it’s 20 percent. So if you’re calling 20 people around you asking me for are those people who have either had bedbugs or they know someone who’s encountered bedbugs. All right. And so that is a crazy amount when considering 10 15 years ago there wasn’t nearly an issue. So it’s definitely on the rise but trees are definitely on the rise and the big issues are definitely on the rise. But that’s an insane amount of people. So if you are one of those people or let’s say you overhear someone talking about bed bugs and them have them or their friends have had them getting more information tell them to look up pest control Tulsa because that’s really what they need they need the best pest control officer in the Tulsa area and that’s going to be US platinum passed along. And we’ll come out there and we’ll get taken care of.
That way they can sleep well at night and not have to worry about those pesky bugs eating away at them.
And and and not only that but here’s a fact for you based on the surveys that Americans have actually run into these bedbugs that people see normally the people who run into them or that deal with them are usually younger people so younger generation they’re usually living in the urban areas as well because in those urban areas you’re going to have a lot more contact with people.
And in fact, did you know that that in urban areas the likelihood of bedbugs increases by 300 percent. Yes, that’s correct.
The likelihood of receiving bedbugs in an urban area increases by 300 percent. And that’s simply because there are so many people there in urban areas and so that is what’s going to spread them. That’s what’s going to get them going where they want to go or AGs which is actually to your house defeat on you.
OK. And not only that they’re all over the country.
They’re just more centered around urban areas because there are more people. So here’s a big one if you’re traveling to an urban area it’s a big city especially Cincinnati Cincinnati probably has the worst bed bug station in the country so especially if you’re traveling to Cincinnati what you need to do is, first of all, you need to.
Get on the computer there’s a little something called Google.
You want to go to Google in that or you want to type of pest control Tulsa on there and we will come out there and we will get it taken care for you or for anybody that you know or if you’re taking that business trip we will help give you some tips some helpful tips with preventing bedbugs from you take them home and your house is the last thing you want to do after a long busy stretch is to or just a fun trip to bring bedbugs into your house.
That’s ridiculous right. But. So don’t let that happen to you.
Now bedbugs what they’ll do is they’re pretty sneaky. They’ll go out there and they’ll feed you know they’ll hide during the day on the way to exhale and exhale that carbon dioxide. And when the time is right when it’s nice and dark and they can’t be seen what they’re going to do is they’re going to start the little crawl on over to you. And they’re going to get on you and once again on you they bite just to suck your blood like a little bitty vampire. Now when they bite you it’s like in a state like acts as an anesthetic where you can’t really feel it.
It also increases blood flow to quicker feelings. And so that’s what these nasty nasty bugs do. So if you don’t ever want to deal with bedbugs ever ever ever ever again what you are the ones you want the best pest control Tulsa. That’s going to be us. We are a platinum pest and lawn Well we take care of bedbugs we take care of mosquitoes even fleas ticks spiders rats and mice. We take care of crab worms webworms bagworms. We also take care of the moles that we see chiggers because we do these ticks chiggers we take care of all sorts of different pests scorpions that you’re dealing with crickets.
Anything that makes you unhappy makes you feel like a prisoner in your own home.
We take care of Termite’s right. Carpenter ants carpenter bees would bees all sorts of wood-destroying insects. Knowing that we do we control and so give us a call come out and do pre-merge applications to do post we act Kasen So we’ll try for brollies we’ll try for all sorts of different bugs and also all sorts of different weeds but just know that at Platinum pest and lawn we’re going to leave you with the perfect lawn and your Pescado but you got to give us a call 9 1 8 8 1 4 1 3 0.
I’m sorry. 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7.
You can also reach us online at Platinum Pass in Lundahl remember putting them personally your first service is just one dollar.


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