Welcome back Tulsa, welcome back to the party. Welcome back to join us on this podcast welcome. We are so excited, excited so happy that you’re with us today, hopefully, you’re doing what you want to be doing right now. It’s a beauty about the podcast. If you got technology these days, you can basically anywhere if you want to, if you’re in a boat, maybe fishing and maybe water skiing, maybe snow, skiing, up on the mountain. As long as you are able to download it or as long as you have a car, wi-fi access or internet access, you can pull up. You can listen to it, but we just want to thank you, for taking your time to de. Listen to us, and, and hopefully, we can grow together and learn together here and I, go over what how to keep the bugs away from your house and how to keep the weeds from popping Germany end up in your yard, and so I am Jared johnson I’m going to die this podcast series. Pest Control Tulsa Today. Some people just call us pest control Tulsa, because what we do is we take care of pest and turf solutions for those who need them on the name of our company is platinum. Pest & lawn I am one of the founders. My wife, Jennifer Johnson, is the other foundations of the other co-founder I’m involved with the company with the business we found it together, you always reached at 918-376-0857, or can we saw online at platinum pest & lawn. Com? Now we take care of a whole array of different insects in different treatments of your home before your lawn I would take care of mosquitoes, take care of fleas and ticks and mice and rats and scorpions a silverfish. Take care of brown, recluse spiders and black widow, spiders I, would take care of flies. Pest Control Tulsa House flies wasps, yellow, jackets gnats. We take care of roaches and bed bugs and termites subterranean termites how much with wings flying termites. Take all sorts of other things. So, if you’d like or services a few different ways to get in contact with us, one way that you can contact with us, in fact, the way that most people get in contact with us. According to google pest control Tulsa, that’s all they do they just google that we pop up. We get them taken care of and get everything happening for you. So that’s what we will do for you, but you got to get the shout and order make it happen. Got to give us a shout for us to help you out how about that little rhyme in a little rhyme and thyme happening here, but we all do we control as well so turf services, so we’ll do Oprah from pre-emergent applications of the weed out there in your yard. I also do post-emergent applications will a do. Broadleaf weed dandelions are a big brother. If we, the people see henbit is another one. We handle all sorts of other types of weeds as well grassy weeds that be crabgrass, dallisgrass nuts edge Gavin there for you, but really it platinum pest long. We want to leave you with the perfect lawn and your past gone, and so are the billboards around about how many times you saw one of the pest control Tulsa billboards at doing yourself, a favor. Do us a favor just pull over, don’t be a jerk about the traffic laws and just pull over there and I enjoy it down or information. Cuz, that’s going to be our information I’m in save it on your phone. That way, when the time comes, you know who to call to remember really everything that we talked about today. It’s kind of like school right. You record everything that was said everything that the pastor said at church last week. I know I can’t write most likely, you’re not going to be able to as well. So if you pull anything away from this conversation voices podcast, what we want you to pull away is how to get in contact with us, which is fairly simple, actually, I’m. All you have to do is it is in other ways or anytime. You see a flyer that says: pest control, Tulsa, grab that flyer jot it down and then shut down the information on the access information. Pest Control Tulsa That way we can help you. So, let’s see, there are also two different types of bugs. We can talk about today. I have plenty of them. Lots of them. Talk about weeds and creamers. The application is right. Now is the time to get those down all right right now. Is it time to get those down? Let me see it again here we are at the end of January, January, 31st and right now is the time to get those down as the weather starts, to warm up, different weeds are going to germinate. They’re going to pop in your yard is very important. You put pre-emergent applications down to get that barrier there in your yard to prevent those weeds from germinating popping through on your yard but. You got to call in order to make that happen. That’s what’s going to be going to make you girls, look good, that’s coming to the only offense and you can do on your yard right best. Defense is a good offense right, let’s so true, and so in order to eliminate this is whenever you can get a jump start on, and you want to hit him right now so much better, be proactive, not reactive, when dealing with weeds in your yard, otherwise, you’re playing catch-up you’re, trying not to pop these weeds as they come out, which can be a very difficult thing to do. A very hard thing to do and I know you’re, always playing catch-up, you’re, always one step behind.

So if that is you, and if you do not want them to be, you did there are a few things. You need to do in fact search for the best pest control company that is out there. So look for the best pest control. Tulsa has to offer we’re confident search, will lead you to us and we will be able to hammer it will be able to get it taken care of that way. You don’t have to deal with those weeds right that we can play golf and go fishing and do whatever else you want to do. I’m the makes you happy so anyways. We again we handle all sorts of different type of bugs. You know from my from fleas and ticks and mice and rats flying insects like mosquitoes people are very pleased with our mosquito treatments. Yeah, we handle a roaches mice. Rats, your flies, please text, nat, wasps, yellow jackets, you know all sorts of flying insects. We can take care, for you also realize that they can’t control what we can actually control on the other. There are little tougher too, but we can we take care of roaches german brown cockroach, the oriental cockroach caterpillars will make sure are really are gold with platinum pest long sleeve you at the perfect lawn and your past gone. So if you want that to happen to you got to take a few steps of the steps. Are fairly simple: all you have to do is: go online, go to the computer, smartphone or tablet and then just type in pest, control Tulsa that searches allegiant applications as well. We’ve been talking up, DreamWorks application that something we do broadleaf weed control, so grassy weeds, not grass, crabgrass, dallisgrass, I’m, all sorts of other to fertilize. Your yard also got to give me a call. 918-376-0857 number of platinum salon we’re going to leave you the perfect lawn and your passion


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