Hello podcasters welcome back, hopefully, you’re enjoying this beautiful night and we’ve had such mild temperatures last week and we’re talking about temperatures up in the mid-70s ended up her seventies and just beautiful weather sunshine in shirts, shorts, and short-sleeve weather t-shirt and then so. It’S just been beautiful, not typical for late November early December and we’re talking about Christmas, Pest Control Tulsa whether we got Christmas lights going off and Christmas trees going out people doing in shorts and short-sleeves, I’m just really enjoying their time. Hopefully, you enjoyed the time that you got to spend with that was probably friends and loved ones for your Thanksgiving. You probably ate some turkey play just a little turkey lot of high for like me, but really gain a few pounds and actually looking like I’m going to gain a few more pounds here with Christmas time and all the holidays happen before I start losing weight. If I ever start losing weight so anywaysI’m Jared by the way, I’m your host this podcast, Pest Control Tulsa I also found it Platinum, pest. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host, this podcast series – I’m hopefully you guys had a good Thanksgiving and I hopefully it was pest-free right. Hopefully I spend some time with some friends and were some loved ones and to those that you care about, and I hope we ate a lot of turkey or a lot of pie or whatever it is. That makes you happy, hope you’re able to get to make that happen during your Thanksgiving break.

I dream of your Thanksgiving feast, but hopefully, you didn’t see any bugs whatsoever, but I am Jared. I’m your host today, I’m also my wife and I start up a company. A little company called Platinum pest. hopefully you’re listening to this in the comfort of your own home or The Temper of wherever you want to be. Pest Control Tulsa You know that cover might be on a ski lift. I mean you listen to us on a ski lift or even on a boat, possibly on the airplane. I miss you. I have an internet connection or, if you’ve downloaded, the podcasting list goes on on airplane, I’m. So if you have any downtime, you could be listening to us right now, even fishing ground in a deer stand or Duck Blind wherever you’re at you can be making that happen, I’m right now and then so we are. We are glad that you are taking your time out to listen to an awesome day and a better yourself and educate yourself about the past about bugs I’m you being Canada or Alaska or South America. Emeril stroma, a lot of crazy bugs are there in AustraliaI’ll bet, you’re! Listen to us and then we are grateful that that that you are listening to ask I’m we are Pest Control Tulsa. Pest Control Tulsa I am Jared. I am your house today and I’m also the founder of platinum pest. hopefully you’re feeling free, hopefully you’re, feeling strong, hopefully you’re, ready to make it happen to move the day along. Are you going to take the day by the horns and take it like it’s a bull urine Russell that day down make it submit to you on to your will and whatever you have planned for today? That’S what’s going to happen for you into you, I’m!

So we had Thanksgiving last week and hope you’re getting back in the swing of things. Maybe you would have seen Fred or family, possibly maybe save close by, but either way whatever. It is what he had turkey, whether you had ham or whatever you ate. Our hope is that you enjoyed Jimmy lots of memories. Doing it cuz, that’s really, what’s important, that’s really what counts as making those memories. Those memories are pretty much. The only thing that you can take with you wherever you go whenever you leave this life. Hopefully, you live a happy long life, but I’m Jared I’m your host today, I’m also the owner of platinum, pest. I mean you can be doing anything in the world right now, Pest Control Tulsa but you were taking your time out I’m to listen to this podcast series and we can mend you for your effort and we want to. Thank you. I appreciate that for now, we got a lot of gratitude for you not just because I think giving was last week, although that was certainly helpful. Hopefully a lot of turkey in a lot of pie and maybe lime a stuffing and some graving. But hopefully you got your fill of what you wanted, that you got to spend some time with family and friends and make some fantastic memories. Pest Control Tulsa That’S really what we can take with us here in the end is: where will take those memories with us, so hopefully you’re building those memories and building some good times there, but I’m Jared Johnson, your host also founded Platinum, pest.

We are podcast and stay out of my home and on my living room – and I didn’t that’s what’s so great – is his years ago you had to go to the studio, I’ll go a podcast for broadcasting online or on air. I’M now it’s wonderful now you can do it from the comfort of your living room and do it outside and do it while you’re fishing it while you’re working can get while you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. I’m, in fact, a true story of done: I’ve done numerous podcasts. I was waiting to have my oil changed. My vehicles, and so are you can get, is podcasting word and you can listen to a podcast anywhere internet connection or you download. Pest Control Tulsa The podcast can listen to him in the comfort of wherever you want to be on whether it’s on the mountain or on a lake or that on the beach, I’m no matter what, if you want to head TuneIn just too damn, we are happy to provide the Podcast there for you my name is Jared Johnson. The hostess podcast series also co-founder Platinum, pest


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