Welcome back Strasse, walking back podcasters welcome back mothers, walk back father’s organ back kids. I will come back to Fastenal’s. Welcome back anybody, who’s! Listen to this podcast series. I was glad that you join with us today. It is our pleasure to host you. I’m in that you are chilling and listening and what screw do I say is a technology and you can basically do this anywhere right, I’m you can be on a boat somewhere. You can be on a tractor pound of a field. Next to the type a person likes to hunt, you can be in a deer stand right now. Listen to this just brought your education broadening your scope on reality at the bug situation here in the Oklahoma area, more specifically in the Tulsa area, I believe anyone we are people listening, I’m sure listening format from Texas from you can even be in Canada Or Australia, yours be in the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean on a beach she just be anywhere right. Listening to this, as long as you have the technology, but that’s what we’re doing my name is Jared Johnson.

Pest Control Tulsa I’M your host of this podcast Series II, co-founder Platinum, pass along with my beautiful amazing, wife and mother of all of our little children. We have 3 kids, currently, I’m sure we’ll have more I’m at as as as the opportunities present themselves out, but that’s who we are and that’s what we do. I mean we are Pest Control Tulsa, offering the best pest control services service in the greater Tulsa area. I’m taking care of all sorts of pest needs and all sorts of bed bugs on all sorts of a Turf needs as well.

I’m in so. If you are looking to get a Pest Control service, there are a few different ways. You can contact us number, one and probably the most popular is is just Google us or look it up online, and so the words that you’re going to want to type in order to do this, or are very simple, the three words and those three words: arrest Control Tulsa right, that’s all you have to do is type in those words, I click on the link will come out and we’ll get that taken care of for you or will answer.

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have as well. Okay, and so that’s what we do and that’s who we are right now, I’m in so give us a call if you have any questions regarding any past or if you just want to talk pass or if you want to get any I’m taking care of. We are the people to call, but you’ve got to give it a shot right. You got to give us a call going to have us come out, and so so welcome again welcome podcasters in it. If you are no stranger to this podcast series, you know that we answer up and then we asked why I question:

we give you a lot of trivia. What will ask where all sorts of trivia as far as ant spiders bed, bugs fleas, ticks dust mites? You know webworms armyworms drain flies, gnats crickets and we have all sorts of questions will give you a lot of different fun facts about taste. Podcast series is one that’s right, it’s weird, maybe a lot of facts, but we know not. All those facts are going to stay with you, that’s just life right. You know I mean if you want, or if you want to remember things, you got to ride him down or I guess that’s really why I’m so if you just Google Pest Control, Tulsa right, she got to have some skills.

You got to know how to go to Google or computer or smartphone or tablet you got to have the skills you got to be able to do that, but what you that is fairly simple to just type. In those keywords, I’m in then click on the link. Pest Control Tulsa Then we’re going to come out and get you taken care of for you. That’S the beauty of Technology. That’S the beauty of today’s world! That’S what allows us to do this right of some fun facts about at! Are there more than 12,000 species of ants all over the world right to 12000 species of ants all over the world right there? That’S just pretty remarkable ants have ears, but they think still here right well how’s that possible.

How can ants hear if they don’t have any ears? That sounds like a logical statement, while the way that they here are actually since vibrations to the ground to their feet right, that’s how ants hear they actually hit their fear. They hereby sensing that those vibrations at that are happening to her okay. So that’s: what’s that? That’S what happened so I can, but if you think this happened or if you just don’t care how ants here I just go to Google Pest Control Tulsa. That’S all you have to do. Google that I’m giving us a call we’ll come out there and we’ll take care of your aunt’s will make sure you’re answering hear anything. It will make sure they’re dead and they’re not around you by any means, but in order for that to happen, you got to give us a call again, you just got to look up Pest Control Tulsa.

Actually you know if you are driving down the Highwayi’M in if you’re thinking about this past that is bothering you or maybe you have a friend or loved one. You just know that they’re dealing with an answer with bed bugs or spiders eating up there just really bothered by him. I mean you’re just wondering what you can do to help cuz that’s what type of person you are right out if you’re listening to this podcast. That means you are, the type of person wants to help people that want to do what’s right, and so we can men that and I’m so you might be driving down the road thinking about her friend who’s dealing with bed bugs with answers.

Spiders you want to help him out and then, as you’re driving down the interstate, you look up and see that gigantic billboard how you know, which one I’m talking about it’s hard to miss one that says: Pest Control, Tulsa right, just pull over, don’t cause any wrecks to don’t. Close any access would just pull over and shut down. That number just done the information with that right and then and then give us a call cuz that’s going to be our number. Can you call us we’re happy to come out there and take care of any issues that you have or take a look at it right so often times people get flying ants, so people will see what they consider flying ants right, ants with wings usage in the Springtime and they’ll give us call and say: hey. I got ants and I got plenty ass all over the place where I actually most of the time.

Those aren’t answers are going to be termites right, but today we’re talking about you not to talk about termites, but I just so. You know termites often times he confused with ants during the Spring during the swarming season. So, if that happens to you, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone call us again. You can reach in fact you’re just going to want to get the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer and that’s going to be us and in so just Google that and give us a call, will come out and get you taken care of, but we’ll just take care, play, some ticks and spiders and ants. We take care of flies and gnats. Take care of scorpions termites silverfish, we take care of mice and rats and roaches. Pest Control Tulsa I just saw the nasty Creepy Crawlers that you just don’t want to deal with, will handle them well. Stihl weed control fertilization on The Yards will be Turf. Services will leave you with the perfect one in your God. I will Dupree merch applications will be posting, merge applications taking care of the broadleaf weeds. That’S what we’ll do for you. That’S what will help you out with it. We all stood lawn aeration, also receiving a Fescue Lawns as well, but really all you need to know if you need to know how to get ahold of us, no way that you’re going to get ahold of us has yet to Google Pest Control Tulsa. I’m giving us a call, give the shower have to come out and get taken. Care of. Your first service is just he reaches the 918-376-0857 or you can reach us online at Platinum, pest


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