Hello, podcasters welcome back. It has been a while since I have steps the Boost to the podcast has been a few days when it’s been well over a week. Man, in the end, is it feels good to be back with. You today feels good that you’re joining me today that you’ve decided to spend your time listening to this. Listen, this podcast that you can be doing anything else. You want to the world, but right now, you’re taking the time out to better yourself to better educate yourself and to better your situation and her take time out to podcast, which we really appreciate. Thank you for doing that. I am Jared Johnson, I’m your host of this podcast series, as some people just call it Pest Control Tulsa, because that’s what we do. We take care of pest I’m in the Tulsa area.

I’m We are family owned and operated company service in the greater Tulsa area. Provide Pest and turf Solutions of those in the greater Tulsa area who needs Pest Control. Who needs weed control services? Will the answers really everybody? You know everybody here in Oklahoma is going to deal with termites or bugs or weeds at some point in their life weed you’re. Going to deal with every year, if, if you don’t, have your your your home trees to support to get that taken care of, get that kept up and that way we can do that for you, we can make sure that happens. We can make sure I’m that you do not get any bugs there in your house or any weeds in your yard. Also not find the perfect one in your past gone I’m. You can get ahold of a few different ways to reach the 918-376-0857 or you can. Reach saw online at Platinum, pest & Lawn. Com. So again, thanks for joining us today. Now we start the company LLC.

How long ago was now we started the company 6 years ago that when we started the company 6 years ago, Argo what was really become the best pest control Tulsa has to offer, and so people after they get her Services. They write. Google reviews do they want to? Pest Control Tulsa Let the world know how well we’re doing and based on those Google reviews we’re doing a good job as far as becoming there as far as getting there. I was far as achieving your goal-reaching your goal, but we cannot do that without his reviews and we can’t do Google reviews without a customer, so we need customers, we need you out of your customer.

So if you would like to be our customer, we would love to have you as our customers. We would love to have your feedback. Also, that way we can improve, I won’t get better and better and better. That’S always. The goal is what we’re striving to do. That’S what we’re driving to do and if so that’s what we are doing, and so, if you would like to be our customer there are a few different ways to get a hold of us are most common way that people get ahold of us this through the internet Or something new called the internet and that the internet, what what’s up with the internet is really cool? All you have to do is type things in the research bar search engine use type, something in there that all the sudden out pops results and see what we find. Our people are doing.

Is there they’re going to the internet, this new internet thing, that’s kind of catching on and they’re going to the search, bars, weather, Google, Bing or Yahoo, whatever the favorite search engine? Is it in that Surge and a type Pest Control, Tulsa adult? Do they just type that information and guess what we come up and they give us a call and we come out and ride a? Pest Control Tulsa Can you test their that they’re dealing with who and when we keep it? Looking really good for him, and so today we were talking about the past. The big surprise was talking about yesterday on an on pest control, pod gas wall. Pest Control Tulsa It’S legit! It’S true! We are talking about past today and there are so many different types of pests out there, the others over 12,000 different species of spiders alone, yeah, that’s so many different types of spiders and I had to rolly pollies can get bad, you don’t mosquitoes people call from mosquitoes And calls when termites on roaches yeah they cost and all sorts of other different types of bugs.

Besides termites and roaches, and bed bugs and dust mites and fleas and ticks on mice and rats, scorpion silverfish I mean David will receive phone calls on it, but this one we want you to do. We understand that you knocking remember everything that we talked about saying the podcast is just not a possible know-it-all and ended. Remember also, I wish aunt that is not going to happen. You’Re not going to know it all for this podcast to what we want. You just want you to remember how to get in contact with us most effective if. You just remember and write down how to get in contact with us and say fairly simple. All you have to do is we have a lot of signings around Tulsa? We love Mark and granulosa, I’m so any marketing that you see that says. Pest Control Tulsa just tried that information save that sees that information.

Your phone number just call us that way. We can come out there and get everything taken care of and get everything squared away there for you. You might even have a question about past and we’re happy to answer those questions that that that you might have about past, Pest Control Tulsa but you got to give us a call in order to make that work past today and in a whole variety of different types of pests. So, as things are cool off see right now, the weather is good. When I say good, I mean it’s. Warm is above average for right now is 5:30 in the morning and some 51°. That’S a little warm for this time of year. Things are about ready to really cool off Fastback temperature start Plumbing in the teens when. You start receiving such new extreme cold conditions like that, and then once that happens, if those bugs, the mice, the rats’ everything to start kind of Martian to your home, where it’s nice and warm and it’s the most people.

Don’T like that to happen, and so, if that’s happened to you or your loved one, that’s having tune your driving bike. Pest Control Tulsa You’Re driving on the freeway drive by any of the Billboards is a pest control Tulsa. We want you to pull over and jumped on that information. Because, that’s going to be our information you’re, going to call us when we can come out and get everything squared away and get everything taken care of for you. That way, you don’t have to mess with it, but we don’t just take care of mice and rats and scorpions and silverfish and centipedes and millipedes and crickets and beetles and ladybugs yeah. We handle other types of bugs like carpenter, bees, and mosquitoes.

We handle the spider’s brown recluse spiders black widow, spiders, wolf, spiders, yellow spiders, jumping spiders. We also take care of ant odorous ants and carpenter ants you’ll piss handsome little black piss ants would take care of those. Those are most likely going to be odorous ants. We take care of a wasp and yellow jacket sand flies. House flies house flies. We take care of that also. I will also take care of all sorts of other different types of has. Besides those houseflies, we take care of flying termites, swarming, termites, subterranean termites and in bed bugs and roaches fleas and ticks my sore ass to me. Maybe we can take care of it or do you want us to get it taken? Care of you need to give us a call, so just search Pest Control Tulsa. Who else do we control as well? So we do so we’ll check for broadleaf weeds when you merge applications would be lawn fertilization, lawn aeration as well. Give us a call you reached at 918-376-0857, or you can. Reach saw online at Platinum. Pest & Lawn. Com find the best lawn we’re going to leave you with the Perfect Lawn, and your passcode on your first service is $ 1.


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