Pest Control Tulsa Podcasters podcasters podcasters welcome back to another addition to another podcast. Another series: I am Jared I’m your host, this podcast I’m also I, owe now my name is Jared, but some people call me pest control Tulsa, some people added Mr in front of that. Some people just just call me jared. Some people call me to worst names and that you can call me whatever you want to, but just know that we are a pest, control Tulsa, right that we are platinum pest & lawn, that we provide pest, solutions intersolutions. Those in the greater tulsa area start the business with my wife about 7 years ago, and what a great venture is that been. She does so much with her kids and then with everything else, and so I’m not married, well, I’m married right and it’s going to happen tonight. I’ll just tell you that I’m in so what’s going on right now is that we are at treating past or treating lawn lottery merch applications going down in happening right now. So, unless something to keep in mind on, if you haven’t had it done, it’s definitely definitely time to get it done so get her done. That says larry the cable, a guy I believe, but anyway. So just definitely keep that in mind. Don’t want that pasta with the time pass on that and then so, if you are looking to to to have a pest control company, you work for also on the lawn care company meeting, taking care of weeds and, and that makes it look good as far as Kenny green so want to leave you, the perfect lawn and your past gone this time, dad that they give us a call right now you can just see any more trucks any of her truck safe pest control. Tulsa, you see any trucks to say that just pull over and get the information on that set and information watch. Pest Control Tulsa That leads you to us and so gives us a call on the 15 for the day up early morning. It was raining and pouring like crazy afternoon time still pouring so a lot of rain. Have we had lots and lots of inches of rain dumped, honest I’m, not a ray of sunshine through? It is broken through the great day to be the day to be alive, wonderful day to be alive, and so we are glad that you are alive with us today any day that you have to breathe and spend time with family or to do things that you love or even work. That’s a great day. Okay, that’s a fantastic day, and then you are blessed right and so now what this podcast, if you listen to us before, it is plain hardware call everything that we said before in the past, so I will want you to do you want you to think about how to get in contact with us and that’s when he fairly simple I will talk to a few different ways to discuss a few different ways. But anytime, you see a flyer or sign any signing to says pest control Tulsa, that signage will be for mice, nest correct signage, to get the information from and so get that information saving your phone store. Your write on a piece of paper and you put in your car then before you go I, think it’s a song right, but that, but you can lose lyrics in there that that’s good and that way you can get in contact with us when the time is right to hand. So I’m right now. So if you fold along today, we have gone from Owosso up to grove Oklahoma from grove Oklahoma we going back to Owasso and then from there we have gone to Coweta at from Coweta back to Owasso, and now we are heading from Owasso to Bartlesville. Oklahoma tribes were really making it happen. We really put some miles I’m on the vehicles today, I’m driving the chevy sonic, to give us a little gas saver. Today, cuz we don’t want I, just waste money in the gas right, so we’re taking the fuel-efficient vehicle. Acceptance live right, not unless you like to eat, bugs and keep them alive and having this collection to that type of thing, but most people don’t, and so what we want to do is we want to your home I, get them away from your home. I’ll make sure they stay away from your home right. That is what we want to do want to implore you to do the exact same thing right as a let’s do that together an order do that together, you need to give us a call. You need to contact us. It’s much easier to prevent. A problem is I’m, so it’s important and it’s imperative that we actually jump on it and to the homes and get the burger down before you start seeing her problems, and so it’s time to call the ghostbusters to know that you can actually I reach us you’re just doing google, assistant, I’m right for you and we empower you to do that to type that in and press enter hope. You paid your internet bill because you’re going to need the internet to find the superior pest control company in the Tulsa area and is going to be us, so press enter, get that search going more information comes up. Give us a call that way we can get in touch with you and talk to you in the past and bugs rent, your home and I’ll swing down a pre-emergent application, preventing you from getting weeds right. Nobody wants weeds, weeds or yeah right. You mow your lawn more. So if you do not like mowing your lawn, if you’re the type of person that they just wakes in the morning and says yes, and if you have a bunch of weeds, cuz, you’re right, you’re, more your lawn quite a bit, but yes, I did say that that is true. Pest Control Tulsa

I did say, but if. You are mowing that lawn, but I take pride in your lawn, which means you probably do not like to see a lot of weeds in your lawn as well. So, therefore, you should probably go ahead and call us is very simple to get a hold of us just see that pest control Tulsa billboard that will have our information to just grab her information there from a neighbor from a friend that we can get in contact with us, a pre-emergent application for you. Those are important to do. Those are really your only offense if you have as far as weed otherwise you’re just playing defense on him right, I’m, just pretending that or you’re just popping today as they come up, we don’t want that to happen. You don’t want them to have. We got the kill, those suckers prevent them from Germany and prevent them from coming up, and that’s what we’ll do for you, but you got to call us. Do you reach its 918-376-0857? You can also reach is that platinum pest & lawn. Com need also email to info at platinum pest loan.Com give us a shout and I and we will keep the weeds out, told you like that. Little rhyme happens there to give us a shout and we will keep the weed out and as soon as far as well as far as we are concerned, happening I’m hearing in the Tulsa area, and if you don’t want to give us a call. Okay, just call us that way. We can also treat fescue lawns as well, so will oversee for fescue lawn aeration will fertilize and make sure that long, it’s nice and thick and green prevent weeds from coming up and reaches the 918-8814 i. You know the number you can also just google us, just google pest, control Tulsa. All of our information will come up for you to call us to have a great one for service. Only $1 buy Pest Control Tulsa.


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