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I am your host Jared Johnson and I am the co-founder of platinum pest and lawn with my wife Jennifer Johnson. We are the parents of three children. Our latest was born about a month ago. Nicholas Johnson he was nine pounds five ounces was really long was like 54 inches long something crazy incredible like that OK maybe not four inches long but he was a long baby. And so that’s the newest addition to the Johnson household and the newest member of the family to platinum pest and lawn. Hopefully, he will be running a platinum pass along. And as he grows up. But that’s who we are. We are the founders of platinum pass along. You know if you google pest control so that’s who you’re going to see it’s going to be us. Go and click on that link and you’ll be able to find out all the information each about us. But we are a family-owned and operated company a local company reached 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or your reaches at Platinum pest and lawn dot com. All right. Pest Control Tulsa
Podcast if you listen to us and you call one of the things you’re a very smart individual. But you know that we get a lot of you to know we’ve talked and all sorts of different bugs we’ve talked to on dust mites.
You know tiësto family bed bugs brown spiders black widow spiders you name it.
You know we’ve talked about it and so today we’re actually talking audience snow we’re talking and the last few podcasts bored continue on with this for for for a number of podcasts in the future because there are so many ants here in the Tulsa area and this is one of the biggest. Well, it is what we get most calls on in early spring is going to be there and actually older sand that is turning that get in the home. So that happens to you if you’re dealing with ants or if you just want the best pest control Tulsa call us. You reached the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 will answer any questions that you have. We’ll give you tips.
But most of all if you want to take care of the problem we’re going to take care of it that way. You don’t have to do that. You can go on with your life and actually enjoy your life.
OK so listen do you know we’re no stranger to trivia and fun facts when dealing with bugs. And we have some fun facts coming that she’s strong with these hands now. You know we’ve asked you questions before. Fun facts before like how long can a church life with its head cut off. How long can a roach hold its breath? Pest Control Tulsa
All sorts of questions are fun facts fun trivia out there. So we’ve gone over how many different species there are bands all over the world. And that answers me about 12000. So there are about 12000 different species of beings all around the world. We have quite a few of them here in the Oklahoma area some of whom Mercury more popular than others.
Now we talk about how much ants can live. So if a second-grader was it was actually an ant you know a kid it could live 20 times body weight which is about equivalent to a car. It’s a good thing. Second graders are not. And a good thing. And also it’s next and you know they flip because of the car pretty crazy too glad that shenanigans not happening here.
I will tell you that much. We talk to a queen and some of the responsibilities some can live for years and have millions of babies which does not sound like a fun job to me. But that’s their purpose. And you know they’re very social creatures so very social insects. And so we talk about how they communicate. They hear directly to their legs which is really interesting so they don’t have ears. But yet they still are able to hear. And they do that through the legs which I don’t suggest you try that at home if you try and hear through your legs or your feet. It’s probably not going to happen but if you are dealing with paths or if you’re dealing with it.
And next time you’re driving by that billboard that says pest control Tulsa. That’s just that just pull over and get the name or give the number give us a call we’ll help you with any issues that you might be dealing with at the time. And really make sure that that you don’t deal with them in the future. And also create keep leave pheromone trails behind. Very popular with the fans. It’s one reason why you see them walking in line. Walk the Line. That’s because they’re leaving those pair pheromones behind and that which we discussed was a similar belief in signs or post notes. Everywhere you go. So you’re just leaving that stuff everywhere you go. So that’s what they do. That’s one way communicates it’s fine.
Is it going to be to the death? All right.
So it’s not like you and your neighbor going out and maybe have some words or word maybe you’ll bite your tongue go inside and vent your spells with is totally different when they fight.
It’s usually to death. So here’s the challenge Tulsa. Pest Control Tulsa
If you see ants fighting to the death first of all filming you know your phone record it would be a pretty unique situation. And then pick up your phone call or pick up the phone. I’m grim. Google pest control Tulsa you’ll see us on there. Click on our Web site will come out there and get that taken care of you after the fights are done will come out there and medicate the rest of them so that way you don’t have to deal with your deal with that you want to deal with with the answer there.
Now here are some interesting facts. You
know we talked a little bit about Queens. Now queen and have wings but they shed the wings where they start so similar and turn. She might see too many warmers happening in early spring. The low ground they’ll swarm and they’ll drop their wings. Ok similar with the queen and they have wings but when they certainly nest they actually drop those wings then it’s time to start laying eggs. All right. Time to start having the babies because that’s what’s going to happen.
With those questions. Now I know. I bet you know this. OK, so it’s still half years. They don’t have lungs as well. OK, so they don’t have ears. They don’t have lungs. These things are like aliens. Man. So those crazy but they still need the oxygen to move around they need oxygen to live. So how does that happen? They don’t have lungs. Well, the answer is they actually have tiny little hairs all over their body. OK. Tiny little hairs all over the body. Think how weird that would look if we had tiny little holes all over our body. Well and that’s how they used to go to the auction actually enters into the tiny holes and also the carbon dioxide leaves. Those same holes. So pretty unique kind of like you breathe your mouth in you exhale too. Now they have tiny holes in their body they don’t have lungs. And I guess it just kind of absorb it. Right. It’s in the carbon dioxide. That’s pretty crazy. Now here’s something for you that we talked about Queensland when the queen of a colony dies. All right. So when the queen dies how long would the colony killing survive. OK. What do you think is a one week one month. Is it one year or so with no Queen. How can it how long can an ant colony survive without a point.
Well here’s the answer. It’s using only just a few months. Now the Queensway actually it’s very rare that the coins are going to be replaced and the workers are actually not able to reproduce. And so this is pretty crazy.
And so that’s what’s happening in the world. So Queens once again they are they drop their wounds when they’re ready to start a nest. And if that happens to die then the whole colony is going to die right. They can only survive a few months without their beloved queen.
So here’s the situation Tolles if you see a queen in it or you see ants with wings or termites with wings Well the situation is what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to google pest control Tulsa and there you will click on us will be number one will be top in Google click on us so we can come out there and take care of your infestation. Any issues that you’re dealing with but we’ll just stop there. We don’t just treat France you know we treat for spiders we treat brown spiders black spiders we treat for fleas ticks mosquitoes are a treat for armyworms, webworms, for termites treat for mercy to brown clueless black widows you name it.
If you haven’t if it’s bugging you you just let us know and we’ll come out there and treat it we’ll get it taken care of so you don’t have to. Now, remember with planting M-Pesa long we’re going to leave you at the perfect line. Also, your pest will be gone but we do that. MR Chee does strategic treatments we customized treatments until Hesperides needs them in their homes. Not only do we do that but we also do weed control as well.
Clean margin implications with post-merger applications we treat for broadleaf weeds and we treat Grassie such as crabgrass Daos grass and pull in Sage.
We treat all sorts of different types of grasses all sorts of different types of weeds. We also fertilize the yards is very important as well so put out fertilizer.
We will also and we will also not only put out the fertilizers for you but will treat for broadleaf with as well as erudition or area yard will also receive the yard as well.
So if you’re looking for any of those services.
Go and google us. Pest Control Tulsa will come out and get that taken care of for you that way you don’t have to. And remember with us your first service is only one dollar. So platinum pest and long leave you with a perfect lawn.
Here we are. I’m sorry about your past.


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