Welcome podcasters. Thanks for joining us, thanks for coming back, we are thrilled ecstatic. We are just overjoyed that you’re with us were overjoyed cuz. It is the holiday season. Got Christmas upon us. Can’t forget. Christ in Christmas is the reason we have Christmas. I was for Jesus Christ to celebrate his birth, although he most likely was not born on December 25th. That is the day that we celebrate his birthday, Pest Control Tulsa but really doesn’t matter as long as you believe. Okay, so just keep that in mind celebrated do good help. Others – and I remember christ – is Christmas season in Australia or Alaska perception, or if you download the podcast, that you want to know that you could be in honey, bun, trout, fishing on a lake or golf do that so we’re doing something right. If you listen to repeat a listener here, we are pest control, Tulsa and so we’re serving in the greater Tulsa area of providing pest solution to turf solutions. Pest Control Tulsa We are family owned and operated a company, and, and so some people just cause pest control, Tulsa cuz, that’s what we started on and then that’s what that’s. What are bread and butter is w lawn services in and we leave perfect lawns. Bookbag podcasters – where have another podcast edition this morning, it’s going to be number 3 for the morning on this beautiful morning. I hope you are enjoying this area about 50 degrees, Pest Control Tulsa beautiful weather, it’s going to send Charney. Today, I’m going to be a beautiful day to be outside.

Hopefully, you guys are enjoying it, hopefully, you’re doing what you like to do. Hopefully, you are, you are doing whatever it is that you want you to make you happy and listen to podcast the same time, and so what’s great about these podcast is that you can list them anywhere as long as you either number one download them the podcast for number to have, I have internet connection on the shopping list. Do it with an internet connection so very prevalent, Pest Control Tulsa and that’s what happens with the internet connection? All this information you can get everything done for you, I’m in Sabattus, fantastic, sam, make that happen. Listen to this podcast to learn to grow up. We will spar, you, Pest Control Tulsa hopefully will make you laugh and smile at the same time and. So I am jerry Johnson, your house, so we talk about the podcast by testing. The truck needs to provide solutions to those needs. Everybody who has those issues at so we can do that, for you can make that happen for you by that, but you got to contact us. Nor to make that happen are you can reach the 918-376-0857? You can also reach online applied to pest. Hello, the podcast is welcome back to another podcast. Thank you for joining us man. We have got a warm day. A man is kind of crazy. Pest Control Tulsa Last week at temperatures drop it plugged into the twenties I’m right now. It’s already 57 degrees in temperature rises beautiful day outside. Hopefully, your listing is podcast happy summer, where you like to be, and that’s the beauty of technology.

Okay, you can listen literally, listen to this podcast anywhere, you want to be you be on bro you going to the mountain. You are anywhere that you think that you need an internet connection or you need to be able to download the podcast. Are you been up to download podcast work? Internet connection you’ll be up listening to a podcast anywhere that you choose to be a mess was so great but headphones on. You can run you do whatever you want to and listen to his podcast listen to series. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host and I’m also the founder. I with my wife, a platinum pest. Alright, the podcast was walking back to the other podcasts give me v podcast this morning in the last podcast another morning, hopefully, you’re enjoying this day on earth. Every day we have is really a blessing and a gift from god. I’m you don’t know. If it’s going to your last, I hope it’s not helping you anymore, but I would just don’t know. I’m so every day is a blessing and glad that you are awake, that you’re, happy and you’re enjoying life today, Pest Control Tulsa hopefully you’re enjoying it. Hopefully, you’re. Educating yourself, I listen is a podcast and hopefully, you are making things right. I’m hopefully making you laugh, hopefully, make you love. Hopefully, I make you chuckle, hopefully, you’re, enjoying this you’re going to need to get all the next podcast. Now I am Jared Johnson. Some people just call us pest control Tulsa because of the work that we do in the greater Tulsa area. We are a family, owned and operated company, and so we provide pest solutions and turf solutions to anyone who needs them. I’m here in the greater Tulsa area, Pest Control Tulsa and so we are happy to do it for you too, but you got to a liquor store to make that happen.

When we start my wife and I started the company and our aim or goal we founded the company many years ago, I think many years ago it was basically just six years ago. We found the company 6 years ago. Our goal was really become that the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, and I’m based on reviews, we’re doing a great job on that, I’m we need more of you, so we can always refined or service. In order to have more reviews, we need more customers, and so, if you want to be our customer, we’d appreciate that just really all you have to do is that is google pest control Tulsa and that starts will lead you to us. That’s not what you call it when you come out there we can ride. We can take care of any pest situation that you have morning lot of situations that you have to make sure things. Look very good around your home now west lawn services on we aren’t. We are cutting the grass, the services that we’re providing is we’re providing herbicides to your lawn, Pest Control Tulsa make sure the station and so are almost leave you with the perfect one in your past, but we aren’t doing any landscaping where I’m doing anything out to the yard. You know like cutting grass and putting mulch in that type of thing, but we will make it where you want it with any bugs cuz. That’s what we do. So, if you’re dealing with any bugs like spiders or answer wood, bees are carpenter, bees or dust mites or bed bugs mosquitoes or termite bugs like that. Just give us a call if you need an application to post-emergent applications on your lawn just call us. We can make that happen there for you, but for happy that you join with us on this podcast series on. Please continue to join us and want to make sure that we’re doing things right for you, and I am so what we also want you to do as you want you to email. If you have any questions, just email, music, a platinum pest


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