Welcome back. So welcome back to the podcast edition you are turning in to the quick podcast station to the one that’s going to bring you the information that you need in order to keep your family and your pets safe for one wanted to be passed here in the Tulsa area.
Why have your host chair, Johnson? I am the co-founder of platinum pest along with my lovely wife Jennifer Johnson formerly known as Jennifer Gaylord. We are the parents of three lovely children. God will most likely bless us with some more before we’re done but we are happy where we’re at right now. Raising our children and happy to be able to provide also with the best pest control service and the best lawn care around. So if you don’t know who we are we are family owned and operated company. We are pest control Tulsa. We are the premier pest control company in the Tulsa area. That is on online at Platinum pest and Lynda.com. Or you can reach us on. Or you can give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 OK. And podcast. If you’ve been tuning in you know that we have done lots of podcast recently. We’ve done a lot on bed bugs. Bedbugs are a hot topic. A lot of people talk to us about that. So people call us about that because they’re scared they’re frightened the bed bugs are messing with their minds they can’t sleep well at night and that’s very common so we get lots of calls on that. So it’s a regular occurrence. And so that’s why we dedicate some of the podcast to the bed bug scenario. But know just take care of bed bugs take care termites mosquitoes spiders ants armyworms, webworms, bagworms. I mean you name it we’re going to take care. OK. You know we eradicate the past that way.
You guys don’t have to deal with it. But recently we’ve been talking a lot about roaches. We’re going to probably this podcast with roaches and probably the next three after simply dealing with roaches. We have quite a few Roach calls that we get here in the Tulsa area. Most of the time people find this what they’re doing is they’re Googling pest control Tulsa and they’ve seen us come up on the first page. And number one they’re on Google so that clicking on a link and we are coming down and we’re taking care of them we’re getting eradicated. We’re taking care of the other roaches taking care of the bugs taking care of the spiders. So people don’t have to deal with them. And that’s one thing with the roaches. We’ve talked a little bit about some trivia with them but one thing they do is they bring a lot of diseases I mean rats can live up to a week without ahead. You know the kind of tells you how resilient this past is how resilient they can be and they been around for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Right. We don’t know that. They’ve been tough enough to survive. The one thing that we do not want to have happened is we do not want them to survive in your home near your family. That’s just wrong. Right.
And so if you are dealing with roaches or if you know someone that they’re dealing with we’re just maybe a loved one or friend or a coworker you know maybe someone should to work and you saw Roach crawl out there call their jacket. It happens. We were in a lot of infestations that are so severe that roaches are literally crawling over people in pain. And so that’s happening to you or if you know someone that’s happening to Google pest control. So give us a call we’ll come out there will eradicate the issue that way you don’t have to mess with it that way does to spread diseases to you or to your home or to your loved ones. OK. And so there’s a lot of facts about it. Like I said they’ve been around for thousands of years. Maybe I should change it to millions of years because they’ve actually been around since the time of the dinosaurs. They’re that ancient that. All right. So you know we talk to how birds can live a week without it’s without its head. But did you know that Ruge can live up to a month without food so it can live almost a month without food and you can live about two weeks without water? So put that you know put it to combine those so I can live a very long time in than home. I mean we’ll have calls from people who move into a home the homes vacant and there are roaches everywhere and they’re curious as to what they’re eating what they’re feeding off of. But first of all, what they do is when they move in the home what they’re going to call pest control Tulsa which of course is us as we are the best pest control company in the Tulsa area. Pest Control Tulsa
And so that’s why they’re calling us and that’s why we’re the road specialists that are going to go out and take care of the situation. But don’t ask ok. The husband was informed. How are they living? He’s been thinking for months. Well, things happen right. So usually there is water somewhere whether it’s a drippy boss or somebody there’s usually moisture somewhere where they can get a drink right. So that’s going to put it past the two-week mark. But also as far as food goes I mean really glue all the glue off wallpaper books. I mean they prefer organic materials but nonorganic materials also. So sometimes there is food for them to eat to feed on and eat. But then also what happens let’s say some of those roaches died because of starvation or let’s say there’s some They’re just a little bit weaker. All the other roaches are going to prey upon those weaker roaches and they’re going to eat them. Right. And so there’s going to be food for them and they’re going to reproduce. So it’s a vicious cycle so roaches can actually live a long time in a baking home because they still are able to get the resources that they do need. But that’s how far and how long they can live in control in a controlled circumstance without water and without food. So but really the thing is is that if you are seeing roaches or if you’re dealing with roaches. You just don’t want to mess with them or deal with them. Go ahead next time try that billboard that says pest control Tulsa.
Pullover and jot down the name and the number that’s us call us that way we can eradicate those virtues for you or your friend’s house or your coworker’s house. OK. But here’s the thing is you don’t want to bring roaches back with you. We’ve been called out to service homes or homes that have been vacant. I remember one particular where we went in there was a vacant home that need to be cleaned now that the people couldn’t clean them out because there were so many roaches. There were thousands upon thousands upon thousands of roaches in the house. You walk into the home and the walls are crawling. OK. Literally crawling ceilings crawling. I opened the refrigerator and there was absolutely nothing but roaches. It’s kind of like something out of a horror movie but that happens because roaches are prolific breeders and breed extremely fast. And before you know it the first patient kind of gets out of control and gets out of hand. So even if your home isn’t that bad even if you suspect you have roaches or even if you don’t think you know versus But you want to make sure that you do not get the roaches. The best thing to do is search for yourself search. Pest Control Tulsa. You’ll find us and they call us up we’ll give you all the information that you need to know. I’m answering questions that you might have as well. And that way you don’t have it with the roaches at your house or anywhere else. And you know in that way you don’t have to worry about bringing them back into your home as well. If you visit some places actually with roaches. Pest Control Tulsa
Well, my wife and I went to school. We went to college in Hawaii and there was a hotel down the street that was just loaded with roaches. Everybody knew it. And eventually, that hotel did get torn down but it was absolutely infested with roaches. And it was a tough thing to get rid of. It would cost a fortune to get those roaches but the risk that they ran into is their test so they’re just staying in the hotel room.
But what happens is roaches would crawl on him or crawl in their bags and they were transported back to their home. So traveling across the seas and the next thing you know their home gets infested with roaches and it gets to be really good to be a bad situation. So don’t let that happen if you’re traveling home. Google pest control Tulsa call us up we’ll give you all the tips that you need. Now that’s going to help you out with dealing with traveling and roaches. But we will just take care of roaches. You know we take care of bed bugs we take care of spiders we take care and we take care of scorpions silverfish we take care of termites we take care of moles and go first. We take care of lice. We take care of gnats dragonflies webworms, armyworms, bagworms you name it we’re going to take care of we’ll be able to care for you. So if you’re dealing with any of those issues or even want control like pretty much any applications or treating for broadleaf Let’s say you have Dallas grass or crabgrass or Hynd bit you know broadleaf weeds or if you want fertilization put on your lawn or on your tour go to Google pest control Tulsa you’ll see us on there. Just click on the link on call us up and set up an appointment with us. We’re happy to come out there. I’m writing past issues that you have but also make the yard look good. Remember when you used platinum person we’re going to leave you with the perfect lawn and your pets gone.
Give us a call at 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the web. Platinum pest and lawn dot com boom member when you call us. If you use plan whenever you use us or our receptionist Jackie super’s we will get all of your information and we will simply employ it first to come out and then an appointment will actually one dollar. Yes, that’s correct. You heard of your first service that platinum pest and lawn is just one.


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