We are platinum pest and lawn. I’m your host Jared Johnson and if you’re a regular podcast you’re you know my name you know things about me. You know we have based out a loss of service in the greater Tulsa area. You know that I am married to my co-founder to my beautiful wife spouse mother of our three little children and co-founder of platinum pest and lawn. In fact, you know that yesterday was our anniversary or ninth anniversary and we were happy to celebrate and we’re happy to share that with you guys. But welcome podcasters I’m sure you’ve been listening to the podcast. And hopefully, you have been. If so you’re going to have. All sorts of information about bugs and about and that are found here around the Tulsa area. Pest Control Tulsa
Symptoms that you might be dealing with some purrs that your neighbors might be dealing with some pest you might not be dealing with. We take care of it all here at Platinum past and on that fact we are pest control Tulsa and we will take care of any pest issues that you have. So you don’t have to deal with them so you don’t have to mess with them. And oftentimes you don’t have the right products. You know that you’re not able to be bought over the counter so you can get the job done. Like like like you’d really like to. But anyway the best thing to do is to call the professionals that are going to be US platinum pest and lawn reaches 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you can find us on the web. At platinum.
On dot com Hi podcasters if you’d been joining us and welcome anybody who is new. Welcome. But if you have joined us you know that we are no stranger to Pest trivia such as how many legs does a spider have.
How many things can this spider play?
We talked about the fleas of mice and cockroaches. Like how long can Cocker’s live with its head cut off? Yeah, it’s really amazing how much they can help how long they can live in ants.
Right. If you were an ant or if you had a second grader that was needed to be able to lift up a car. Pest Control Tulsa
So all sorts of little fun facts come in with insects with past. But today it’s all so weird and we talk about bedbugs. Talked about bed bugs last couple podcast and we’re going continue to talk about bad bugs. And so we’re going to do. But we are pest control tools.
And so we are going to take care of any bed bugs that you might be seeing if you think that you have bed bugs or you just suspect you might wake up with the little red bumps. Your kids might wake up with a little red I mean you might not know where those bones are coming from you might suspect that they’re there from chiggers or maybe they’re from mosquitoes because the kids were playing outside or maybe you recently found out that somebody had bedbugs you guys stayed and that your kids might’ve stayed over there. But those are all ways that all indicators to get your home inspected early are inspected for bedbugs.
Right. And so you do not want these guys you not want that bugs. And so if you do suspect that she had that bugs you might see some droppings on the mattress areas or you might have taken a flashlight. But if you do suspect that you do have that bugs go. Google pest control Tulsa. Click on our link give us a call we’ll come out. We’ll get it taken care of for you. You don’t have to mess with it. You don’t have to have to worry about any infestation happen at your home. So we talked about bedbugs. You talk about how people get home.
You know they get their name because they’re oftentimes found around dead. And they are bugs but. But they’re found. You know all sorts of places that humans interact with. And also places humans live.
So hotels motels airplanes airports and they’re just found everywhere couches furniture off Hesburgh people bring them into the home to the furniture by bringing furniture into the home. You know I had a soldier call me a great military guy and in fact, he stayed in a hotel and he realized that the hotel had bed bugs and he was pretty upset at the situation.
And what he did is he because he was leaving the next day he Googled pest control Tolles and we came up and he clicked on us. We came out there and spects stuff. He had taken all of his clothes and he put them in the backpack and they put them in the trunk of his car. And so they can be found in cars too. So he called us up. He wanted us to come to inspect them. Pest Control Tulsa
All his belongings. Yes. So he agreed to bring it. Pest Control Tulsa
The bed bugs back to his house. You know we treat his vehicle we want to make sure that he stayed bedbug-free because the last thing you want is to bring the infestation back to you.
But it happens all the time. You know for people staying overnight you know whether it’s at a friend’s house or family’s home.
Or in a hotel maybe someone’s been traveling overseas or maybe somewhere close like Cincinnati OH MY GOSH Cincinnati’s is the strongest population of bedbugs in the United States.
And so and so but the thing is people bring them back. But you want to make sure that you do not bring them back. So what you do is you got to do what our good friend did.
Google pest control Tulsa and he gave us a call. And that way we went out there and took care of his bed bug scenario we made sure that he didn’t have bed bugs and that he wasn’t bringing them back to his family so his kids could get good.
As well. And so welcome Tosin. We have a guest now. My son Cooper Johnson just came downstairs he woke up as we mentioned before we are early morning tells us has not come up yet. The son has not decided to wake up his own mom has not happened. And so the son has not picked up over the horizon. But guess what the Johnson clan is up well I said. Johnson clams up. I mean me. Jerry Johnson your host and also my son my wonderful son Cooper Johnson Cooper. Right now we’re talking about bedbugs and so that’s where we’re going over and we’re doing a podcast so Tulsa can hear about bed bugs and we’re educated about that. Yes. And Cooper there has had a stuffed animal Tiger and he said he bets the stuffed animal Tiger can eat the bedbugs if the tiger is real the bed bugs he could eat the bedbugs.
I guess the bed bugs could eat him also. But also speaking of stuffed animals that are one way that that bugs or brine into the home is to the stuffed animals. And so if you just received a bunch of stuffed animals from someone you want them inspected go and give us a call Google pest control.
Tulsa will come out inspect and make sure you don’t have the bugs right. You do know what those bedbugs. No way. Yeah.
And you know I mean if you just received any furniture from anyone or let’s see buy and use furniture maybe off Craig’s List or some other web site or let’s say you know they gave you furniture.
You do not want to get the bedbugs. I’m not saying you can’t have furniture. I’m not saying you can’t ever buy furniture but there are precautions you take me to inspect it. You know how to inspect it. But if you just don’t know how or if you just don’t want to deal with it you want to leave up to the professionals. Pest Control Tulsa
That’s fine. That’s smart. I’m going to google pest control also.
Give us a call we’re going to come out and inspect the area. Oh half. Of.
Them. Ok, that was coming from Kuper Johnson. He said you did not want to live in an old home because that’s where bedbugs live. Bedbugs do live in old homes they also live in New homes. They can live anywhere where they have a meal and they’re ready to eat. So don’t let that home be yours. OK. If you’re looking for the best pest control in Tulsa look no farther call us you can reach us at Platinum pest and lawn dot com.
You can also give us a call at 9 1 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. But listen to also not only deal with bedbugs. We take care of fleas we take care ticks you know we’ll treat the yard for all sorts of bugs like grubs ants odors ants carpenter ants brown spiders black widow spiders wolf spiders all sorts of spiders. I’ll take care of the moles. We’ll take care of crickets.
I will take care of grub worms armyworms webworms and take care of mice with you trying white silk. I think I am. Happy.
Correct. That’s right Kuper said. He can take care of the crickets. He loves them. He catches them when he sees grasshoppers and crickets, in fact, they make great bait for perch Rice to take a kid fishing catch some of those grasshoppers take them fishing and that way they’ve got they’ve got great bait.
But we take care of termites. You know we take care of all sorts of bugs mosquitoes.
We do pest control we do we control we do pre-merge applications post-merger applications for the broadleaf we do every session we do.
We control fertilizer anyways platinum passed along we’re going to leave you with the perfect length and your past is gone. Give us a call 9:28 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. And your first service is only one.


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