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All right. Tulsa if you’ve been following along you you know we have done quite a few podcasts here. We’ve talked to and all sorts of bugs. I’m done a lot of trivia. You know togged dust mites. You talk art termites talk about carp here.
We’ve talked about bed bugs. You know we’ve talked about fleas with Tiger ticks.
We’ve talked on Mols talked about brown recluse spiders. We’ve talked to all sorts of different bugs. Right, that are out there all sorts of different bugs or all sorts of different paths that are here in the Tulsa area that we simply get calls on the homeowners do not like that.
That’s what they call us the last few podcasts we’ve been talking about. And now we’re going to continue talking about ants probably for a few more pods because well people science pariah is dead simple people science and they do not like the ants. And so that’s why they call us so we can get rid of those ants form. Right. And what they want to do is they want a professional company that’s going to come out there and then. Keith Zients in a professional manner. Pest Control Tulsa
And so usually the way that works is you know you have a homeowner you have a mother or maybe the dad there in the house and they might have an aunt Chrome or they might all of a sudden wake-up and they look there are ants all over their countertop going crazy.
And so that’s usually what happened so when that happens the next step is they usually go ahead and google pest control Tulsa and that’s where we come up. Right pest control so we’re going to come up number one they’re going to click on her link and we’re going to come out there and get that taken care of will eradicate those answered Ranki in issues that way they don’t have to deal with that. You don’t want to deal with the ants anymore. So that’s what we’re going to do. Usually, that’s typically the scenario that works the scenario that plays out.
And so that’s usually what happens. So you know and so that’s why it’s important to know to have exterminator have the right professional come out there and take care of those. That way you don’t have to deal with those hands you don’t have to deal with those pesky guys.
You know you just look let the professionals deal with it. That’s. That’s our job. That’s what we like to do. And so we can make that happen for you.
And so we’ve talked a lot about ants talked about how many different species do and there are about 2000 different species of ants all around the world. We talked about how much and they can live with 20 times their body weight. So it’s equivalent to a second grader lifting a car. So if you have kids some you might have second graders can you imagine that happening. They might throw a temper tantrum. Next thing you know your car got tossed. So it’s a good thing we are not ants. Some queen can live for years and millions of babies. And we talked about how ants actually don’t have ears but they hear actually feeling vibrations to their feet and they communicate that way they communicate through by pheromones which are kind of like little post-it notes everywhere they go with you know where the food is and where they’ve been searching for food. They know all sorts of things and they’re actually quite brilliant when you think about it. We know the ants actually fight to the death and re-issues a challenge that if you ever see ants fighting to the death you’ve got to google pest control Tulsa and you’re right click on the link and they give us a call. Actually the first thing I do is film it and then do that and let us know we can put that video there on our Web site. So yes we would do that for you now. We talked about ants about how they have wings. Now they shed those wings whenever they started a nest.
But not only that when it dies the colony can survive for a few months. I’m sorry for a few months before the whole Homi pass away. They can’t reproduce it. If that happens now and don’t have lungs they actually absorb the oxygen you’re actually like little holes like perforations all throughout the body and so oxygen enters into holes and carbon dioxide leaves least through those same holes. Right, so ants are pretty unique insects. They’re not used to insects like aliens right.
They’re here and do their feet. How weird is that? They’re not breathing they don’t have lungs but somehow they get the oxygen they release that carbon dioxide. Pretty crazy. But if you want to learn more about ants just go in. Give us a call and you can find us a couple of ways you might see a billboard that says pest control so and we’ll come out there if you grab that number and take care of your answer for you to make sure that make sure you don’t have to deal with those guys right. Nobody likes dealing with those pests. Oftentimes people find them in the pantry or they find them in the kitchen scene. So the bathroom scenes or if they have kids you know the kids might leave a drink counter or they might leave some food out and the next thing you know that the answer happened right. But if you’ve been constantly batting battling with and you just don’t want to deal with them or you want to make sure that you don’t ever deal with them that other bugs call us Google pest control Tulsa will be the first and the first company on there click on link will come out and take those ads we’ll pick up the battle that way you guys don’t have to worry about the battle on those guys right. So some more fun facts about dealing with aliens. Pest Control Tulsa
Now answer me frustrating especially when you’re trying to eat outside having a picnic or maybe camping or getting all through your food and you’re turning away. Right. They can be very annoying but they are actually good for the environment. OK. Well, everything has its purpose Everything has its place now. I mean there are social insects. And so they actually live in really large callings really large groups and depend on the calling depend on what type it is. Those colonies can actually consist of millions. That’s right. So if you think about it like all of Tulsa in one call I sort of like little series of ants. All right. Some might call them cities of angels. I don’t call them that.
But my home city of angels. If you just absolutely love and if you do.
There’s I don’t know. You might need a little help right. So in a colony you know there’s different take there’s a different type of ants. There’s the queen and there are the workers of the Mells the soldiers’ everyone has his purpose.
Everyone has its place. You know when it comes to the ant colony right.
For instance, the queen is the only ant that can lay eggs right. So in her adult life that’s all she does is she lays eggs. That’s it. Right. The male and its job is to mate with future queen ants and that’s all they do. A soldier’s job as you probably guessed is to protect the colony and died and do that. So everybody. Pest Control Tulsa
And there are also workers you know. So I mean every event has its purpose. So it’s pretty cool how smooth the colony can run. When you talk about Milesian the ants in one colony and so the organization that happens is pretty crazy with that. Now here’s the thing if you just don’t want to deal with the Colonies at all going. Google pest control so we are the best pest control company in the Tulsa area. Call us we’re going to come out and remedy the situation to take care of for you.
We not only take care of ants we take care of wasp we take care of mosquitoes we take care of roaches germ Brown cockroaches Oriental cockroaches. Take care. Brown spiders Blackwood’s spider’s ovaries and carpenter ants Dessie mosquitoes.
Well, we do take care of moles you know and so we take care of where worms take care of armyworms to take care grubs.
We’re also in new turf work there for you so we’ll take care of your weeds care of your broadleaf weeds take your grassy weeds like Dal’s grass crabgrass pro-ana.
We will also do pre-merge applications post-merge applications and fertilize your yard. Pest Control Tulsa
Now the best thing for you Tulsa is that if you use US Argive to use it the first serves going give me one dollar but you have to use a call or you know reaches at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can find this on online at Platinum past and LA.


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