Podcasters Welcome back. So welcome back. Back Oklahomans. Welcome back. Tulsans. Welcome back. Anyone who has listened to this podcast because you are bettering your situation by taking it upon yourself to educate yourself about the different paths of different bugs that we deal with in the Tulsa area.
You’re taking the first step in the right step. We are in fact if you don’t know if you haven’t followed our podcast I am Jared JOHNSON I am your host and I am co-founder platinum passed along with my beautiful partner and wife Jennifer Johnson formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord.
You know they made a movie about her recently. Now I haven’t seen this movie but I hear it’s good. What would have to be? My wife was actually called Wonderwoman Yeah Marvel Comics picked up on that on Wonderwoman. That’s the story of my life. She is so awesome.
She has all sorts of superpowers and she can control our kids and control me and she is a great woman to be by and be beside and to help with the business.
So we are a family-owned and operated company. My wife and I started the business servicing the greater Tulsa area. I will take care of all sorts of different types of pests from German Brown cockroaches to roaches to spiders black widow spiders brown recluse spiders and such as carp Marines and Argentine’s and odorous and some little black pissants. Pest Control Tulsa
To mosquitoes and the termite’s mice moles.
You know we take care of it all right. So scorpion’s silverfish we all still we control as well so fertilization in the yard but we all see turf treatments. So we’re all-inclusive. Keep it under the roof with one cupping and that’s what we do and our customers are really pleased with it.
You know if you judge by our five-star rating on Google. Right. But. But we are if you don’t know about us that that’s who we are we are pest control Tosa. It’s important that you choose which isn’t a pest control company.
You choose the permit Tulsa’s premier pest control company that’s us here. Here the Tulsa area. You can reach us at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find us on the web at Platinum pest in Lynda.com. All right if you’re just tuning in or if you tune into the podcast you know we have talked a lot about all different types of pest around the Tulsa area. Our goal is to educate you so that way you can make informed decisions as far as what’s the best way to protect your home. What’s the best way to protect your family from different past their life here in the Tulsa area. Now out of all these facts, you have all the information that we’re going to give you on this podcast today, there is just one thing that we really want to want to sit with you and really want to stick with you. Right. And that is how to get in contact with us. Now the way that you do that the way that you get in contact with that is you need to google pest control tools. Now once you do that what you call your computer or your smartphone or possibly even your flip phone you might have that ability on the.
Phone. I wouldn’t bet on it but it just might. And once you do that you’re going to have to I mean you’re going to have to type in pest control Tulsa. I mean that Google bar. Once you do that you’ll see us come up you’ll see our Web site just click on it and give us a call if you have any questions. No bugs you just kind of curious. Want some questions answered just call us. I come out there and take care of her audience and your questions over the phone so that’s really what you need to know.
To get on with his podcast is really how to get in contact with us on how to have the professionals come out there and take care of it. Right. And so we’ve talked about all sorts of different bugs.
Come gather talking about roaches. Pest Control Tulsa
The best way to eliminate roaches is in some fun facts about cockroaches is actually some very disturbing facts about roaches and soon we’re talking about fleas.
Last three podcasts we talk about fleas. We’re talking about this podcast and probably just one other podcast about fleas. Now we do get calls and pleas all the time usually from people looking up. Pest Control Tulsa and they decided to go with the best pest control company in the Tulsa area which is clearly us based on the Five-Star use that we have on Google. So that’s how people usually find this is typically finance but they do have freezes would they do that they do give us a call.
Now, these people really don’t like them. They do become very annoying. Probably because they’re just such a small bug and they jump on you and you know. And then oftentimes you don’t realize they’re are on you until they start biting you. Now a fun fact or disturbing fact about these is you can put them in a freezer right so you can freeze and for an entire year. Right. And pull them out. And guess what. The three can still survive being frozen for a year. Which is interesting I’ve got food that goes bad faster than that in the freezer right. But you can still survive being frozen for an entire year. And so you can’t really use freezing as a form of treatment when it comes to fleas. But if you do have fleas there are a few different ways to treat them.
But we want to find out your home your situation and find out the best way to treat for fleas. Now the way that you can do that if you have these if you know someone has that has fleas and maybe a coworker that does give them our number or actually just tell them to look up pest control Tolson that she’s the best person to have them. She’s the best pest control company in the Tulsa area and that’s clearly going to be. So you just don’t do that. They’re going to choose us. And then we’re going to be they’re going to be our guest right now.
We talked to fleas how they jump on a host the most common type of flu here is going to be called the cat flea. Now they suck your blood. They actually live on any warm-blooded animal but they actually prefer to see or kind of prefer humans. Dogs and cats you know even rats mice rodents in possums raccoons. Pest Control Tulsa
You know sometimes you know if a home has about infestation sometimes you’ll find one your Panteley as you walk through the house. Now that’s happening to you don’t wait any longer I mean if you’re getting fleas jumping on your pant legs look up pest control Tosa. All right. We’re going to be the clear choice on that. You can choose us we going to come out there and take care of these for you. Now there some prep work that you need to do before we do come out and do flea treatment. Number one is you need a vacuum Univac a couple of times a day and dump the bags or dump the waste there outside the house. Now Vaknin does a few things. Number one is it’s going to first of all suck up the fleas. Not only will it suck up the fleas but will also hash the eggs. There’s really nothing out there in the market that’s going to take care of eggs. You know some places claim to or some products claim. Take your eggs with the real-world application is negative on that that they really don’t.
So vacuuming actually helps the existence of the vibrations which have the eggs in you can suck them up in and dump the bag on the outside.
So if you have any questions on how to do that if you do that please google pest control Tulsa calls us we’ll walk you through the process of what needs to be done when to have prep work needs to be done before the treatment. That way you can have the best the future impossible in your home. OK. And so that is a big part of that will be a big help. These are actually best known probably for the law I would think they’re probably best known for the bubonic plague over in Europe. Right. That was actually spread by fleas and that was a horrible thing and that had a devastating impact on human nature or on the human race. Now their saliva is an allergen. And what that does is sometimes it can cause an allergic reaction in animals and humans and that type of thing. Now they also this is a little known fact but these can actually transfer tapeworms right. And
they can actually cause anemia in a pet. So you just don’t want these guys you know if you can withstand the pain and the annoyance of you just don’t want them around because they do they can cause bad things to you and to your animals. And so if you suspect you have your animals are getting better you’re getting bit. Look up pest control Tulsa and you’re going to choose us because we are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area. But not only do we take care please but we do ticks wise gnats.
Dragonflies mosquitoes spiders brown recluse spiders black widow spiders house spiders wolf spiders. We take care of ants odors and carbon little ants little black piss ants. We take care of moles and gophers and termites. We take care of termites subterranean termites. And ants swarming termites and black termites ants with wings.
Cockroaches turn brown cockroaches Oriental cockroaches. The list can go on and on. We all do. We control when fertilization on the yard will put down pre-merge applications. Post-merge applications will fertilize will oversee. So fast you lawn’s Bermuda lawns will take care of it. So just remember if you choose platinum pests we’re gonna leave you with a perfect lawn and your pest gone that you’ve got to give us a call. So you got the Google pest control Tulsa you’ll see that our phone number is 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us online at Platinum Peskin London conver remember with platinum when you choose us your first services only $1.


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