Good morning Tolstoy Welcome back to another podcast edition with platinum Pesta lawn.
We will leave you with a perfect one. And your past is gone but welcome. It is still a beautiful morning. And again I mean beautiful.
I mean it is really early it is dark. The sun has not decided to come up yet like this just saw time thing right. Like it does when you come up in those winter wait. Now that’s just a room right. I heard there’s a time for sunrise and it switches every day wishes someone does make up its mind. It just does happen at the same time every day.
But it’s always we’re not going to focus too much on the sun although the eclipse you know get this Tolles. Anybody see the eclipse. Anybody watch the eclipse.
It happened a couple of days ago. Cool. That.
The next one is going to be in seven years from now. So hopefully you’ve got a chance to check that out. See the coolness that happened with the eclipse.
Still in JERRY JOHNSON But you know that you go to Folies podcasts you know that is my name. You know that killing bugs is my game. And you know that I have a beautiful wife an amazing wife and family with three kiddos currently probably going to add a little bit more to the Johnson clan later on. But right now our newest one is about two months old and we are loving life. It can be a little tough with the kiddos. But it is very rewarding. And so that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about bedbugs. And we’re going to talk about how to make sure your family doesn’t get the issue. Kids aren’t getting bit. But then we are our pest control Tulsa. We’re a family-owned and operated company in the Tulsa area. You know this reaches 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7. Or you can reach us on the weather. Platinum pest and lawn dog. All right. So we talked a little bit. Last time about bedbugs. We’re going to continue to talk about bedbugs a little bit but fact in trivia at Pest Control Tulsa.
We’re going to test your knowledge. See how much you know about bugs. But if you don’t know a whole lot about bedbugs that’s OK. Usually, people find out about the subject after they’re dealing with it. So. You might be very knowledgeable about the bugs and that might because you garden bed bugs with one pass and you researched it and you want to know everything there was to know about getting rid of bed bugs and everything there is to know about that critter that past that has affected your life. And. And so we’re going to talk about that as you might get a little bit more answers correctly than the average Joe. If you deal with them before in the past so no don’t do not feel bad if you don’t know these answers about bedbugs. But come at you fast or can come out strong and we might even sing a little song. How about that little rhyme happened in Tulsa. So again we’re talking about bedbugs today. And if you have bedbugs you don’t want that. Pest Control Tulsa
Even if you don’t have that one make sure you don’t get them. The best thing to do is to google pest control Tulsa. We’re going to be number one on there click on that link. We’re going to come out. We’re going get the bedbug situation Ramadi taking care of.
That way you don’t do that.
How to best hope so. All right. Bedbugs bed bugs.
How about the little trivia.
Well I mean we have asked trivia about all sorts of other bugs vast trivia about mosquitoes of mice rats cockroaches Brown recluse spiders black spiders pass tree dog dust mites about leaves about ticks and all sorts of stuff right. But we’re going to stick with bugs today. So that’s what we’re going to be talking about.
We’re going to be rolling out bed bugs. And but if you think you have bedbugs you’re going to want. To have the best pest control tolls to eradicate them and that’s going to be yes.
And so we’ve got to have bedbugs get their name. You know they get the name because they’re most commonly found in bed in bed.
The thing is that they just want to be around their male friends. They want to be as close as possible.
Often when we found near beds because they get to read you sleep.
And so they since you exhaling they can feel that they can sense it and they know that you’re good and relaxed in those times when they’re going to go crawl on you and get their meal and feed.
It’s like if you’re in a home with the bugs right. It’s like when you go out in the woods. You know during the summertime you walk. Chances are you’re going to get ticks. Right on bedbugs is kind of like ticks for the house. So except for you, you’re not going down the tick territory. I mean you’re staying inside the home. But those suckers are going to crawl on you and suck your blood. So if you do not Tosa Listen to this. If you do not want bedbugs to crawl on you and suck your blood. Next time you drive by the billboard that says pest control Tulsa just pull overdone the number give us a call to your billboard right. Call us and we will come out and we will get that taken care of for you. What you don’t. You don’t have to even just do a. Do a search inspection for you as well.
All right. Pest Control Tulsa
So so bedbugs.
Let’s go over some facts about bed bugs.
They’re color they’re kind of like a reddish color like a dark red almost like a rusty brown. And after they actually feed and actually they suck blood you know they turn red. Now bedbugs are really flat looking. So they fit in all these little cracks these little crevices. Now if you see a bedbug Halford’s had a blood meal there.
That right there more of a cylinder’s shape too. But that’s because they’re full of blood and will see that as we go in we treat for bedbugs. We’ll see lots of Palauans but occasionally we’ll see those that are just fed.
They might have fed the night before and so they would be full blood more of a cylinder shape too.
But. Yeah. Just nasty. I mean you just don’t want to have that bugs just in general. Right. And so to make sure you prevent from having bedbugs go google pest control toll’s click on our Web site we can give you some details some tips as far as not bringing bedbugs to your house. Make sure that your home stays bedbug-free. OK. And so we see it all the time right.
People bring home a mattress to bring home a couch home bunk bed. You know they bring home stuffed animals you stuffed animals.
Pillows. These are ways that bedbugs are going to transfer into your home. Bedbugs typically are not going to come from the outside into your home and then you get that bugs they’re transported in they’re carried in from one way or another. Now that could be a little different if you’re living in an apartment complex where you had all sorts of rooms touching. Right. Especially in big infestations they can charge with the walls and trevally into your place.
But typically here in Tulsa Oklahoma, it’s usually not so much holiday travel if you’re living in a house that can be carried in and brought in.
So if you suspect that you have brought in some bedbugs you don’t want the best pest control Tulsa World the best pest control in Tulsa and that shouldn’t be us.
So you don’t want to call us we’ll come out and make sure that you don’t have a war if you do. Well, make sure we eradicate eradicating and taking care of you that you just do not have them mess with them. Their pain to mess with nobody likes medicine with bed bugs right. And so if you think you have to give us a call or if you just suspect that you might have. Give us a call right.
Come on get those bed bugs taken care of you.
But I mean we don’t only deal with bedbugs Tulsa we deal with women we take care of fleas and ticks. Take spiders like brown recluse spiders.
And black widow spiders who take care of silverfish take care scorpions to take care of fleas and ticks and flies. We take care of gnats. Take care. Fruit flies and drain flies. We take care of all sorts of critters. You know that we take care of you guys do not have to take care of the home. We take it off and you can be as effective as getting rid of them. We do webworms with you bagworms we use kitty killers would your wasp.
You name it we can take their mole’s mice rats. Also, pre-merge applications and post-merge applications with we do Airey shin do fertilization Anyway’s that platinum passed.
We’re going to leave you with the perfect line you are gone he reaches the 9 1 8 3 7 6 0 8 5 7 or you reaches on the web at Platinum pest and lawn dot com.
All right.
Well, here platinum pass the law and your first service is going to be only one dollar. We’ll leave you again with the perfect line and your past gone.


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