Welcome back Tulsa welcome back to another podcast. I am just thrilled that you were following along that you were listening today, I’m to this podcast. That tells me that you are moving along in life. That tells me you want to better your situation. It could tell me that you are just so fed up with dealing with the past and around your home that you’re willing to do anything, but but but you what you doing right now is you’re putting the right and bow in Your Arsenal. As you are educating yourself and really learning and finding out all about the different past, I’m in the Tulsa area really find out which Pest Control Tulsa is going to be the right company for you to choose to come out there and take care of your past Or even possibly I did do it yourself and be able to prevent them from coming into your home and on your property, so you’re making the right move Tulsa right now.

because you are tuning in to the best podcast I’m dealing with with with past here in the Tulsa area, so we are platinum Pest & Lawn. We are Tulsa’s premier pest control company. We are a family-owned and operated the company. I’m Jared Johnson, I’m your host today for this podcast series and I am co-founder Platinum pass along with my beautiful and amazing wife, Jennifer Johnson right and so that’s who we are. We are a family-owned and operated company servicing the greater Tulsa area. Now, if you’re looking for service, if you’re looking to eliminate any past issues around your home or if you want to keep the weeds down looking to have your yard, looking like the old the yard of the month.

there’s a couple of ways for you to get it Get in touch with us, she can give us a call at 918-376-0857 or visit us online at Platinum, pest & Lawn, alright, Tulsa or anywhere else you’re, actually in Oklahoma City can be in Canada, you for being Australia. I don’t know where you’re at but today, but actually, if you listen to any of our podcast, you know we are no strangers to trivia right with us all sorts of different trivia questions like how high can a flea jump, who asked about termites how much can termites Eat how much destruction they caused over course of a year. We’Ve asked all sorts of different questions related to a bug, so we usually continue that and keep that going near, such as we’re talking about ants. Today, we’ve been talking for a little while I’m so we’re going to have some fun facts here with dealing with the answer, really, all you need to know how to do is you need to know how to go to Google and type in Pest Control Tulsa right, this is, will just keep it simple.

Just know how to do that. So as long as you know how to do that, yet those basic skills – and you can accomplish that – then good things are going to happen because you’re going to be able to get a hold of us and we’re going to be able to come out and eliminate  Pest Control Tulsa any Pest Control issues that you might have as well keep your house looking good as far as the past go. So today we are talking about trivia with answers trivia questions was how much weight can an ant lift? Will the answer is they can live 20 times their own bodyweight? Okay, so what that’s equivalent to a greater percent good, wasn’t and or if they were as strong as an ant, then be able to lift a car right? And so, if you see any ants walk around or let’s say second graders walk around that really look like ants and you see him picking up cars in the Tulsa area, I do not hesitate for seeing you need to do.

Are you need to call the cops to call some First Responders? We are happy to be the second responders in that situation. I’m so after you call the cops I best thing for you to do is to look up Pest Control Tulsa right! That’S how you going to get our information and that’s how you’re going to call us so that way we can come out and get that taken care of. However, if they are at big ants like how did Penny answers so, I will probably leave that to the police officers and firemen and really add really tranquilizers right.

That’S next to me: what’s going to subdue, though so, let’s just hope that that doesn’t happen right, and so that’s how strong hands are now here’s a fun fact for you did you know a chance to not have ears what ants don’t have ears will how do They hear how do they communicate right or they do right. They have other ways of communication, but they don’t have ears backdate here, quotations around the hereby filling vibrate by feeling vibrations from the ground in their feet right to their feet, since the vibrations are happening throughout your in the ground and that’s how they’re able to fill it out how they’re able to communicate that’s one way they were able to communicate with this one way that they’re able to sense things right, I’m! So if you see, if you see some ants, walk around, hopefully, they’re, not in your house or on your property, but if they are next time you’re driving by that billboard.

You know which one I’m talking about, there’s a number of them here in the Tulsa area, but any billboard that you drive by that sayest Control Tulsa just pull over and then that information and give us a call because that’s going to be our billboard. This to me this year way to get in contact with us, okay, so that that’s what we’re doing – and so that’s one way the ants actually at here – they actually hear through vibration, so they sense vibrations, right and so here’s the problem the people run into Here in the Tulsa area, we get a lot of rain.

This is called Green Country right, so we get a lot of rain and so green areas. A lot of vegetation, it’s conducive to load, the different types of pass, I’m so so conducive to answer, but also when you do get a lot of rain. What that does often times at Del push ants and other unwanted past ain’t, your home. So if that’s happened to you or if you know a friend that that is happening to don’t hesitate any longer give them our information the way that they are going to find here information, I missed by searching pest control Tulsa, and that is how they’re going to give me a contact with us will be able to come out and make sure they don’t do what the answer to make sure the ants at go down.

They just don’t have to mess with those ants in the future right, and so that’s what we will do now. Here’S the thing we don’t just take care of ants Tulsa. We take care of spiders like brown, recluse spiders black widow, spiders house flies gnats drain flies. we take care of moths, scorpions termites, subterranean termites flying Termites Termites with wings ants with wings on we take care of mosquitoes roaches who can afford it. Roaches right Joe Brown, cockroaches oriental cockroaches, a whole array of ropes. We take care of, we take care of fleas and ticks in grubs. We take care of so many pests it isI’m. We also do we control sweetie waiting for the relation to apply pre-emergent applications in your yard.

I will fertilize the yard to keep it looking green. We will take care of crabgrass Dallisgrass at broadleaf weeds, like henbit oven, so we take care of all sorts of different passing. All different sorts of different weeds around your home, but what you need to know is that if you have passed your lawn needs, all you have to do is is: is Google Pest Control Tulsa and then give us a call? You’Ll see our website? It’S Platinum! Pest & Lawn. Calm your riches at 918-376-0857, but just remember when you give us a call. Your first service is just $ 1. Yes, you heard that correctly Platinum pass along your first service, just $ 1


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