Good morning podcasters, this is Jacqueline Bollinger with Platinum pest & Lawn Care in Collinsville Oklahoma. I am so pleased to be your host this morning for this podcast today on this beautiful November morning, and I am so glad that you just want to learn more about what Platinum is all about and what we do here and how we do it. No, we are Pest Control Tulsa. That is our goal to service the greater Tulsa area for pest & Lawn Care here, and we are a wonderful team here in Collinsville, I’m a run and owned by Jennifer and Jared Johnson and. We want to make sure that you know that we’re a family-owned and family-run company and you can contact us for your needs at 918-376-0857 and we will always have your family’s concerns and safety in mind when we are out servicing your home. You can also search S4, you know any past care needs online at Pest Control, Tulsa or pest & Lawn. Calm, and we will come right out and take care of whatever you’re having trouble with, and I just want to take a minute to address an issue. Pest Control Tulsa That most of my friends and family have been having lately and what is struggling with the gift-giving. I know that everybody’s doing a lot of Christmas shopping right now, getting it done, early that’s, always a good thing, and there are their days where, where you don’t know what you’re going to get in you don’t know what to do and you want to make it memorable, but you know if you have a family, where everyone has what they need and you’re just lucky enough to have that. That’S wonderful! I always like to sit by the fire with my family personally and listen to some wonderful Christmas albums and I usually have someone that has a lovely Voice last year. I think it was a Dell that we listen to. We Listen to Adele’s Christmas, album that she came out with, and this year we have a few artists going to come out with their own brand new Christmas albums, and if this isn’t something that you want to get someone for a gift, I would highly recommend playing It during Christmas dinner or I’m just dating or you know, I’m wrapping those gifts and let me see for 2017 Sierra, the new, the new and Rising singer Sia. If any of your family members are a fan of her, she has come out with a Christmas album.

This year, that would be wonderful to listen to, and I personally always suggest Pentatonix or Pentatonix, and they are, I think, they’re Christmas albums are always so wonderful and we have listened to them two years in a row. I believe for our Christmas dinner and unwrapping a ceremony at our home and if you just want to put on the fire search some Indoor S’mores and play them at a nice, reasonable volume. In the background, they would be great for the holiday season and I’ve always got to go and suggest this, but I’m not sure if Michael Buble has come out with a Christmas album. He typically does. But any Christmas album by Michael Buble is always just very Charming. Very Wonder – and I would definitely recommend playing Michael Buble for your family know that I have no suggestions out of the way I feel free to take a minute and think about all of the gifts that you might be getting your family members this year And what the Pest Control Tulsa what the ambiance of your Christmas day or is going to be like cuz? I am hyped up for it. I’m super excited. I know what I want to talk to you about today, or just a different type of pest or category of them anyway, and where they are flies or fly in the fly family, of course, Pest Control Tulsa and it not many people know about this with these do exist in North America, or at the Oklahoma area, and that’s all there flies Dobson flies and fish flies now these are found in Oklahoma and they are very odd-looking. Md. They’re Pest Control Tulsa, not something common. But if you do find yourself seen a strange bug – and you like what’s that, just know that we can definitely come out there take care of that for you and you can just call us in and say hey. I think I’ve got one of these guys roaming around my home, but the dobsonflies alderflies fish flies. Are you know there are about 43 species of these types of flies that are in North America alone and 300 species worldwide. Now that is not very many whatever you think about the amount of where the types of beetles there are like 300,000 types of beetles worldwide, which is in men’s.

So these are not common, not very common at all, but they do feature long antennae and compound eyes, and they are, they all have two sets of wings and they enjoy them. They look like they’re lying flat, whatever they’re laying down or whatever they’re standing on something and I’m, let’s start with the fish fry the fish, why it doesn’t seem who did Phish? Why doesn’t it seem to be a very common one around the area? Fish fry does not eat fish, that’s not how they got their name, but the insect is aquatic and it does eat plant matter and it does reside in areas with water. So what it does look like is, it has a long body and it would blend in with leaves and trees cuz, it’s a brownish kind of Capri color, and it has long little legs and some long antennae, of course, and they’re generally noticed for their large size. They may belong, but they are large and they seem kind of uncoordinated when they fly like their kind of missing something, and they do have what you would consider a bug. Pest Control Tulsa Type jaw like I’m mandible. It looks like a claw and they do have a splotchy brown coloration, and these are not going to be something you’d worry about. Unless you live near a large body of water in near lot of hanging vegetation, I’m or vegetation that is near water and they aren’t necessarily and considered a nuisance pest. Pest Control Tulsa But if you do get enough of them that they can become a nuisance to you. So they are in the same category as dragonflies and water beetles, and they do get drawn to lights on your home. So again, those yellow light bulbs are going to be what you’re wanting for your home whenever looking for anything in the countryside – and we also have the dobsonfly and this guy has a long, thin body dinner and then last one, and he too has a mandible or A claw-like job they do bite and that can be very, very Troublesome and worrisome for lots of people and you do feel it whenever they do bite because it’s kind of like a pincer from a crawdad. That’S the feeling of it and they do look a bit scary. Pest Control Tulsa Whenever you first come up to them. They do.

The males do seem to have a tentacle-like appendage for their mouth part. But again the males are not the ones that bite the females are the ones that do the biting and where they can be found. Is there mostly Airborne? They have larvae that live underwater and they do feed on tadpoles whenever they’re in there or small fish. Whenever, before they hatch – and they are in the same family as the dragonfly and stonefly, they do start of centipedes early on in life. So if you do see, centipede some might not stay centipede and we do offer services for. Would you offer services for centipede removal and for any flying insect removal? We also offer ant removal or whether you have black ants or sugar. Ants are red ants. We offer removal of any type of general pest that you have a man.. You can always search our services by searching Pest Control Tulsa and looking up our website Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com. Again. Are you can always contact us at 918-376-0857 to get booked for your first appointment, and your first appointment with us is going to be $ 1. A lot of people can be skeptical about that, but we do want your first service to be $ 1. We wanted to be memorable and we want our customer service to be the best that I possibly can. So that is a no brainer offer. Everybody so feels free to give us a call, and once again thank you so much for listening. I hope that you enjoyed all of those facts and tidbits about that particular range of fly families and just have a wonderful evening. I really mean I I mean that and enjoy your Christmas holiday. Thank you so much.


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