Well from that podcasters will come back. So you are tuning in to the best podcast station on the planet. The best podcast show when done with past I don’t know of any others out there that that is more formal and that will let you know the information that you need to do to keep your pets and keep your kids keep your family safe from the pets literally in the past in the Tulsa area that are plaguing the Tulsa area. And so I and Jerry Johnson I am a co-founder. I’m your host today and co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with my lovely wife Jennifer Johnson. Together we’ve worked hard to build the company to provide us with the best pest control service and we control service to service in the Tulsa area and we’re happy and proud presented to you eliminate any issues that you have provided us with the best service best Pest Control best control service in the Tulsa area. And so we are a family-owned and operated a company. We are pest control Tulsa. You can reach us at Platinum pest in Lynda.com or you can always give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. OK. Also, you can tune in so you are educated you know all sorts about are a lot of information on all sorts of bugs ranging from dust mites to fleeced ticks to bed bugs. We’ve done a lot of podcasts recently on bedbugs. You’re an expert in spiders and brown recluse. How do I define the brain clues on how to identify a black widow. Pest Control Tulsa
How did you find spiders that might be near your family or near the areas where it where your family likes to place you know all this because you’ve been listening to our podcast and so we’ve been informative. We’re going to share with you that no sound that we know how to get rid of your bugs. Right. And so, first of all, we are talking. We’re going to continue our podcast series talking about roaches. So we’re going to talk about roaches and his podcast next to the podcast I just inform you and inspire you and to let you know what you’re dealing with. If you are seeing it. So we’re making a lot of fun facts. But really what you need to know is that if you’re dealing with roaches or family members dealing with them or if you know a coworker is dealing with you give them the best advice that you can give them and that’s to have them look up pest control tools. I’m going to give us a call we will come out and we will analyze the situation develop a plan and devise a plan that will eradicate them and take care of them so that we don’t have to mess with them. You don’t have to deal with them.
At all. And so that’s what we do. OK. And so we talk a lot about roaches. Pest Control Tulsa
Give me some interesting facts about them such as roaches can live a whole week without ahead. So you heard of the headless horseman right. How about the headless roach that actually lives up to us. So it’s not even a ghost. OK, it’s actually the real deal. All right. Roaches have been around since the time of dinosaurs so they’ve been around. Hundreds of thousands. Of years if not millions of years right. They’re very adaptable. I mean as we talk about they live with their head cut off. These things are going to survive. Right. Roaches are going to survive. I will survive. Yeah. Yeah. That’s like the roaches theme song I Will Survive. That they’ll survive so much. They can even survive a whole month without food. And also two weeks without water but typically they are going to find that food they are going to find the water somewhere in a home whether they know the roaches or not but they are going to get fed they’ll eat the glue off wallpaper and so forth. So if that’s happening to you if you just notice just one approach just one roach inside your house. Don’t worry. I mean you know the smart thing to do is to go and give us a call. Look at Pest Control Tulsa and then give us a call. You don’t have to worry about it because you know that your property is in good hands. And what that’s coming out to radically the roads is to take care of those issues so that’s what we will do.
Now here’s a fact that we haven’t thrown out there for you Jack. So we talked about how they can live with their heads cut off you know roaches can actually hold the breath for 40 minutes. Yes. So for 40 minutes so if you’re trying to drown a roach let’s say you’re in a pool. Yes, a Roche’s.
Swim by. You shouldn’t try it on for a long time trying to hold their head under the water.
So there’s actually more that these waves as far as getting rid of roaches and trying to drown them. And but you have to look for that and with it, you’ve got to look for is you’ve got to look up pest control also and we’ll give you all the fun facts about the roaches and how to kill without having to stay in the pool and trying to drown them forever. Right. So that’s what we can do. Talked about the most common roaches in the Tulsa area are going to be the Oriental cockroach and also the Jones-Brown cockroaches.
All species of roaches are disgusting and both species of roaches actually bring lots of germs and cause lots of health issues with lots of issues with asthma. What happens is when they shed their skins those shin those skins become airborne and you don’t realize it but you’re breathing it in. Right. Actually kids with asthma and other respiratory issues they’re breathing in the roaches they’re breathing in those diseases.
And so they’re actually inhaling and it becomes a very bad situation. Pest Control Tulsa
So if you suspect that you do have roaches or that your kids or someone you know have a family member that is living with roaches what they do is they’re inhaling all the old nasty desert diseases.
Are bad for them that most likely could be contributing to the respiratory issues.
So if that’s happening to you or someone that you know golden Google pest control Tulsa call us we’ll come out there and we’ll eradicate it that way they can breathe fine and not have to worry about that now. Now the Oriental cockroaches are very dirty. Right. In fact, they leave they live in sewer areas. Wet damp areas with sewer areas one of their favorite locations. And so they all superfruit the weather a little bit cooler air temperature and so they live in the sewers. They walk over all sorts of feces and all sorts of dirtiness. From there they come into your home and they track that around your home around your loved ones right now or you know cockroaches. Although their whole Oriental cockroaches are actually most likely came from traineeships from Africa.
Right now this will give you a little bit larger and darker than the Browns pelican they will live in pide and they will be living in trains and that led those and those nasty areas where were lots of germs are the preferred dirty areas dirty cooler areas. In other words, it’s like a different brand.
But actually it’s kind of nasty’s although the Oriental cockroaches were easier to control. I’m section one the dirty or it’s considered the dirtiest cockroach of all the cockroaches right. Which is pretty nasty because they are reportedly here. Now what they do this or you know cockroach they feel all different types of garbage and other matter. And like I said they live in the sewers decaying areas where the area is firewood you know leaves piles of leaves that type of thing. All right. So what happens they draw. They walk those dirty Harry’s we’ve mentioned before.
And when they do that they contaminate your food and they spread this journey. Major food. Like you said they shed their skins and that’s how they contaminate their food. And they kept all of the cast-off that skin and also those waste byproducts.
But that’s what can actually trigger allergic reactions. You know like different types of illness but especially in children and like asthma.
So if that’s how you or if you don’t want to happen to you.
The best thing to do is to go look up pest control Tulsa you’ll see only click on a leak give us a call will come out there and we’ll take care of that will eradicate the situation for you. You don’t have to mess with it one bit.
OK and so that’s what we’ll do for you but it’s best to keep your home clean and dry. That will help prevent the roaches but not only do we take care of roaches take care of German Brown cockroaches roaches that cause diseases.
We take care of mosquitoes Oriental cockroaches German Browns as we mentioned before Brown Recluse spiders Blackwood’s spiders’ spiders of all sorts of different kinds. Take care of mice house mice. Take care of rats.
We take care of mocs we take care of ants carpenter ants odor sand’s of termites subterranean termites flying termites swarming termites and we’re going to take care of all the worms bad ones webworms will take care of all those will destroy your lawn overnight basically.
We do that we all do we control so for patients who take care of Dallas grass crabgrass grass the weeds also take care broadleaf such as him. The lion that type thing go spray pre-emergent on your lawn will apply that will do lawns for life. You also just remember a platinum pest long lead you with a perfect lawn and your Peskin you want to wait any longer you Polyvore it is just give us a call reaches platinum Peniston or I’m sorry those on the web Clutton noncom or you give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 8 7 Remember I platinum pest and lawn your first service is one dollar and we’ll leave you with the perfect line. Pest Control Tulsa
And your pet.


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