Hello podcasters, thank you for joining with this. Today it is a beautiful morning when is groundhog day today, fellas yeah I bet. You didn’t know that we’re maybe didn’t know that maybe groundhog day could be your favorite holiday. Some people like Christmas at people like thanksgiving, to go like Halloween. Those are some people’s favorite holidays. Maybe your favorite holiday is groundhog day and if so, that’s cool, that’s cool. We got nothing but love. For you know. Groundhog Scott can look up to you know: I mean that kind of hard having a holiday, that’s overshadowed by I, don’t know the bird celebrating the birth of our savior is going to be tough to be the groundhog.

But you know he’s got to get some love too. So maybe it is your favorite day, but in case you’re wondering the groundhog did not see his shadow again. The groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so he ran back into his whole head for 6 more weeks of winter.

Okay, do you hear that six more weeks of winter in case you’re wondering if you might have affected by well guess what the bugs are? Still going to be there, you know it’s a misconception that bugs die off good hard freezes I’m even in the cooler months, as you got to give us a call, I’m just cold and really, but you really do it yourself to really find the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, and so that is going to be up to you to start that certain order that works off at that search will bleed your way did: yard direction. My name is Jared I’m on the hostess podcast series, I’m also founded platinum pest & lawn, my wife, Jennifer Joyce johnson.

Also, I was a co-founder involved with the company, and so she is done amazing things we are where we are today because of her. She is aka a superwoman. She handles it all. He knows our three children and then also I, get to work and get it done and she’s beautiful. How about that and she’s beautiful, yes, I know I, know I, know I want we got it all robins, so we are what we got it all here. Somehow convince her to marry me swifter up, got her and that’s all she wrote guys, but anyway, so we are. We are ptosis premier pest control company to provide pest, solutions and turf solutions to those in the greater Tulsa area, and she might ask yourself well who needs pest control, who needs turf, management services. Will the answer? Is everybody does really it’s very important that you do have it done at you? Do? Have it taken care of and I’m so going to get on top of that go ahead and get that going to get that started.

I bet you can actually find us if you just google pest control Tulsa. That search leads to us, but you got to have skills like computer skills, not so much nunchuck skills, but you have to have some tech skills me. The Chatfield turn on a computer go to the search engine and type in that are the keywords that you need. That should be all the skills that you need I’m in order make it happen, but yes, but we can do that for you thanks for coming today, thanks for listening I’m now, it’s stressed out because that you don’t remember everything right this podcast week later, I might think of something really cool. That was in that podcast that I know I just want to share it. But I can’t remember how I don’t remember what it was. It happens more, the older we get. So she answers.

You do not remember everything that that that is said during this podcast. That’s alright! What you need to know how to get in contact with us lots of different ways to get in contact with us. Others lots of flyers going around telling him I see what your door shut. I see, what your mail mailers have any pest, control Tulsa and say that information, your phone, that way it’s nice and simple nice for you to grab whenever you do, need it but looks like you know: groundhogs get fleas. I have no idea of groundhogs get fleas. If you want to know if groundhogs get fleas, that’s completely up to you, but to me, I, don’t care how many groundhogs here in Oklahoma near the Tulsa area and what I care about is what you care about and what you care about is the things that that are happening around you and your area in your home and that you probably care about staying pest-free in your home and possibly having a perfect lot.

But if that’s you, if you do care about having the perfect, lawn and seeing past freak in the past go, do you need a contact I? Would you make it super simple for you next time, you’re driving down the road down the interstate i-44 2244 wherever you’re driving? And you see the big old billboard that says Pest Control Tulsa about it, don’t be a jerk, don’t be one of those guys right or gals, just pull over the kind, be a gracious use! Your blinker uses your signal input on your hazard lights and obeys all state and federal laws when you pull over and then just so why it so make whatever you pull over.

You might actually see some bugs swarming around your car if it’s early spring by use, heat or termites swarming, don’t want to deal with it well if you do not want that happening to you and your life and I’m. So what you got to do is you got to make sure that you do not do termites? If you think you might have her mind or if you just want to make sure you do not get termites that you do get in contact with us, give us a call in order to make that happen a lot safer way.

You can get in contact with his luck. He will just refer. Unsporting good store, circle, you’re, all right again at any of the searches that you do on your own, where you look for the best pest control Tulsa those searches are going to lead you straight to our company and of course you did you pass control when you general pass like cockroaches right, oriental, cockroaches, cockroaches, mice, and rats, we take care of fleas and ticks. We take your webworms and armyworms. Take care of an of houseflies at the big one. House flies fruit flies drink line. We take care of you and make sure that it happened.

We did not deal with it. Termites are huge over here. Also, bed bugs right bed bug out applications permit applications, another big job, I’m we’re happily doomed to make sure that they don’t mess with you make sure that you don’t you know I hate being around your home. We also do spiders ants neighbor. We take care of a scorpion, silverfish, centipede, Pest Control Tulsa lawn care as well, so I will replace her besides out there in the yard. Would you post emergency tree for broadleaf, weeds, dallisgrass, crabgrass, nutsedge, grassy, weeds all over the seat for fescue lawns I will do lawn aeration as well I’m? So if you want the service you got to get this call so just go and go to your computer and google pest, control Tulsa does a search will take you here to find the best long. We want to leave you the perfect lawn and you’re pissing on your first service. Only $1 Pest Control Tulsa


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