Hello, Tulsa welcome back to another podcast Edition. I am Jared Johnson. I am your host, pound or platinum pest & Lawn with my wonderful amazing, Superwoman, wife, Jennifer Johnson mother of our three children. At this time, most likely there’ll be at least one more. Maybe two more, I don’t know we’ll see, we’ll see what the future holds for us, but I have. We are Platinum, pest & Lawn. We are Tulsa’s premier pest control company.

We are a family-owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area. We are Pest Control Tulsa. Just remember that, and so, if you’re joining us podcasters, hopefully, your repeat listeners, repeat offenders when it comes to the eye to listen to podcast series, you know that we are no stranger to trivia questions. We’D like to ask trivia questions. Trivia questions are interesting: they’re fun on their interactive to get your brain goingI’m.

So that’s what we do. We do that a lot, but I, but just before we dive deep into today’s topic. I know if you’re looking to get ahold of us, if you have any Pest Control in a good, gets a call you reached at 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn, Okay Tulsa. Today we are talking about ants. If you followed along, you know that we’ve talked about a number of different ants here, in that previous add to this podcast. I so answer our Aura Hot Topic here in the Tulsa area, right, I’m so you’re working.
Give you a lot of information during these podcast, but really all that we want you to know how to do as long as you know how to go to Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa you’ll do just fine right, you’re going to go places in life, because that means, if you know how to work, Google, that means you have the social skills at Nessa’s married to survive in this world. Okay, just remember that just know how to work, Google and that you had you’ll be just fine right, you’ll be able to survive I’m.

So recently we have been talking about the ants try to order. Since we talked about carpenter ant release it. They had been mentioned right now, but just know that if you are there, if that, if you are seeing ants, I’m in if you do not want to see any ants, just search Pest Control Tulsa really seriously – that’s all you have to do. Is that simple? Because when you do that, you’re going to come across an RR information, all you have to do is call us right and will answer any question that you have been relating to passing for.

There are ants spiders bed bugs whatever it is right. What we will take care of it that way, you don’t have to mess with it right. You don’t have to know everything about bed bugs in order to get rid of bed bugs. All you have to do is know how to work. Google right so, if anything sticks today, that’s what we want to stick it let. You know: how do you know how to use Google? You know how to do go into click on Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa. As long as you do that you’ll be able to I stink bug, free, probably the rest of your life okay, so I would give him some trivia, such as how much weight can an ant lift. The answer is 20 *, some bodyweight.

How to Aunt here they don’t have any ears, while they actually hear quotations around the here part by feeling vibrations through their feet right. So it’s at that’s what they communicate this one way that they do here now. We’Ve talked before about how people? How will get calls from aunt’s right or not calls from a School get calls from customers or from potential customers? I’m because they have ants in your house, then you got to remember. We are living in Green Country and in Green Country. We have a lot of environment, that’s conducive to that to aunts, right we, have a lot of rain and get a lot of moisture we get, and with that moisture, the Grass Grows tall, a lot of brush of a lot of Education outside right.

It hides the ants, and it also is just conducive, finally answered all sorts of different type of past right, I’m in so when we get a lot of rain here in the Tulsa area. What happens is those insert search for High Ground? They don’t want to be wet and a lot of their homes get flooded as they start searching for High Ground, as often times or at least your search for dry dry grass, oftentimes that’s when people see aunt’s right after rain, also right after snow right after It snows a lot of moisture a mantle start coming on the inside the other.

That happens a lot actually as well, so sometimes people don’t think they need Pest Control in the wintertime, but that is just false people get past all the time. In the wintertime – and we come out and we take care of them, so if that’s you, if it’s winter summer spring-fall, it doesn’t really matter if you’re seeing any past it wrong if you’re seeing ants next time, you’re driving by that billboard you know which one I’m talking about the one right there along the interstate, the one that says: Pest Control Tulsa just pull over, don’t cause a wreck, don’t cause an accident just pull over your car,
while you’re driving a truck or a minivan or a car or whatever. It is just pull over pull out that pen and paper, or maybe on your phone to some sort of device anyway, that you know how how to get the information down and save it, and I jot down or number and our website right, Jordan or contact Information that way, you’ll be able to get ahold of us, and that way we can take care of your Pest Control needs your answer.
Spiders are or whatever it is, that you are dealing with it the time right and so that’s what happens. People get these ants are coming to their home and they don’t know why. Well often, it is motivated by the environment that they actually move into the home, so keep an eye out for that look at whether you know if we’re expecting a lot of rain chances. Are you going to have a lot of ants coming to your home, especially if you’ve dealt with this before in the past? So it’s important if you’re, seeing this rain coming, one smart thing to do would actually beget to look us up. All you have to do is search Pest Control Tulsa and there you’ll find us right.

You’Ll find all the information just call us up we’re happy to come out there and that prevent those ants from coming into your home. But not only do we take care of ants, but we also take care of spiders brown, recluse spiders black widow, spiders bed bugs fly flying insects, wasp Hornets we take care of gnats houseflies drain flies, scorpions, silverfish, termites, fleas and ticks. We take care of subterranean termites with wings ants with wings carpenter, ants, odorous, ants, carpenter, bees as well. We take care of a whole array of insects, real do weed control, so we can fertilization. So we do pre-emergent applications, post-emergent applications for broadleaf, weeds, grassy, weeds such as crabgrass Dallisgrass, point of grass, you name it we’re going to take care of it, and so really this all that you need to know you just need to know, need to know how to Search Pest Control Tulsa there you’ll find our information. You can give us a call at 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn., but just remember that when you do choose Platinum, pest & Lawn, your first service is $ 1. Yes, that is correct. You heard us correctly, your first service just $ 1, with a Platinum pass in.


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